This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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An old heirloom with great flavor. Very large dark pink beefsteaks usually around a pound but can get up to 2. Fruits can be somewhat ribbed on top and have tender skin so may show some cracking or…[more]
These classic plants produce quantities of 8-12 oz medium sized fruit with a good "tomatoey" flavor. The plants have strong vines with very good production and disease resistance. They produce late…[more]
Alice's Dream
New for 2022
A stunning tomato with medium sized gorgeous fruit. Yellows, oranges and reds all come together with a lovely anthocyanin blush. Plus, it’s a bi-color with streaks of color inside. Simply gorgeous!…[more]
An extremely popular dark tomato with excellent flavor, it produces large beefsteak fruit that can get to almost a lb in size. The flavor is often described as rich and complex with almost wine like…[more]
This is a cross between Amish Paste and SunGold. Two very good parents with lots of flavor. A number of tomatoes have come from this cross, including Amish Gold Slicer. Pretty, round, 3-4” golden…[more]
Amish Mayberry
Lovely red cherry that also produces some grape shaped fruit. Plants are rather compact – under 4 feet but are not a determinate. It does produce all through the summer – lots and lots of fruit. They…[more]
Amish Paste
Probably the first heirloom tomato people think of when it comes to paste tomatoes. However, even though it has paste in its name, I would not consider this a paste tomato. It is a nice elongated plum…[more]
Amish Salad
Very vigorous plant that bears lots of pretty pink oval shaped fruit. They are usually just under an oz and grow in clusters of 6. Flavor is mild but sweet. Plants have lots of leaves so provides good…[more]
This is a lovely striped cherry tomato with gold stripes over the red background. Size ranges from a marble to a ping pong ball. The plant is a compact semi determinate, so it won’t take up too much…[more]
Amy's Apricot
Growing in popularity due to its flavor, this tomato is a lovely golden apricot in color. Plants are vigorous and tall bearing lots of ¾" fruit. Its flavor is usually compared to Sungold – fruity but…[more]
This very attractive bi-color tomato is a green, yellow and purple mix with a flesh that is bright green with deep red streaks. Slices are stunning. It has excellent flavor that is very highly rated,…[more]
A classic looking heirloom tomato – very irregular shaped beefsteak - that is nice and large, usually 1 lb. Flavor is really good, rich and balanced – that nice old fashioned tomatoey goodness. It has…[more]
Wonderful shapes on an authentic Italian pinkish heirloom tomato – pear and plum both. Nice and thick flesh but still juicy. Great for fresh eating and cooking. I haven’t tried drying this one but…[more]
New for 2022
A very pretty, chocolate, larger sized cherry tomato with green stripes. Unusual for a cherry tomato, it has potato leaves. Flavor is that wonderful rich taste that dark tomatoes have but in a cherry…[more]
Anna Banana Russian
New for 2022
A nice smaller sized, yellow heart tomato that can range in size from 6-12 oz. Some of the fruit, depending on weather, can have a lovely pink blush inside – so pretty. It starts producing nice and…[more]
This is a really lovely pink heart tomato with fruit that could be called a blunt heart. It may also produce some oxheart shaped. They are kind of ribbed on top and really large. Fruit can grow to be…[more]
A pink heart of medium to large size - 8-16 oz - with a really good flavor. The flavor is even better when fully ripe. It may develop yellow shoulders if exposed to too much sun. Good production.[more]
Anna Russian
This is the first oxheart tomato I grew. It won my “heart” and I fell in love with this category. Beautiful rosy pink fruit with characteristic heavy heart shape. Fruit may have some green…[more]
Nice smooth round fruit of about 3-8 oz. ripen a lovely pink. Flavor is nicely balanced, both sweet and tangy. Plants are determinate and are one of the shorter of the Dwarf Project varieties, growing…[more]
a coupleThis tomato was bred in Arkansas and it handles heat and humidity well. The fruit are medium sized, 6-8 oz, perfect little pink globes with good production. They rarely show any defects and…[more]
New for 2022
This is a really pretty golden heart shaped tomato that can be up to a pound in size. It has the usual wispy leaves that heart’s have. Great production and really nice sweet flavor. The texture is…[more]
This is a good older commercial variety bred to withstand heat and humidity and with a nice disease resistance. Fruits are a slightly flatted red globe that average around 8 oz and can get up to a…[more]
Wonderful old heirloom beefsteak tomato with large, 8-16 oz fruit that are dark pink in color. Flavor is excellent, sweet and rich. Many compare it favorably to Brandywine. Fruit are smooth with very…[more]
A yellowish green beefsteak that occasionally has pink stripes or blush. It contains few seeds and has a sweet but slightly spicy flavor. The nice meaty flesh inside is also chartreuse green with a…[more]
Nice large red oxheart with great flavor. Fruit range from 6 oz to almost 1 ½ lb. Good production.[more]
Avon Early
New for 2022
I really like this rare old tomato from the 1920’s. You get nice sized red beefsteaks in the 6-10 oz range. I found it to be quite productive of slightly ribbed fruit that are juicy and have really…[more]
Azoychka is a vibrant yellow tomato with a tangy citrus flavor and meaty flesh. It is oblate in shape, generally 6-12 oz in weight, and decently productive. It is often one of the earliest to mature…[more]
Banana Legs
A very unusual and striking paste tomato – bright yellow, about 1 ½ x 3 or 4 inches long that may have light stripes on it. Plants have fine, lacey leaves but are very vigorous and have excellent…[more]
This is a multiflora tomato which means it produces HUGE clusters of flowers that can be seen from a long ways away – visually stunning. Not all the flowers will produce tomatoes but many will so you…[more]
Baylor Paste
New for 2022
I really like this red, egg shaped paste tomato. The fruit are about 3-4 oz and are very meaty. It had great production and gave me no issues with blossom end rot. Producion started pretty early and…[more]
Beam’s Yellow Pear
This one has the classic little pear shape with a little more flavor. The plants are vigorous and very productive of bright yellow, up to 1 ½”, pear shaped fruit .When Seed Savers Exchange did a taste…[more]
Bear Claw
Really good large pink tomato with lots of flavor. They are usually about a pound but can get up to 1 ½ lbs. The texture is very meaty with a wonderful sweet flavor. Production is very good.[more]
Beauty King
A stunning bi colored striped tomato. Yellow and red stripes are very attractive and the flesh may have both colors. Temperature affects the ratio of yellow to red; cooler temperatures bring out the…[more]
Beauty Queen
This is a smaller version of Beauty King with small to medium fruit that are visually stunning and have good flavor. [more]
Belarusian Heart
This is a very hard to find red heart tomato. There are almost no commercial seed sources so I am proud to carry this one. The flavor is wonderful, both sweet and tangy. The fruits are extremely…[more]
Bred for short season areas, it is a fairly early tomato. The fruit are an unusual, slightly squared off round shape. They are usually around 4 oz; a pretty nice size for processing. The determinate…[more]
When you think of good cooking tomatoes, Italian tomatoes would be at the top of the list. This is a fine Italian heirloom with a unique shape and great taste, especially when cooked or roasted.…[more]
Belmonte Cuore
This is an unusual find from Italy. A large red oxheart with excellent flavor. Production is good.[more]
New for 2022
This is a very nice large dark pink beefsteak with size ranging from 6-14 oz. The fruit are slightly ribbed and very pretty. Flavor is excellent – very sweet and well balanced. The yield is great –…[more]
Wow! This tomato has extremely striking green fruit with yellow and red stripes. Fruits have the usual green when ripe creamy green flesh inside with streaks of various shades of red and yellow. Each…[more]
This one has a lot of flavor, assertive and very good. Fruit are dark brownish red with green stripes and come in hearts of variable shapes. They average 4-8 oz and are very meaty with little juice.…[more]
A rare, very old German heirloom with excellent, sweet flavor. Red fruit grow in clusters of 8-12 and average ¾ inch in diameter on very vigorous plants that will need staking. [more]
Big Cheef
This variety has a very good reputation and is considered to be one of the best of the blacks. And no wonder – it has Brandywine Sudduth as one of it’s parents.The purple fruit are medium to large, 8…[more]
The fruit are yellow with pink/red marbling, both inside and out - very good looking when sliced. These hefty beauties weigh in at about 18-24 oz with a mild, sweet, and fruity flavor. Fruit is rather…[more]
Bill Bean
New for 2022
This is a very rare, wonderful red beefsteak that can get VERY LARGE. Most are over 1 lb with many even larger. The fruit are quite meaty with that wonderful old time flavor. Production is really good…[more]
Very unusual plant that sets multiple shapes of fruits on the same plant. There may be plum, rounds, ovals and even larger heart shapes. The flavor is very good with meaty flesh. Plants are very…[more]
This is a beautiful rose pink, large beefsteak with a wonderful sweet flavor. Fruit are large – 10-18 oz, very meaty and it’s very early for its size. The name translates from Russian to – A Rose from…[more]
Black and Brown Boar
One of Brad Gates early creations from Wild Boar Farms. It is a very vigorous plant that produces a lot of 3-4” round dark brownish red tomatoes with metallic green stripes. Visually very stunning.…[more]
Black Bear
One of the earlier maturing dark tomatoes that came to us from Belarus (Russia). It is a very pretty fruit, pinky black in color, some with green shoulders. The flavor is really very good and it is a…[more]
Absolutely incredible looking tomato, the skin is almost black when unripe and stops you in your tracks in the garden. Flesh is a deep red and when the levels of anthocyanin are high, the black even…[more]
One of the most highly rated cherries for flavor. Beautiful 1” and larger, purply, mahogany brown fruit have a complex, rich, sweet flavor similar to the large black tomatoes. Plants are very vigorous…[more]
Black Crimson
New for 2022
A stunning dark tomato with excellent flavor – wonderfully rich but also sweet. Fruit are usually around 3-4” and a deep dark red with green shoulders. I didn’t have any problem with cracking last…[more]
A lovely, deep reddish brown tomato with green shoulders. It is an irregularly shaped beefsteak, medium to large size, 8-12 oz. The flavor is excellent - rich, sweet and spicy with a smooth texture.…[more]
Contrary to the name it is more of a medium sized beefsteak that can vary in size from 6-12 oz. The color is a purplish black with the usual green shoulders that may have some concentric cracking. It…[more]
A highly rated dark tomato with excellent rich flavor that is a favorite of many; it is a medium to large, slightly flattened beefsteak of 8-14 oz. The color is a darkish purple that if has enough…[more]
