Pepper sowing has started!  

I have collected many pepper varieties from around the world. Below is the listing of available plants. Some have only a couple and others have lots of plants. There is a nice variety of both sweets and hots.

For all you Foodies and Chefs, we have peppers from Japan, Hungary, the Basque region, Turkey and of course a nice variety of Hispanic peppers. Peppers are listed by region of origin.

We have roasting peppers with lovely flavor, frying peppers and lots of paprika peppers. The later have tons of flavor for eating fresh and cooking with a full range of heat from mild to hot. And of course, they are excellent for drying and making your own paprika powder. 

We also have a nice collection of the super hots for you pepperheads including the Carolina Reaper.

Mini’s/Snack Frying/Cooking
Dolce Sol Dulce di Minervino
Pepperone di Cuneo Jimmy Nardello
Yummy Orange Melrose

Sweet for containers Fushimi and Ise
Sakura Shishito      sold out
Petite Marseillais
Very Sweet non -bells Paprika
Lipstick Alma
Apple Doux des Landes
Ozark Sweet Snack Gernika
Kalman's Hungarian

Bells Pointy Kaibi #1
red Corbaci
King of the North
Napolean Roasting
Mountaineer Antoni Romanian
Stoplight Chervana Chuska
yellow Elephant Ear
Golden CA Wonder Mt. Etna
Yellow Belle Neapolitan
orange Marconi Red
Orange sun Early Perfect Italian
Little Tangerine bell Italian Heart
Etiuda     sold out
Corona Specialty – no heat
Orange Belle Aji de Sazonar
starts out cream Sweet Thing cayenne
Gypsy Queen   sold out Habanada
Sweet Banana Nadapeno    sold out
purple Trinidad Perfume
Purple Beauty
Purple Bell Decorative-
Chocolate cake may have heat
Numex Centennial

Pimento Numex Easter
Liebsafel Numex Aurora
Tequila Sunrise
Venezuelan Purple

Mexico Italy
                 mild Devils Kiss
Anaheim Pepperoncini, Italian
Poblano/Ancho Stavros –Greek
Jalapeno, Tam
Mulato Isleno   sold out Hungary/Turkey/East Europe
             medium Black Czech
Guajillo Georgia Flame
Jalapeno Hot wax Gabi
Jalapeno, Farmers  sold out   Sarga Cseresznye
Jalapeno, purple Sarit Gat
Barkers hot Korean/Thai/Asian
Chiltepin Hong Gochu
Serrano Lady Han
            very hot Korean, dark green
Habanero, orange Prik Kee Noo Suan
Paper Lantern Thai and Thai, early
Thai Baby Dragon
Paprika, hot India/Nepal
Kalocsai v-2                          
Szgedi hot Ghost, Chocolate
Targu Murez Nepalese Bell
Cayenne Africa
Buena Mulata
Cayenne Devil's Rib
Cayenne purple Fatalii- chocolate
Goats Horn Tabasco
Maules Red Hot
Super Hots
Maria Nagys pepper
Ring of Fire 7 Pot Brainstain, Chocolate

South American                               , Red
Aji Angelo – Chile                               , Primo
Agi Charpita – Peru                       , Spartan orange
Agi Limon- Peru                              , WAL
Agi Panca - Peru Chaotic Jester
Agi Pineapple - Peru Black Cobra
Bishop Crown Black Bastard
Cumari Pollex

Trinidad Moruga
Carribean Carolina Reaper
Bird Aji Count Dracula