Beautiful little 2” plum shaped tomatoes that are a dark mahogany brown with greenish shoulders. Flavor is both sweet and tangy. Nice. Very good production. Makes a wonderful sauce with its deep color…[more]
The Russian name is Chyornyi Prins which translates to Black Prince. It’s a small to medium sized tomato from 3-6 oz. Shape is mostly round but may produce some oval ones. It is a rich mahogany brown…[more]
Black Seaman
This is a pinkish black tomato with green shoulders of medium size – 4-10 oz. It matures fairly early and has pretty good yields. Really good complex flavor. Being a determinate it should do well in…[more]
Black Zebra
This is a beautiful 3-4 oz purpley dark tomato with metallic green stripes. Lovely in a salad with Green Zebra. Some people love the flavor and some don’t. You’ll have to try it to decide for…[more]
A cute little tomato and cute name. It translates to Little Blonde Girl. Children love this one with it’s golden yellow, smaller sized fruit ( ½ - 1”) and sweet, fruity flavor. Plants are very…[more]
Bloody Butcher
A very popular early tomato, it has small, 2-4 oz, round dark red tomatoes with deep red flesh. It is very early and high yielding with intense flavor. Produces fruit in cluster of 5-9 on very…[more]
Beautiful, golden yellow, 2” elongated ovals with a definite point on the end that develop pink streaks and blush when ripe. Gorgeous! Flavor is sweet and fruity with heavy production on vigorous…[more]
Box Car Willie
These are 8-16 oz fruit are full of good "old fashioned tomato" flavor- rich, sweet and well balanced. They are great for fresh eating, canning or cooking. It's very productive even late into the…[more]
Classic heart shaped, purpley (probably not a word, but it fits ) mahogany tomato, some with green shoulders. Some fruit may be a little more flattened in shape. Size ranges from 8-16 oz. with pretty…[more]
A workhorse of a tomato in my garden, it is an unassuming medium sized pink tomato but delivers big taste. It produces lots of 7-10 oz fruit on vigorous semi determinate plants that do not get real…[more]
A brand new release from the Dwarf Tomato Project. This dwarf plant has lovely smooth, slightly flattened, purple beefsteak fruit ranging from 10-16 oz. The fruit have a rich, well balanced and…[more]
Yet another dark tomato with great flavor, it is a beautiful purple mahogany color with green shoulders if exposed to sunlight. The size is med to large, with 6-12 oz beefsteak shaped fruit. Flavor is…[more]
A lovely red beefsteak with orange undertones. Fruits are usually about a lb. and it has a wonderful sweet, balanced flavor that is very smooth and creamy. It is able to handle the heat well and still…[more]
This is the tomato that started all the buzz about heirlooms. There are many varieties or strains of Brandywine. This is the original red variety that comes from the Amish in Pennsylvania. It is a…[more]
This is the other famous Brandywine with awesome flavor. It is considered by many to be the best tasting pink tomato with a complex , rich sweet flavor and smooth texture. Fruits are large, 1-2 lbs,…[more]
Another Black Brandywine that is a potato leaf plant. It produces lovely dark beefsteaks with the usually green shoulders. Fruit average 10-16 oz. with the flavor being complex and rich with some…[more]
A deep yellow or gold, large fruited, 10-16 oz and up, tomato with more flavor than most yellows. It is more full flavored, with a tart and tangy taste added to the sweetness. The texture is creamy on…[more]
Brin de Muget
This translates to Lily of the Valley. I had to grow this one since I love the flower! Very nice, elongated red cherry tomato that is slightly pointed at the end. Excellent flavor – very sweet and…[more]
Brown Sugar
A really nice Russian tomato with that wonderful, rich, dark flavor. The name in Russian is Korichnevyi Sakhar, which translates to Brown Sugar. They are very pretty - chocolatey brown with green…[more]
Bulgarian Triumph
Compact indeterminate vines are filled with 2-3oz perfectly round, red fruit that grow in clusters. They look like supermarket fruit, but definitely don’t taste like them! They have a burst of…[more]
Part of the Artisan Bumblebee series, it is a treat for the eyes. Coloration is golden yellow with red stripes and swirls on the outside and pink marbling in the inside. Flavor is also a real treat…[more]
Burke's Backyard
A ribbed, large fruited red tomato that is juicy but meaty. Supposedly fairly early, vigorous and productive. This is my first year growing it so I’ll let you know how it turns out.[more]
This is a pretty heart tomato from Ukraine. It is a bright red with darker vertical stripes. Very nice and meaty but still juicy with great flavor. The nice large fruit range from 14-21 oz. This…[more]
California Sunshine
New for 2022
This is a newer golden cherry with a sweet and tangy flavor that has great production. Makes a great sun-dried tomato.[more]
Classic tomato flavor in a little 1”, 1 oz package. Fairly early, it has excellent production on vigorous vines. A favorite of many, including me.[more]
New for 2022
This is a de-hybridized version of the original hybrid. It looks the same and has that same great flavor. Meaty, yet juicy – it is great in salads. It also can be canned whole. Most fruit are about 2”…[more]
This is the tomato that is known for it’s intense flavor – dark, smoky, sweet and has won many taste awards. It is very beautiful, being probably the darkest of the darks. Size is medium to large,…[more]
Carbon Copy
A wonderful dark cherry tomato that is accurately named. It is definitely a copy of Carbon with fruit size ranging from cherry to a little larger. Same wonderful flavor, very intense for a cherry.The…[more]
This uncommon medium sized tomato weighs in at 8oz and is quite firm. Plants do well in containers and small spaces and produce well in both humid and dry conditions. Fruit are easy to pick as the…[more]
Orangey red tomatoes that are not a true paste tomato despite the name. They are extremely large, 1-3 lbs! Meaty with few seeds, but juicy, they make wonderful large slices for fresh eating. The…[more]
Wonderful large pink beefsteak with fruits of 12-16 oz. The flavor is great with many comparing it favorably to Brandywine. It is juicy, sweet but not too sweet and very meaty. One of my favorites.…[more]
A lovely pinky black tomato from Russia that translates to Black Elephant. The fruit average 5-10 oz and are ribbed with greenish shoulders. The flavor is excellent, sweet, and with very good…[more]
Cherokee Chocolate
Wonderful Cherokee Purple flavor in a rich orangy red color with chocolate brown shoulders. Beautiful! Very vigorous vines with great production of 10-15 oz beefsteak. [more]
Cherokee Green
Considered by many to be the best of the Green When Ripes, Cherokee Green bears irregular shaped green beefsteaks. Flesh inside is also green. They will develop an amber blush starting at blossom end…[more]
The tomato that really started the heirloom tomato celebration along with Brandywine. Truly everyone should grow this one at least once. It is almost always included in most “favorite tomato”…[more]
Cherokee Purple Heart
A sport of Cherokee purple, it has the same wonderful texture and flavor but in a heart form. Super meaty with very few seeds, it has good production on vigorous plants with good leaf coverage. It is…[more]
I really like this one. Huge production of grape tomatoes with loads of flavor that is both sweet and spicy. Fruit hold well, on the vine and off. Makes great dried tomatoes. An uncommon variety I am…[more]
Chico III
New for 2022
This is a very nice, fairly early, red paste tomato that has excellent production. It is a determinate plant so nice for getting large amounts of tomatoes at a time to process. Fruit are 3-4 oz, plum…[more]
My favorite cherry tomato. Deep red with chocolatey brown shading, it has a sweet and rich flavor. Fruit are about 1 inch in size and produced abundantly in trusses of 6-8. They have tender skins so…[more]
Chocolate Pear
New for 2022
A fun cherry tomato that is pear shaped like Yellow Pear but in a fun color package. Fruit are red with overlays of green and brown swirls. Yummy flavor – rich like other darks but also tart and…[more]
This is a newer tomato that is very striking! A deep burnished orange red with bright green stripes. The inside has pink and rose shades with olive gel that makes lovely slices. It is a vigorous plant…[more]
Chris’s Greek Mama
I am excited to carry this brand new release from a member of the tomato forum I am part of. She writes: I am pleased to introduce this tomato in the US. This well ribbed beautiful red tomato set a…[more]
Copper Beauty
New for 2022
A beautiful elongated grape tomato that is red with green stripes. It has a nice dark red interior when sliced. Flavor is great – rich but sweet. I found it even good before it was totally ripe! Very…[more]
Copper River
This attractive tomato is deep-red in color with tinges of pink and green. Fruit are 1 lb and up in weight. Slices are very beautiful with multi colored flesh. Not just good to look at, this tomato is…[more]
I love the name of this stunning new release from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farm. They really do look like little galaxy orbs. Very unique 2-3 oz fruits start off green with dark green stripes and…[more]
Cosmonaut Volkov
I have been growing this one for several years now. It is a reliable producer in cooler summers and also in hot ones. Some years it produces really early, others not so early. The plants are…[more]
Light red, slightly flattened and very ribbed beefsteaks. A classic heirloom cooking tomato from Italy with very good flavor, especially cooked.Fruits range from 5-12 oz. Plants are vigorous and…[more]
The classic deep red Italian tomato with the beautiful fluted shape. Even though it is not a plum shaped paste tomato, I have included it with them because it is known for making excellent tomato…[more]
Now this is a special unusual treat. Tiny little ivory colored fruit, almost transluscent, that when ripe have golden shoulders that are full of unique flavor. Sweet yet earthy and fruity, they burst…[more]
Cream Sausage
This is an extremely productive, compact plant suitable for growing in containers. The growth is very vigorous and the yield so large it will need staking. Pale yellow fruit are about 2 oz and 2x6…[more]
Creamsicle Grape
New for 2022
This is a fun new variety - a lovely elongated large grape tomato that is a light orange in color. There are subtle stripes when unripe that fade as it ripens. Very pretty when cut – almost a…[more]
Crimson Cushion
New for 2022
A lovely old heirloom tomato from the late 1800’s that was considered the first “beefsteak” tomato developed by the incredible seedsman, Peter Henderson. Red fruit average 4-5” and are irregular in…[more]
Crnkovic Gold
New for 2022
This is a wonderful golden orange beefsteak with great production and flavor. The fruit are medium to large and very creamy – wonderful for sandwiches. I had great production from it. [more]
Crnkovic Yugoslavian
I love this tomato with wonderful flavor in a large pink, round beefsteak. It is very productive and the fruits are beautiful with rarely any cracks. They are usually close to a lb and can get even…[more]
Lovely red beefsteak with a wonderful rich flavor that is nice and meaty. The size is nice, 12-18 oz, and can get even larger with mostly rounded shapes but with a few irregular ones thrown in for…[more]
Cyril's Choice
A special little dwarf plant from England. It bears golf ball sized red tomatoes that have a really nice appearance. Flavor is excellent for a small early tomato, very well balanced sweet and sours.…[more]
Czech's Bush
Perfect small red tomatoes, are born on a nice looking dwarf plant. It produces a large amount of tomatoes weighing around 4-6 oz. with very good flavor. Perfect for container growing.[more]
Dana’s Dusky Rose
A lovely pinky black tomato similar in coloring to Cherokee Purple. The plant has great production of 6-14 oz fruit with brownish shoulders and the flavor is wonderful with a nice balance of sugars…[more]
Daniel Burson
A newly created variety with deep dark color already receiving great reviews from those on the tomato forum. The plant is vigorous, with good production of beautiful dark purply fruit with green…[more]
Excellent flavored, large (8-16 oz) pink beefsteaks as flavorful as Brandywine, Sudduth but with better production. Plants have good disease and heat tolerance. [more]
Dark Galaxy
New for 2022
Dark Galaxy has very unusual looking fruit.  They are smaller in size, usually 2-4 oz - more of a salad type size. They start out green with dark purple anthocyanin on top and streaking. As it…[more]
Meaty plum tomato with good flavor that is great for processing but also drying or eating fresh. Fruit are a deep red, 3-4 oz, and very smooth and defect free. They hold well on the vine and on the…[more]
De Giorgi Acme
New for 2022
This is a very nice large red beefsteak. It can grow to be 10-20 oz which is nice and large for an early tomato. Fruit are not sweet but not strongly acidic, either - more mild in taste and nice and…[more]
This is a classic American tomato – red and large! The flavor is very good – rich and tomatoey. Size ranges from 12 -18 oz and can get very large if pruned and worked with. It has very good production…[more]
Very nice, large, smooth skinned, pink beefsteak with a really good flavor that has won several taste testing awards. It can get up to 1 ½ lbs but is usually just under a lb. Sturdy plants have good…[more]
New for 2022
A curiously different dark cherry with incredible rich and sweet flavor. It’s almost a combo of Black Cherry and Sungold! Incredibly productive. I really, really like this one.[more]
Fruits of this one can grow quite large, up to 2 lbs, but most will be just a nice size to fill a sandwich. It is an excellent red slicing tomato, both meaty and juicy with a very good flavor and…[more]
New for 2022
This is a wonderful red beefsteak with awesome old fashioned flavor. It is a cross of Brandywine and Neves Azorean Red so you know it’s going to taste great. Nice large fruit, classic beefsteak shape…[more]
This old prize winner has a widely praised sweet and tangy flavor. It produces a good yield of golden, slightly elongated tomatoes which generally weigh 6-10 oz.[more]
With parents of Brandywine and Cherokee Purple, you know this one is going to taste great! The flavor is sweet with an almost slight smoky aftertaste. Nice large beefsteaks ranging from 8-12 oz. They…[more]
Dr. Carolyn
A lovely cherry that changes color from green to ivory white to pale yellow when ripe. Fruit under leaf cover will be paler in color. Small fruit of 1 oz have a well balanced sweet and tangy…[more]
Dr. Neal
A pretty rose pink tomato that has very vigorous vines and is a good producer. It bears large, 12 – 16 oz beefsteaks with very good flavor – well balanced. Do you notice a pattern here? Many of the…[more]
Frequently more of a yellow-orange in color, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow has a rich, sweet flavor and meaty texture. This is not one of the yellow tomatoes that tend to be rather bland. These flattened…[more]
Dragon's Eye
New for 2022
A pretty little rose pink round tomato with green stripes that turn gold when ripe. They do sort of look like an eye! Fruit are deep red inside and nice and meaty. They hold well on the vine and off.…[more]
New for 2022
A rare red beefsteak with smooth shoulders and almost no cracking. Juicy with a well balanced flavor. Fruit average 5-9 oz. Very nice![more]
Druzba produces an abundance of 6-8 oz. fruit well into the fall. They're smooth, blemish-free, round, uniform ripening, deep-red, and juicy. Fruit have an excellent, robust, sweet/tart flavor. Many…[more]
One of my favorite tomatoes. Large heart shaped pink fruit with very good flavor and texture. Fruit usually are 8-16 oz. Very meaty but juicy so perfect for fresh eating. They also dried very nicely.…[more]
Earl of Edgecombe
This bright orange meaty tomato has a potent, well balanced flavor. It produces 6-12 oz globes in plentiful clusters. Some fruit may have green shoulders before fully ripening.[more]
Another rare old Michigan tomato we are proud to carry. This 4-6 oz., pink, perfectly round, smooth and blemish free tomato is versatile. Great for fresh eating or processing. Flavorful, juicy, yet…[more]
Early Red Chief
New for 2022
A nice early, red tomato with fruit averaging 5-8 oz. The fruit are firm but still juicy with a nice old fashioned flavor and they all are blemish free. Even though it is a determinate, it produced…[more]
Early Wonder Pink
Fast setting even for an early variety, it has the flavor of a late season tomato. Pink fruit are 4-6 oz with a sweet flavor and meaty texture. Early Wonder is one of the better tasting early…[more]
New for 2022
I really enjoyed this rare, smaller red beefsteak with fruit averaging 4-8 oz. Flavor was very good – nicely well balanced. It was extremely productive! I also really liked the way the fruit looked…[more]
New for 2022
A very nice larger green cherry with great sweet flavor similar to Aunt Ruby’s German Green cherry tomato but with even more depth. The fruit ripen to a lighter shade of yellowish green and some have…[more]
Wonderful MI heirloom red heart tomato with fantastic yields. Nice large size of around a lb with meaty texture but enough juice to make it good for eating fresh. Flavor is excellent – a favorite of…[more]
She’s a beauty - with smooth, round, blemish free, dark pink globes. One of the most visually perfect tomatoes you will ever grow. Flavor is wonderful, very sweet and full balanced. Flesh is bright…[more]
A firm, bright green, 8 oz beefsteak, it develops an amber blush when ripe. Flesh is a bright green inside with a smooth texture. Some people even like the flavor before it is ripe and it makes…[more]
Faelan's First Snow
New for 2022
A very rare variegated sport of Cherokee Purple. The leaves will show more variegation in the cooler weather. First fruit will be larger and gradually lessen in size. They have an excellent flavor as…[more]
Fantome du Laos
New for 2022
This one starts out white and ripens to a very pale cream color. I think it’s the whitest I’ve seen. The flavor is mild and sweet. These sweeter tomatoes tend to be regarded as low acid (which…[more]
Ferris Wheel
A century old tomato with wonderful flavor, it is slightly sweet but mostly just that full flavor that tomatoes used to have. It produces pink, slightly flattened beefsteaks of a very large size. Most…[more]
One of the largest of the early red tomatoes, it produces 2-3”, 3-8 oz globes with a pointy end. It has more flavor than a lot of the earlies with a little more sweetness than most of them. Very…[more]
First Pick
Growing well in both spring and fall, First Pick is an early tomato that is very tolerant of cold temperatures. It is not overly firm but it does have a sweet flavor which is unusual in an early.…[more]
Fish Lake Oxheart
Large pink oxheart that is highly recommended in the tomato forums and by Dr. Carolyn Male. 12-16 oz in weight and very meaty with few seeds. Flavor and production are excellent. [more]
A really nice heirloom with a great story. Fruit are very large pink beefsteaks that are slightly fluted and somewhat flattened in shape. They are meaty with a nice smooth texture and range from 8-16…[more]
Fruit Punch
New for 2022
A really good sweet cherry tomato with 1” pink fruit that is thin skinned but surprisingly crack resistant. The sweetness is nicely balanced with a great fruitiness. For best flavor, don’t over…[more]
G. Chalmers Large Paste
New for 2022
A most unusually shaped paste tomato! It’s pear shaped – large on top and narrowing down (piriform) and pleated! Fruit were very meaty and great for paste. They also made really neat shaped tomato…[more]
A yellow cherry with tons of flavor. 1” fruit, about the size of a quarter have sweetness but with a real depth of flavor. Very prolific. It does well in hot or cool summers and keeps very well at…[more]
An older commercial favorite of many gardeners for years. Nice red ¾ - 1 ½ “ globes are pretty crack resistant and born on abundant trusses with 6-12 fruit each. Plants are very vigorous and loaded…[more]
New for 2022
A beautiful dark bronze red cherry tomato with incredibly good flavor and awesome production. It has the trifecta of what we look for in a tomato. It has nice big trusses of these lovelies and they…[more]
Lovely large tomato, 12- 18 oz, with very good production that is a fairly recent creation. It has two well know parents – Brandywine and Cherokee Purple and you can taste the result – Yummy. It has…[more]
A beautiful old Italian heirloom with dark red, blemish free, heart shaped fruit. They can even be over a pound in size and are meaty with a flavor that is quite sweet and intense. Excellent for sauce…[more]
German Giant
New for 2022
Very nice pink beefsteak tomato. The fruit are usually over a lb. with many reaching 2 lbs. and more! It's amazing how productive this plant is with such large fruit. Flavor is rich but sweet and…[more]
German Johnson
Highly prized, old southern heirloom variety with large, reddish pink beefsteak fruits that have a very nice flavor. Fruits range from 10 oz to over a pound. They are very meaty and make wonderful…[more]
You can definitely see why it got its name – looks just like a very large strawberry. And I do mean large – most are 10-20 oz but can be up to 2 lbs! Slightly ribbed, some having greenish shoulders,…[more]
For all you yellow tomato fans, this one has yellow to orange skin with yellow flesh inside. Beefsteak fruit are 6-7 oz and have a bit more flavor than most yellows. Plants handle the heat well. This…[more]
One of the sweetest and largest deep pink tomatoes. It is so sweet that some people make wine from it! Fruits are very meaty with few seeds and very low acid in flavor. The bottoms are very smooth and…[more]
Extra large, glossy red and very solid plum shaped fruits of 6-7” long and 10-12 oz. It is unusual to find a paste this size. The fruit have a little crook in the neck that I've not seen in any other…[more]
A stunning purpley red, slightly ribbed, beefsteak tomato with green striping. Deep maroon flesh with green gel make for very pretty slices. The fruit have excellent flavor and are nice and juicy.…[more]
A unique version of Green Zebra that is earlier with a larger size and a little more irregular in shape. Still has green flesh and stripes but the flavor is not as tangy. The stripes will turn…[more]
An extremely early tomato, Glacier is sure to be one of the first tomatoes to bear fruit in your garden, and it will continue to do so well into summer. Fruit are small, about 2-3 oz. Glacier has one…[more]
New for 2022
Glessener is a rare and really nice pink beefsteak. The flavor was great with a nice balance of sweet and acid. The plant is potato leaved which I like as it gives a nice leaf protection from sunscald…[more]
New for 2022
Gloria is a nice red round tomato with a pointy tip – really almost heart shaped.It is nice and meaty with a really yummy sweet flavor. Fruit range from 4-10 oz but can get larger. I might be the only…[more]
New for 2022
This is a very nice pink beefsteak that has potato leaves – and you know how I like those! Fruit are nice sized – averaging 8-16 oz and a lovely pink color – red inside. They are nice and meaty and…[more]
Gold Medal
These yellow tomatoes are heavily marbled with red, both inside and out. They make beautiful slices and have a very good sweet flavor. The fruit have small seed cavities and solid flesh. Large vines…[more]
Gold Nugget
A gold colored cherry tomato that is early to mature. It has very compact plants reaching only 2-3 feet and is very suitable for container gardening. Fruit have the typical mild flavor of yellows and…[more]
Golden Gates
A very unique yellow 2-4 oz paste tomato with stripes that are not commonly seen. They go from green to yellow with green stripes and as it ripens the flesh turns orange and the stripes turn gold.…[more]
A lovely pinky red tomato with that beautiful and classic Italian look. Pear shaped – heavy on the bottom with lots of pleats and ruffles. Slices are gorgeous!  Fruit are large, usually almost…[more]
The 10-16+ oz fruit are meaty and very flavorful. Nice looking, slightly ribbed, quite uniform, and with few blemishes. Plants are productive. This is a very hard to find tomato – only 1 commercial…[more]
Grandma Freida’s
A family heirloom of slightly ribbed red fruit with that good old fashioned flavor. Not very sweet. Fruits range from 8-16 oz and have very good yields. This is an uncommon variety and we are one of…[more]
A very early paste tomato that is nice sized – 6-10 oz and very meaty. Production is very good. It will produce even in cool summers. I have grown this one for several years now and really like it.[more]
Granny Cantrell
Lovely pink heirloom with an excellent, well balanced flavor. It has won several well known Best of Taste awards, including Baker’s Creek. Slightly ribbed beefsteaks are large – 8 to 18 oz. The plants…[more]
A clear skin makes these appear to be frosted. They start out a rather translucent green and develop a yellow blush when ripe. Oval fruit, 3/4x1 ½” are produced abundantly on vigorous vines. They are…[more]
Green Grape
Lovely little green cherry tomato with quite the flavor reputation. Flavor, when ripe, is sweet but spicy and zingy, very unique. Fruit are green and develop a yellow blush when ripe and are in…[more]
This green when ripe bicolor tomato has green round fruits with dark green/yellow stripes and green flesh. It is very productive of 2-5 oz fruit and is know for its very good tangy flavor. The small,…[more]
Green Zebra Cherry
A golf ball sized green cherry tomato with gold stripes. The fruit are round to slightly elongated. They turn more amber colored when ripe. It has a bright sweet flavor – not more tart like the Green…[more]
Gregori's Altai
This is a very nice early tomato from Siberia. Very good production of 3-4” and 8-12 oz, reddish pink beefsteak fruit. They have a nice full flavor and are rather sweet. Both size and this good of a…[more]
Grungy in the Sky
A very hardy, disease resistant and crack resistant dark yellow saladette slicer. It is a very dependable producer on very healthy plants and quite tolerant of drought and heat and even rainy spells.…[more]
A very nice large red beefsteak. The flavor is exceptional, not mild, and is very meaty. Production is very good on vigorous plants that produce lots of 10-18 oz fruit that seldom crack. Another…[more]
I love how Gayla Trail, of You Grow Girl blog, describes this tomato because I had thought the same thing: “First there is the name, which gives me a chuckle every time I say it as it sounds like…[more]
Great paste tomato from Africa that handles heat well. Produces lots of 3 oz red, meaty fruit that seem to be less susceptible to blossom end rot – a typical issue with paste tomatoes. Flavor is…[more]
Homestead 24
New for 2022
A very nice red tomato that has great production. Fruit are very consistent in size (7-10 oz) and shape. They are firm and meaty. It seems to set fruit under a lot of conditions which makes it…[more]
A new open pollinated cherry tomato developed from Sun Sugar. Yellow fruit have very good, juicy, sweet and fruity flavor. They also have pretty good crack resistance. Good production on the usual…[more]
Illini Star is a wonderful little workhorse of a tomato. It is a lovely deep red in color with fruit about 6-8 oz in weight. They have good disease and crack resistance and better yet, have a really…[more]
A lovely dusky purple tomato of about 6-12 oz that is quite similar to Cherokee Purple. Irregularly shaped and slightly flattened beefsteaks with green shoulders have a wonderful rich, complex sweet…[more]
Wow, these berries are beautiful. One of the newly released, open pollinated tomatoes containing high levels of anthocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in blueberries, and reported to…[more]
The newest release of the high anthocyanin tomatoes is similar in coloration to Blue Berries with just a little brighter red like a cherry. Fruits that receive the most sun will have the deepest…[more]
Indigo Gold Berries
New for 2022
Another winner from Brad Gates. Beautiful cherry tomatoes that start out purple and turn yellow as they ripen with a pretty purple anthocyanin blush. Sweet and creamy fruit with plenty of production.…[more]
This one is a classic heirloom from Italy that originally came from America and is still popular in Europe. Red smooth fruit range from 8oz to over a lb. Flesh is both juicy and meaty with that full…[more]
Isis Candy
Lovely little golden yellow fruit that may have red marbling and a rosy starburst on the blossom end. Flavor is really sweet and fruity. Children tend to love this one. Plants are vigorous and very…[more]
Large red beefsteak with that deep flavor of old heirlooms. Very nice size of 12-16 oz and more. It is meaty, yet juicy, with good production. A very good, basic large red tomato.[more]
Iva's Red Berry
New for 2022
A very nice red cherry with incredible flavor! The fruit vary in size (none very large) - grow in nice long clusters. With Sungold and Supersweet 100 for parents, you know it has good flavor – intense…[more]
A green when ripe tomato, some may develop a pink blush on the bottom when ripe, but it will help to lightly squeeze to see if it gives to be sure it is ripe. Flesh is a bright green. Fruit are…[more]
Unusual dark, pear shaped tomato with brick red, brownish fruit and green shoulders that can be somewhat streaked. Very striking. Great rich flavor and blemish free, it has very good production of 4-6…[more]
Jaune Flamme is a fiery-orange tomato, famous for its intense, sweet fruity flavor. It produces large quantities of round 3-6 oz tomatoes that are great for salads or snacks. They also make wonderful…[more]
New for 2022
Another incredibly beautiful tomato from Fred Hemple!  Jazz is just stunning.  A deep rose in color with yellow and red streaks - each fruit is picture perfect. They range in size from…[more]
A dark, purpley black, flattened beefsteak with a great reputation for excellent rich flavor. The fruit are solid and meaty of about 10-16 oz.  Production is average but the taste makes it worth…[more]
One of the classic New Jersey processing tomatoes that many old timers fondly remember. The fruit are fire engine red and have that frying pepper pointy shape. Usually 4-6“ long, they are very meaty…[more]
This one is a lovely rosy red heart shaped tomato with heavy fruit of 12-16 oz. Fruit are really meaty with a very good flavor and huge yields on exceptionally vigorous plants.[more]
Also known as Golden Jubilee, this popular golden-orange tomato has a pleasantly mild flavor and meaty flesh. Plants generally yield 6-12 oz globe shaped tomatoes and are very productive. This one is…[more]
This is a very special, uncommon paste tomato that comes from Africa and has extreme production. The fruit are bright red and pepper shaped, about 3-4” long with meaty flesh that has a wonderful spicy…[more]
Karma Apricot
New for 2022
A wonderful larger sized cherry with gorgeous coloring. Fruits have pink, peach and yellow all together – so pretty. And to top it off, those colors are also inside! It’s like having a mini bi-color…[more]
A very early pretty pink tomato good for slicing. Much larger than most early tomatoes, it averages 3-5” and can weigh up to a pound. Very vigorous semi-determinate plants give great reliable yields.…[more]
This large orange tomato has very meaty flesh. The flavor is very well liked – sweet but with a lot of flavor. It produces a good yield of 1-2 lb beefsteak tomatoes. This one has quite the reputation…[more]
Big beautiful deep orange beefsteaks with a wonderful sweet, fruity flavor and with a nice smooth texture. Very large meaty fruit, mostly in the 1-2 pound range, but can grow even larger! Awards…[more]
This is a newly released old family heirloom grown since the Civil War. Wonderfully early, these large pink hearts have a great flavor. Fruits are large, up to 20 oz in size and grow on very vigorous…[more]
Korol Sibiri
Korol Sibiri translates to King of Siberia. This is a golden yellow oxheart tomato from Russia with a slightly sweet but rich flavor. Fruit are nice and large, 8-16 oz (can get larger) and very meaty…[more]
Large, 10-18 oz, pink heart shaped tomato known for its excellent flavor. Very meaty, yet still juicy, it has a complex, intense flavor that is still sweet. VERY GOOD. Plants are large and vigorous…[more]
This is a fast grower that produces dark pink, pear shaped fruit. The fruit is fleshy, about 3-4 oz in size and has a very good sweet flavor.[more]
This is wonderful large pink beefsteak with great flavor. They are ruffled and extremely gorgeous! Fruit average around 16 oz each and are usually crack free and perfect looking. Production is…[more]
A historic tomato from 1958 that has long pink fruit about 3-4 oz in size. They are very meaty with excellent flavor and have good production.[more]
Lange Ærmer
This beautiful striped green tomato is a rare find. Fruits are elongated and slim with thick flesh and few seeds. They are firm and have a sweet, spicy flavor similar to other GWR tomatoes. They will…[more]
Here is another great tomato from Brad Gates. It is rated very high for flavor and production. Fruit are a pinky brown with metallic green stripes in a flattened beefsteak form. They average around…[more]
This very old heirloom tomato can grow 1lb. and larger. With definite ribs and good red color this tomato has good looks but the flavor is even better with sweet tangy old fashioned taste. I love…[more]
Large Red Cherry
Yes, it is just what the name says – a large red cherry. Fruit are almost 2” in size with a wonderful old time flavor. I really like these. Very productive and just keep on producing lots of fruit…[more]
These nice, blemish free, 8-12oz. fruit grow from compact vines. This means they would probably do well for container growing. The flavor is sweet, with meaty flesh and few seeds especially early in…[more]
An awesome tomato that comes from Germany – translates to Teacher Tomato. Large red beefsteaks averaging a lb.or more have a very nice flavor. Flesh is very meaty with few seeds and they make…[more]
A cute little dwarf plant that produces a lot of perfect little red globes perfect for salads or eating fresh. They are nice and meaty but still juicy. And the flavor is good - intense with a nice…[more]
Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom is a pale yellow tomato with a complex, yet sweet and citrusy flavor and a smooth, meaty texture. It produces a moderate yield of 8-16 oz beefsteak tomatoes.[more]
Lime Green Salad
Small green tomatoes of 3-5 oz are produced quite heavily on this very compact dwarf plant growing under 3’ tall. Fruit are somewhat olive green that develop an amber blush when ripe and are nice and…[more]
A wonderful old heirloom with excellent flavor that has been around for a very long time – 90 years! The large, rosy pink fruit can be irregular in shape, having both heart and beefsteak shapes. They…[more]
This golden yellow tomato has a mild and sweet flavor. Golden Queen is oblate in shape, generally 4-8 oz in weight, and quite productive. It is listed on Slow Food USA’s “Ark of Taste.”[more]
Liz Burt
One of the newer created varieties that is becoming very popular. It is a pink, slightly elongated, rounded beefsteak with a meaty texture. The flavor is really good, as it was created from 2…[more]
Yellow fruit a little over 1” in size have a unique flavor that is sweet and fruity – almost lemony. Plants are compact in size, 4-5 feet and very productive with clusters of 6-10. Produces well even…[more]
Lucky Cross
This red/yellow bicolor has 8-16 oz fruit with excellent flavor. The plant is tall and productive with fruit that will produce late into the season. They can be picked early at the end of the season…[more]
Ludmilla Red Plum
A red plum shaped paste tomato that tastes great fresh, but is also great for canning and salsa. Fruit are large, averaging 3-5” and 5-10 oz, and meaty with few seeds. The vines are vigorous but…[more]
A wonderful variety of large to very large red beefsteaks. They are usually 14-16 oz but can be 2 lbs or more! Beautiful perfect shapes with very few blemishes together makes for gorgeous slices. The…[more]
A Russian GWR (Green when Ripe) variety which is uncommon in Russia as they are not popular. The light to olive green fruit are nice sized, 6-20 oz, and turn light yellow on the bottom when ripening.…[more]
Nice fat, plum, red paste tomatoes. They average 4-6 oz. and are very meaty with few seeds. They still have plenty of juice and have very good flavor, both fresh and cooked. Excellent yields on…[more]
While it is a little later than most early varieties, Manitoba bears many red, 6-8 oz, firm and tangy tomatoes. It is both cold and disease resistant.[more]
These delicious pale yellow tomatoes have a tangy and sweet flavor with a touch of citrus. Plants should be staked up and kept off the ground as fruits are sensitive and may rot on the ground, but if…[more]
A very nice red tomato from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Fruit are a rich brown with flesh that is deep crimson. They average about 6-12 oz and have that wonderful flavor common to dark tomatoes – very…[more]
This is a really great dark tomato. The 6-12 oz beefsteak fruit are pretty with that lovely dark coloring and green shoulders. Flavor is rich and sweet and the texture is smooth and creamy. Some say…[more]
This tomato has been around for almost 100 years! The 4-9oz. tomato bears early-mid season with good production. For many it is a favorite canning and juice tomato. Another plus, it is disease…[more]
I believe everything I wrote concerning Marglobe applies here but "improved" so has even better disease resistance. A standard for processing, it is a favorite of many.[more]
Maria Nagy's Heart
New for 2022
A rare heirloom tomato from Transylvania! It produces very nice pear and heart shaped fruit. They are quite nicely sized - around 8-12 oz. Flavor was great raw but really, really good roasted and/or…[more]
Marianna’s Peace
A tomato with a fascinating history and really good flavor that has won taste awards. It is a darker pink, smooth beefsteak with rarely any defects that is a nice size of 10-16 oz and larger. The…[more]
This very old French heirloom tomato has 3-8 oz scarlet red fruit that grow on a compact plant. Good for container growing. Production is very good. A classic looking ribbed tomato with rich, slightly…[more]
A classic red Italian plum tomato with really good yields. Fruit are 2-3 oz and 2 ½ - 3 “ with that dry meaty texture that make great sauce. Flavor is pretty good fresh but excellent in sauces. A nice…[more]
Marzano Fire
New for 2022
This is a beautiful red paste tomato with yellow stripes and streaks. The flavor is great for eating and cooking. It is very meaty, makes a really nice tomato sauce and is awesome roasted and grilled.…[more]
Maslov's Giant
New for 2022
Nice medium sized red fruits that can vary in shape – round, more beefsteak shaped or even slightly oval. They range in size- 8-16 oz. Wonderful balanced flavor with really high yields. They keep well…[more]
One of the few indeterminate early tomatoes, it will bear fruit all season long. Fruit average 4-6 oz. and it is highly resistant to both cold and wet weather. Flavor is considered to be one of the…[more]
Matt-Su Express
New for 2022
This is a wonderful red beefsteak with smooth skin. The fruit look really nice and have a great well balanced, complex flavor with a touch of sweetness so they are not too acidic like a lot of earlies…[more]
Winner of 2014 SSE Tomato Tasting and a favorite of many. Tiny, little ½ inch deep red fruit with an intense, sweet and very rich flavor. Extreme production on very tall, rangy plants with disease…[more]
Another large pink beefsteak that tastes good. This one is supposed to rival Brandywine in flavor but be more productive. The tomatoes are a nice 12-24 oz in size and are both meaty and juicy. Very…[more]
Very large, heart shaped, red tomatoes. The fruit averages 1 lb or more but when there are double blossomed fruit they can reach up to 4 lbs. The shape of the fruit varies from globe to heart and has…[more]
A wonderful dark pink tomato that has everything you want in an heirloom. It has a wonderful complex flavor with nicely balanced acids and sweets in a large fruit size that averages between 1-2…[more]
Another “wild” tomato with a burst of sweet, intense flavor. Fruit are small, red and extremely prolific. Plants grow very tall and lanky. Produces well up to frost and has disease resistance.…[more]
Midnight Sun
New for 2022
An absolutely wonderful tomato! Perfect heart shapes that blush rose pink when ripe. But when you cut into them, the magic increases. You get meaty slices with gorgeous colors swirled though out,…[more]
A wonderful pink beefsteak that is very productive and has excellent flavor. My seed source for this one says it is in his top 10 for flavor and probably his most productive. 8-16 oz fruit, both meaty…[more]
Mini Orange
New for 2022
A nice bright orange large cherry averaging 2 oz and about 1 ½”. Great in salads! Also makes nice dried tomatoes. The fruit are blemish free and the plant is very productive. This is not a super sweet…[more]
A very productive dark red cherry of about 1 ½ inches with a distinct point on the end. Nice rich, intense flavor. Great in salads and I’m thinking it would make a lovely roasted tomato sauce.[more]
New for 2022
A stunning bi-color with outstanding sweet and rich flavor. It has nice sized fruit averaging 6-12 oz and you may get some a little larger. Very nice production![more]
Moravsky Div
A nice early tomato from Russia, it bears small red fruit of 1-3 oz size. Rated high for flavor among the earlies. Production is good from this recently introduced in America tomato.[more]
One of the most famous and popular heirloom tomatoes, it was developed in the 1930’s. Another excellent large reddish pink beefsteak, it is known for its flavor and large size – 1 -2 lbs. Fruits are…[more]
A tomato from Russia, it bears nice round deep red tomatoes about 6 oz in size. Production is good for the whole season and the fruit are resistant to cracking. Flavor is a bit milder than other early…[more]
Mr. Bruno
This is a rare Australian variety that has great production of dark red slightly ribbed tomatoes. Fruit are 4-8 oz and are juicy and flavorful – more sweet than acid. The plants are strong and compact…[more]
A very nice Italian large red beefsteak that is gorgeous with all its ruffles. Fruit are very meaty with few seeds and have an excellent sweeter flavor than you normally find in a red tomato. They…[more]
Mrs. Houseworth
New for 2022
A nice smaller heart shaped pink tomato of varying sizes. Some are 3-4”, some smaller. Fruit are nice and meaty with very few seeds and have excellent flavor. The shoulders do have some coloring-…[more]
Dark pink large beefsteaks with green shoulders that have really good flavor. Fruit are approximately 1 lb or more and 3-4” in size. This is a very reliable producer that just keeps chugging them out.…[more]
This variety is one of the reasons I love heirlooms. Large, meaty, heart and globe shaped pink tomatoes that are great fresh or when used for canning or salsa. Fruit are 1-2 lbs or larger with deep…[more]
Mule Team
You'll get plenty of good sized 8-12oz tomatoes that grow in clusters of 2 or 3 or more. They have very good production right up till frost. Bright red with excellent "old fashioned" flavor and…[more]
Mushroom Basket
New for 2022
Mushroom Basket is probably one of the most stunning tomatoes I have grown. It is deeply pleated and the color is a reddish pink with cream colored speckles. It is shiny and almost glows. The fruit…[more]
Napa Rose
New for 2022
A lovely deep pink cherry from wonder man Brad Gates. The flavor is very rich and sweet at the same time. Fruit hang in nice clusters which can be cut for a nice presentation. Has good production and…[more]
This is a wonderful plum tomato from Italy that delivers really good production. A determinate plant with red fruit that have a point on the end, they average about 3 oz. This one actually tastes…[more]
This is a pretty rare, large slightly flattened beefsteak tomato from La Mancha, Spain. It has a wonderful, perfectly balanced flavor, not too tart. Fruit are ribbed, with the usual green shoulders…[more]
Negro Azteca
A lovely, little, round, purpley black cherry that has great flavor and an appearance very similar to Black Cherry. It has plump fruit that average about 1 oz and are produced in huge clusters on…[more]
Wonderful well balanced flavor in a deep red beefsteak with large fruit of 10-16 oz that can grow much larger, over 2 lbs. Highly respected variety with a moderate to heavy yield of mostly defect free…[more]
A lovely dwarf plant with really pretty pink beefsteak fruit. You will get a good yield of medium to large sized fruit that are both a little bit flattened and ribbed. Most of them weigh 8-12 oz but…[more]
A tomato originally developed for pickling which was quite popular in the 50’s. Pear shaped fruits have a nice thick wall and are about ½ oz and up to 2” long. Flavorful with almost a smoky essence.…[more]
A very nice scarlet red tomato with 4-6oz, smooth, meaty fruit that has a really nice flavor, both sweet and tangy. Fruit are crack resistant and are great for both fresh eating and…[more]
Northern Delight
Bred to perform in short season northern areas, it produces very early. The determinate plants have high yields of 1-2 oz fruit that are slightly elongated. They are juicy, more tart than sweet and…[more]
A cluster tomato of smooth, blemish free fruit, it is dark mahogany with greenish shoulders and usually about 4-6 oz. The flavor is both sweet and tangy. Beautiful in a salad. Production was quite…[more]
Old Brooks
Resistant to blossom end rot and early and late blight are all good reasons to favor this variety, but there is more. Great productivity and full balanced flavor with a more acid taste makes this a…[more]
Omar’s Lebanese
One of my favorites. Nice, large fruits of 1 – 1½ lb, slightly flattened pink beefsteaks that can be 6” across! Flavor is nice and complex and sweet at the same time. Production is good to very good…[more]
My mainstay processing tomato that is a favorite of many. The red fruit are more of a rosey red in color.They are shaped somewhat like a bull’s horn pepper, about 3x6” with a pronounced tip at the…[more]
With an unusual color for a paste tomato, this orange banana shaped tomato has a wonderful flavor that has lots of people raving. Fedco says it frequently wins it’s annual paste tomato contest – and…[more]
Orange Caprese
New for 2022
Not really a cherry but more of a plum shaped tomato, it has a very sweet rich flavor and is excellent in salads, fresh eating and caprese.It has green shoulders which fade to orange when ripening.…[more]
Orange Cream
The vigorous, rugose, potato leaf dwarf plants produce heavy yields of uniquely colored pale orange smooth oblate fruit that have a nearly matte, dull finish, ranging from 8-12 ounces. As with most of…[more]
A beautiful Orange beefsteak with yellow stripes. Wonder unique flavor, remarkably complex – sweet and fruity with a hint of peach. Very vigorous plants with great production of 5 inch, 10-16 oz,…[more]
Very large, up to 2 lb, beautiful orange fruit. They are meaty, yet juicy, with few seeds and a really good flavor. Fruits can be both heart shaped and beefsteak shaped.[more]
Orange Russian 117
A very pretty bi color heart tomato that is golden yellow/orange with pink marbling. Plants give a good yield of about 8 oz, up to a pound, meaty fruit that are stunning when sliced. Flavor is…[more]
A lovely bright orange heart shaped tomato with a definite point on the end. Very vigorous plants with wispy leaves. Production seems to depend on the year and location. Mine have had good production.…[more]
Oregon Spring
This early tomato is known for its juicy and mild sweet taste. It produces a large yield of slightly round, 3-6 oz red tomatoes. Fruit will set even in high or low temperatures and early fruit will be…[more]
A very nice red paste tomato. The first fruits are usually parthenocarpic (nearly seedless) and are firm with thick meaty walls for making nice thick sauce. They have no issues with cracking and keep…[more]
A really nice old Italian beefsteak tomato with very good flavor. The red fruit are large, 10-20 oz, and even larger. They are very meaty and still juicy and they rarely crack. Flavor is rich and full…[more]
Paul Robeson
This tomato has many, many passionate fans and has won many taste awards.. Exceptional complex flavor with beautiful dusky dark red color with greenish hues. It is a good sized beefsteak tomato of…[more]
An all around great cherry tomato that is very productive, flavorful, fairly early and rarely cracks. Very large, vigorous vines produce tons of red to red orange fruit about ¾-1”. Trusses usually…[more]
New for 2022
A simply lovely peachey orange tomato that has the same deep peachey orange interior. So very pretty when sliced! Some fruit may be lightly ribbed and of a pretty good size – 3-4” and can be over a…[more]
This is a very pretty paste tomato. The fruits are red with bright golden stripes and are medium sized, sausage shaped - some with a point at the end. Plants are quite productive with large clusters…[more]
Pertsevidnyi Rozovyi
Here is the pink, sausage shaped, paste tomato to go with the gold and striped ones. Nice and meaty with a smooth texture, fruit average about 3-5 oz and have a good flavor. They are resistant to…[more]
An extremely unique tomato that comes from Russia, it translates to Gold Pepper Shaped. Long 4”, rather unusual, irregular pepper shaped fruits are a lovely golden yellow. Plants have an early…[more]
This is a very prolific cherry tomato that produces LOTS of small red fruit on large trusses. The flavor is sweet and very good. Fruit holds well.[more]
Medium to large (12-16 oz or occasionally up to 24oz.) yellow-gold-pink bi-color fruits are found in abundance on large vines. Staking or cages recommended. The fruits have very good sweet flavor,…[more]
Pineapple Fog
New for 2022
I confess I ordered it because I love the name but it turns out to be a very pretty little bi-color - lovely yellow blushed with lots of pink and red. As it ripens the blush keeps on spreading. Lovely…[more]
Yet another winner from Brad Gates, this is a crazy colorful tomato with incredible flavor. So much flavor that in Farmer’s Market tests, 10 out of 10 people preferred this one to Cherokee Purple!…[more]
This stunning tomato is purple black in color with green/grey metallic stripes. Fruits are 3-4 oz. and blemish free. With an excellent strong flavor more acidic than sweet, it also has great…[more]
Pink Grapefruit
New for 2022
Another cute, smaller bi-color with fruit averaging 4-8 oz. It has very tender skin which is nice for eating but you will need to pick before heavy rain to prevent cracking. It will ripen fine inside…[more]
This variety is much talked about in the tomato forums and is not commonly found. Very strong plants produce a LOT of beautiful pink heart shaped fruit that range from 8-16 oz and up. Naturally,…[more]
A brand new dwarf release that is very special. It has lovely pink heart shaped fruit of medium size, about 4-8 oz. The flavor is excellent with a delightful sweet balanced flavor. The texture is…[more]
Pink Ping Pong
The shape and size of a ping pong ball, fruit are a lovely rose pink. Flavor is mild and sweet but not super sweet. Children really enjoy this one. Plants are large and vigorous and bear lots of fruit…[more]
A stunning, large pink beefsteak with anthocyanin shoulders and striping that bleeds down the sides of the fruit. Fruit average 8-12 oz and have a very nice, well balanced flavor leaning toward the…[more]
One of the new tomatoes everyone is talking about. Elongated 2” plum shaped fruit are uncommonly beautiful. They are part of the new Artisan Seeds Tiger series. Pink Tiger is a dusky pink with…[more]
A cute tiny micro-dwarf with bright orange fruit that only grows about 10 inches tall. It will grow just fine in small pots and even inside in the winter – with light, of course. It handles heat just…[more]
New for 2022
Yet another wonderful tomato from Karen Oliver. A very nice dark purpley/red beefsteak with very deep purpley/red flesh inside. The shoulders are slightly green like many dark tomatoes. Really meaty…[more]
Polish Dwarf
This is a great one for all you space challenged growers. If grown in the ground it will only get to about 2 to 2 ½ feet tall but will be even smaller when grown in pots, probably under 2 feet. It…[more]
Polish Linguisa
This tomato has been around for a very long time. You can tell a good variety when people keep seeds from generation to generation as long as they have with this one. A nice sized paste tomato, it…[more]
A beautiful, classic old Italian heirloom that bears fairly large ribbed, pear shaped fruit which are meaty and great for cooking. Fruit usually grow in clusters of 4 or more. Plants are indeterminate…[more]
This is a very rare little tomato that originated in the Netherlands. It has a tidy restrained growth with great production. The perfect little red fruit have a nicely balanced flavor –…[more]
Principe Borghese
The classic Italian heirloom that is famous as the tomato to use for sun drying. Italians pull the whole plant at the end of summer and hang to dry in their backyards. Most of us now just use…[more]
A lovely purple pink, large beefsteak tomato with excellent flavor. Some compare it to Brandywine and it does win taste tests with it’s flavor and smooth texture. The skin is smooth and blemish free…[more]
Prue is a rare and rather unusual paste tomato that actually has a lot of flavor, along with being meaty. The flavor is very rich and outstanding. The fruits grow in several different shapes all on…[more]
One of the new tomato releases from Artisan Seeds, it is extremely eye catching. They take your bowl of mixed color cherries to the next level. The fruit are slightly elongated and a dusky purple…[more]
Purple Calabash
Now this is an interesting tomato – in looks and flavor. Nothing wishy washy about this one. First the shape catches your attention – looking almost like a Cinderella pumpkin with its flattened…[more]
Purple Dog Creek
A large pink beefsteak with great flavor and an interesting history.  The smooth shouldered fruit range from 12 oz up to 2 lbs. It has a wonderful flavor that is becoming a favorite of many and…[more]
Pusta Kolosz
New for 2022
This one grows BIG, usually 1-2 lbs!  A really large, red beefsteak known for its excellent flavor. Great yields.[more]
An early producer of round, 1-4 oz red tomatoes with a well-balanced but sweet flavor. It has large, reliable yields even in cold temperatures.[more]
New for 2022
I was looking for a nice red pear tomato to go with Yellow and Chocolate Pear varieties and found this rare one. Super prolific with very large flower and fruit trusses. Fruit are mostly pear shaped…[more]
This is a very unusual tomato that I have been growing for a couple of years and really like. Fruit are red or yellow or orange or any combination including marbled. Real fun to look at and fun to…[more]
Rainbow Jazz Heart
New for 2022
This is a super pretty heart tomato that has more of a beefsteak shape. It is yellow with pink marbling and yellow stripes and has that lovely bi-color marbling going on inside. Slices are just plain…[more]
Raspberry Mochi
New for 2022
Another name that grabbed my attention plus it was created by a friend of mine – Sold! This is a very lovely raspberry-purple small globe or large salad tomato. Great for salads, roasting and drying.…[more]
A dark pink plum shaped cherry tomato that is juicy and sweet. Production is good on very vigorous plants. Pretty early to mature and keeps on going even in the heat.[more]
Rebecca Allen
New for 2022
A really nice pink beefsteak that starts producing nice and early. The flavor is really great with a very good balanced full flavor. Nice meaty fruit average around 8 oz. This is a great slicing…[more]
Rebel Yell
A very nice deep pink beefsteak usually around 6-12 oz. The fruits are thin skinned and juicy with an excellent rich, well balanced flavor. Great production – I really like this one! The parents are…[more]
Red Alert
This one wins the prize for early! Small, 1” or less, red fruit grow on Very Small plants – under 2’. It will easily grow in a container, even a small one. Flavor is more tart and intense. It is quite…[more]
Pretty little red, grape shaped fruits with an unusual matte finish. Fruit are sweet with plenty of flavor. Tastes great fresh but I also use them for drying as there is not much juice. Plants are…[more]
Red Pear
Cute, pear shaped, crack resistant cherries that are red, not yellow. This one doesn’t taste like Yellow Pear, either. It has a big taste for such a little tomato, full of zing and old fashioned…[more]
This is a great old Italian tomato wonderful for making a meaty tomato sauce. This is not the little cherry pear shaped tomato but rather a large, 6-12 oz., plump red pear shaped tomato with vertical…[more]
Redfield Beauty
A very old, classic heirloom from the 1800’s that is pale pink in color. The smooth but flattened globes range from 6-12 oz and 3-4” in size. They grow in clusters of 3-5 on vigorous plants that have…[more]
Remy Rouge
This is a really cute little plant that produces clusters of small red cherries on a small plant. It is great for growing in a container. Very productive! The fruit are very good and sweet – almost as…[more]
I have been growing this one since 2008 and it is a mainstay in my garden. 10-12 oz and up, the lovely red fruit have good flavor. Nicely productive. Meaty, the somewhat sweet fruit have few seeds…[more]
A wonderful old heirloom that has incredible yields of tasty little globes with points on the ends. Productive is an understatement, as the plant produces hundreds of flowers that turn into large…[more]
I am always searching for heirloom seeds with MI history so was glad to find this one. This nice large paste tomato has a wonderful sweet flavor with depth. It has even won taste testing awards.…[more]
A wonderfully productive paste tomato with good flavor that makes great sauce. It grows well in containers as is a determinate. Plants are covered in fruit that grow in clusters. Even better, it…[more]
A very productive plant with smooth, red, medium size fruit - 3-5 oz. It handles heat very well, coming from Africa. [more]
Huge paste tomato that is very meaty with almost no seeds. Wow, these beauties grow from 12 oz to almost 2 lbs. Flavor is actually good when eaten fresh, especially for a tomato this size. Production…[more]
A very early paste tomato, it does well even in cold summers. Fruits are 2-3 oz and very productive. You get a big flush at one time as is a determinate plant. Good for sauce, canning and drying. The…[more]
A beautiful pink grape tomato, yes, you read that right. Rosy pink with tiny, little speckles of white, they are gorgeous and produced on long trusses so you get lots of them. Plants are vigorous and…[more]
An Amish variety well known for its wonderful flavor. A large, 10-20 oz, deep pink beefsteak that grows on very vigorous vines with very good yields.[more]
Rose Beauty
This is a pretty pale yellow/cream tomato that may or may not blush pink on the blossom end. The Rose in the name comes from the family that grew it- not the color. Fruit are nice and large,…[more]
Rose de Berne
A lovely deep pink heirloom from Europe that is often called the “Brandywine of Europe” and a favorite there. Fruit are medium, 4-8 oz, very pretty and blemish free. The skin is thin but rarely cracks…[more]
This is a lovely little cherry tomato making machine.  Fruit are a rosy pink with a nice sweet flavor. Kids really like this one - and so do I!  Lots and lots of tomatoes. A Multiflora is a…[more]
This is a newly developed unusual cherry tomato with a smoky dark pink skin and equally dark flesh. The fruity flavor is intense, both sharp and sweet at the same time. ½ “ and ½ oz fruit with thin…[more]
A very nice dwarf tomato that produces medium to large fruit averaging 4-13 oz. The fruit have nice red flesh with a well balanced delicious sweet flavor. The plants have usual dwarf characteristic…[more]
A Dwarf Tomato Project variety perfect for growing in containers. In Craig’s own words – “58 days, dwarf, regular leaf rugose foliage, medium to large purple fruit, productive, just delicious with a…[more]
This beautiful and tasty Italian heirloom has flattened and deeply ribbed bright red fruit – almost a crayfish red. They are smaller in size – about 3” and range about 3-6 oz. The ruffled slices…[more]
Rote Herztomate
The name translates to Red Heart Tomato. My seed source says it is the oddest looking heart tomato he has ever grown. “Very wedge shaped and can even be a bit twisted.” Very early producing with quite…[more]
Royal Hillbilly
A lovely deep pink tomato with a purple tinge and a flavor that Darrel Merrel called exquisite. It has a great blend of sweets and acids with a nice burst of flavor. Plants are nice and vigorous and…[more]
My grandma lived in Florida and I associate pink flamingos with her because she had them in her bathroom and we would go see them at the typical tourist attractions back in the 60’s. So, in her…[more]
Russian 117
A red heart shaped tomato with an excellent rich flavor. Fruit are large 12-16 oz with many fruit produced in doubles so reaching over 1 lb. Some fruit can be slightly ruffled and are very solid but…[more]
Russian Queen
Yellow striped red fruits of golf ball size are as good tasting as they look. The vines are large, fast growing, require staking and are very productive. Get this variety if you want lots of tomatoes.…[more]
Russian Swirl
Another of the new dwarf tomatoes release by the Dwarf Tomato Project, this one is a smooth yellow with lovely red streaks and swirls. Fruit range from 6-12 oz and have excellent yields. Flavor is…[more]
This variety will bring you 6-8 oz. fruit with heavy yield, good flavor, and good shelf life. A good canning tomato, it’s been popular with home and market gardeners for many years.[more]
Rutgers Select
New for 2022
A super reliable tomato that produces perfect fruit that are all purpose. Super productive! Fruit are also larger and a touch sweeter than the original Rutgers - averaging 5-9 oz. Big enough to slice…[more]
Ruth's Perfect
Very pretty, blemish free, red fruit that average 7-8 oz. Plants are very vigorous and strong and have great yields. The flavor is really good and even better, the fruit hold well on the counter. [more]
A nice large red beefsteak with dark pink flesh. It looks red because the epidermis is yellow. The fruit are very solid and meaty with very few seeds. The plants produce a steady supply of 12-16 oz…[more]
The classic Italian processing tomato known for its good production and good taste. An entire industry has grown up around processing the “true” San Marzano tomato. Many chefs swear by it. Fruits are…[more]
New for 2022
Santa is a smaller sized red grape tomato that has a great sweet flavor. The plants are extremely prolific! [more]
A wonderful large paste tomato that is very productive. Fruit are meaty but with enough juice and flavor that really tastes good fresh. They can grow up to a pound in size! A nice dark red in color,…[more]
Sara's Galapagos
Small, deep red, slightly elongated tomatoes have that addictive rich flavor like currants have. They are sweet but with just the right amount of acidity for great flavor. Many people say the fruit…[more]
Sarah’s Red is a really nice red tomato usually around 4-10 oz in size. The flavor is very nice and well balanced. It is good for fresh eating and also for making salsa or sauce.[more]
Highly respected paste tomato with lots of flavor – great fresh or cooked. Fruit are usually an elongated plum with a knob on the bottom, but can vary in shape. Very good production of 5-10 oz. meaty…[more]
Sekai Ichi
My daughter is learning Japanese and so we have a fondness for Japanese varieties. Before doing any research I asked her what it meant and she said World #1. So we decided it was worth a try! It…[more]
Serbian Oxheart
New for 2022
This is a very nice oxheart tomato that is nicely heart shaped and very meaty with few seeds. The flavor is very good – more on the sweet side. They range in size from 6-14 oz.  I was surprised…[more]
Serendipiy Striped
New for 2022
Oh my, this is a beautiful tomato! Many bi-colors are mostly yellow with just a touch of blush but this one seems to blush all over. And the insides are just as pretty with the red swirls in that…[more]
Another great heirloom canning tomato that grows well in our MI climate.. Lovely, rosy red fruit of 4-6 oz on very productive plants. Fruit are solid with a nice balanced flavor. Good also for fresh…[more]
Nice early compact plant that is very popular in South Dakota. Apparently the old timers like to use it for canning. The vigorous plants produce a lot of delicious red tomatoes, 8-12 oz in size that…[more]
Red, slightly flattened round tomatoes, of a very nice size for an early tomato with fruits of 10-12 oz and up. It contains few seeds and is good for eating fresh. A very reliable slicer, the flavor…[more]
Silvery Fir Tree
The plants have beautiful silver hued leaves that are delicate and lacey and look similar to ferns or carrot leaves. Because the plants are so small, they will do well in containers or even deeper…[more]
A unique tomato with very compact growing habit that will grow well in hanging baskets. The fruit are a deep yellow round cherry with a great sweet flavor. They have a nice texture, neither mushy or…[more]
Large red cherry tomatoes up to 2 inches have exceptional flavor for being so early. Plants are not too large and produce an abundant supply of fruit continuing right up to frost.[more]
Snezhno Belyi
New for 2022
This is one of the whitest “white” tomatoes I’ve grown. Even when ripe they are more of a cream color than the usual pale yellow. They range in size from 4-14 oz. Plants are strong and have a good…[more]
A pretty little white/pale yellow cherry with an excellent sweet fruity flavor and about 1” in diameter. Some people like the flavor of the fruit at both the white and the pale yellow (riper) stage.…[more]
A Brad Gates variety, he says it is a work horse at his Wild Boar Farm. Stunningly beautiful with bright gold stripes on red tomatoes, they definitely catch your attention. Incredibly productive, the…[more]
The first heirloom tomato I grew more than 20 years ago and it is still one of my favorites. A large, 10-16 oz. pink beefsteak that has very tender skin which means it will crack when it rains, so…[more]
A new release from Artisan seeds, Fred says it is a small fruited, rust colored tomato with green to golden stripes. The interior is purple and green!  It is suitable only for home garden…[more]
An elongated paste tomato that is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Fruit are red with iridescent, irregular orange stripes running down the whole length. They are known for their sweet…[more]
Stump of the World
This one becomes a favorite of everyone who tries it. One of the many tomatoes part of Ben Quisenberrry’s collection. (He was the collector who gave us Brandywine.) Large, 12-24 oz, pink irregularly…[more]
A small round red tomato with a big flavor that is intensely tangy and sweet. Many people consider it the best tasting of the earlies, but remember taste is very subjective. Plants are very tolerant…[more]
Large beefsteaks of 12-24 oz are a lovely deep apricot in color both inside and out. Flavor is very good, both sweet and fruity with a creamy texture. Very good yields on potato leaved plants.[more]
Summer of Love
New for 2022
This is a re-selected Berkeley Tie Dye. It has extremely striking, green fruit with yellow & red stripes. Fruit have creamy green flesh inside with streaks of various shades of red and yellow.…[more]
Summer Sweet Gold
Considered one of the best flavored of the dwarfs, it is a yellow tomato that may develop a pink blush on the blossom end when ripe. Fruit are nice and smooth, averaging about 6-10 oz, and have great…[more]
Summertime Green
A little larger smooth green fruit of 6-12 oz or more are produced on this variety that grows about 4 feet tall. Flavor is nicely balanced and more sweet and fruity than the other 2 green dwarfs.…[more]
The little tomato with a big reputation, it is always on the top of most “my favorite tomato” lists. I don’t grow too many hybrids, but this is one I grow every year. And as they are rarely found in…[more]
Known for both large yields and very heavy foliage, Sunray grows well and is very disease resistant. Its perfectly formed, spherical, 8 oz, golden fruits are sweet with a mild flavor and a very firm…[more]
Super Marmande
An old French heirloom famous in Europe for its flavor. The fruit are scarlet red with pink on the shoulders. They are irregular shaped, slightly flattened or cushioned as described in Europe, and…[more]
Super Sioux
This plant bears 4-8 oz, thick walled, blemish free fruit. Fruits have that old time tomato flavor – intense with a more tart and acidic taste. Great for canning. Plants have good yields on vigorous…[more]
A new release from England, it is purported to have the highest Brix (sugar) levels in a tomato – up to 13%. Sweet it is, but it also has a well balanced flavor to it. It has even beat Sungold in a…[more]
Sweet Beverley
This is a lovely, orange, plum shaped cherry with amazing sweet flavor. The fruit can sometime be lighter in color depending on weather. The plants are vigorous and very productive. These are lovely…[more]
Sweet Cream
New for 2022
Another great one from Brad Gates. Fruit are a creamy yellow with stripes that blush red when extra ripe. They average 1-3 oz and about 2-3” long. They have a very sweet and somewhat fruity flavor and…[more]
Sweet Ozark Orange
This is a brand new, not even available commercially, tomato from a fellow member of the tomato forum. It is a wonderful solid blunt heart tomato. That means it is similar in shape to a beefsteak but…[more]
Sweet Scarlet
Fruit are very nice sized, 6-16 oz, red and smooth with a wonderful flavor, intense and complex. Talk is that this might be the best flavor of all the dwarfs. Production is very good.[more]
A red,sweet,open pollinated cherry that sets many fruit in nice long clusters. Fruit range from ½ - 1 oz and ¾ - 1” in size. They are high in sugar (over 12% Brix) and firm in texture – somewhat…[more]
New for 2022
Another wonderful and stunning heart tomato from Karen Oliver. This one has a color combo of green & yellow & pink outside. The flesh is green and yellow with pink marbling. A little larger…[more]
Talavera Native
A rare beautiful pink, flattened and ribbed tomato with green shoulders. The plants are small, great for containers, but produce fairly large 8 oz fruit with delicious, sweet flavor with just a touch…[more]
Talbot Russian
A rare heirloom from Russia with dark pink, large, beefsteak fruit that weigh about 10-16 oz and are very meaty. Great for slicing and salsa. My seed source appears to be the only commercial source…[more]
Tarasenko 6
Excellent large red beefsteak with very good production. You will need to really support this one because of the weight of the fruit. They are large, 12-16 oz, and have a really great flavor - sweet,…[more]
An attractive compact determinate plant with 3-6oz golf ball sized red fruits. Production is very good with the fruit having a really nice flavor, rich and juicy. Would make a great container plant as…[more]
A great paste tomato with a high yield of 1-3 oz elongated red fruit of about 5-6” that are produced in bunches, hence the name. The strong plants produce a large yield of firm and not juicy fruit…[more]
A medium sized red elongated heart with a definite tip or nipple on the end. Usually grown in pairs, hence the name. Fruits are usually 4-8 oz and very meaty. Flavor is more acidic and tangy but…[more]
With a name like this, I knew I had to grow it. It kind of belongs in this area. It is not a very commonly grown heirloom so I really like being part of saving this one from extinction. The lovely…[more]
Out of Stock
Thessaloniki is a very nicely productive plant that is vigorous with lots of leaves that help to protect the fruit against sunscald. The fruit are red and can vary in size but most are perfect little…[more]
Another stunning tomato with unusual coloring. Outside it is a terra cotta color – kind of coppery – in itself very special – but the inside is also very eye catching. You’ve got orange/pink flesh and…[more]
Tiffen Mennonite
A wonderful old pink heirloom with exceptional flavor. Many say it rivals Brandywine and it has won many a tomato taste off. Wonderful for slicing and eating on sandwiches or just by themselves.…[more]
Large for a cherry tomato, averaging 2 oz or larger, they are a bright orangey red with golden orange stripes or zig zags making for a very striking appearance. It is fun to watch this one mature and…[more]
Tim's Black Ruffles
This is a new variety that is a very dark purple with a deeply pleated shape. It is very vigorous and productive of 8-10 oz fruits with a rich flavor. Very unusual and beautiful, it is growing rapidly…[more]
Tommy Toe
A glossy red cherry tomato of a little larger size and round to oval in shape. The flavor is old fashioned,  which is to say not very sweet. A favorite in Australia where it has won taste tests.…[more]
Treat from Kosovo
New for 2022
A great producer of smaller red tomatoes that are all purpose. They would be great for canning whole or even for making tomato juice. We really enjoyed them in salads. Nicely balanced flavor.[more]
Tropical Sunset
New for 2022
This might be my new favorite cherry tomato. I think I like it almost as much as Sungold! The fruit are simply gorgeous – almost translucent with an orangey/rose pink blush streaking all around. And…[more]
Trucker's Favorite
This is an old favorite popular with market and home gardeners for over 100 years! Pink fruit are 8-12oz, uniform and smooth skinned and rarely have issues with cracking. Strong plants produce good…[more]
A nice dark beefsteak tomato. Fruit are medium large, 6-14 oz, produced in clusters of 2 or 3. They are very interesting in coloration – a deep dark pinky purple with bronze/green/purple shading on…[more]
A rare tomato with only one commercial source, it bears pear shaped red fruit of 2-3 oz. Nice and firm with a strong, rich flavor, they are good for many uses, including roasting and drying. Would…[more]
Tsarskiy Podarok
This is a rare dwarf that comes from Russia. It is a vigorous grower of about 3-4 feet tall with heavy production. Fruit are medium to large, pink beefsteaks that are slightly ribbed. Beautiful and…[more]
Purplish black with green shoulders, this round fruit of 4-8 oz has a wonderful smoky intense flavor, not real sweet. Very productive even in heat with almost no defects. Lovely and productive. [more]
A very dependable red heart tomato with large fruit of 10-24 oz. Plants have great production. Fruit are meaty with very few seeds and have very good flavor.[more]
Lovely, dark purpley brown, plum shaped fruits with most having green shoulders. Fruits are generally blemish free, 3-4 inches long and about 6 oz on very productive plants. Plants have the same wispy…[more]
A cute little dwaf plant loaded with 1-3 oz golden cherries that have pointy ends. This one is very productive with much more flavor than most yellows, they definitely have a little zing. The plant…[more]
This is an extremely ornamental plant that would look good even growing in a flower garden. Leaves are a lovely fuzzy silvery gray similar to Dusty Miller. Red fruit are about 1” and have a nice…[more]
Vernissage, Black
New for 2022
A lovely little dark burgundy saladette tomato with green stripes and averaging around 2 oz. It is more of a savory than sweet tomato but not strongly acidic. The skin is thicker so nicely crack…[more]
Vernissage, Green
New for 2022
Pretty green striped fruit are golf ball sized and average around 2 oz. They are quite crack resistant and great for roasting or grilling. A good salad tomato or also great for roasting and sauce…[more]
This is a real workhorse of a tomato. It produces a LOT of tomatoes right up until the end after everything else has quit. The fruit are about 2 oz, bright red, and have a point on the end. The…[more]
Vintage Wine
This pretty tomato is pale pink with golden stripes. Medium sized fruit average 5-8 oz. They have good flavor and are quite productive.[more]
Lovely little fruit of purply red with almost iridescent green striping. Flesh is a purplely red and fruit are 1-3 oz, about golf ball size. Plants are very strong and production is very large. Flavor…[more]
A rare, large dark beefsteak from Belgium. Picture perfect – ruffled shoulders with the usually green coloring and almost always blemish free. They have a wonderful balanced flavor and are both juicy…[more]
Virginia Sweets
These large bi-colored beefsteaks are yellow with red stripes that merge into a blush on the bottom when ripe. Fruits are large, 10-18 oz with both yellow and a touch of pink flesh inside. They have…[more]
For all of you fans of Babylon 5, here is a great tomato. With the parents of Cherokee Purple and Pruden's Purple, you know this one is going to be good! Lovely clear skinned, deep purpley pink fruit…[more]
A new fine release from the Dwarf Tomato Project. It produces nice smooth red beefsteaks ranging from 6-12 oz with a yummy, well balanced flavor. The plants have quite high productivity so make sure…[more]
One of the oldest heirlooms, it produces very large, 1-2 lb, slightly ribbed, reddish pink fruit with that wonderful classic, rich and complex tomato flavor. Production is very good. No wonder people…[more]
These firm red cherries have a nice intense flavor with both tangy and sweet notes. The fruit rarely cracks and are nice and juicy. The plants are very vigorous and prolific.[more]
Weisnicht's Ukrainian
Here is yet another excellent pretty pink beefsteak. The fruit are nicely sized at 8-18 oz and are rather irregular in shape with some ribbing. These tomatoes are meaty with very few seeds, but they…[more]
A very nice red heart tomato, it produces meaty fruit averaging 8-12 oz but can produce up to 1 – 2 lbs. The flavor is outstanding, both sweet and rich. Makes for awesome slices of pure tomato flavor;…[more]
A cute little dwarf plant that works wonderfully in a hanging basket. Very prolific for such a tiny plant, it yields beautiful, slightly oval, pink cherries in clusters. This plant starts producing…[more]
An unusual white tomato both inside and out! When fully ripe, it will turn creamy - and may have a slight pink blush. Slightly flattened fruit are very smooth, about 8-12 oz (can grow larger), and…[more]
Known as the whitest and best tasting of the whites, it produces nice sized, 8-12 oz and up, beefsteak fruit with ribbed shoulders. Most of the other whites globes and beefsteaks are know for their…[more]
Creamy ivory fruit that ripens to a pale yellow (mostly on top) loaded with a very good, sweet tomatoey flavor. Not sweet fruity like Sungold, more full flavored, but still with sweetness. Plants are…[more]
Winsall aka Wins All
Excellent large, 12-24 oz, pink tomatoes that are smooth but irregular in shape and blemish free. The fruit are meaty and juicy with the wonderful old time flavor and the plants are vigorous and very…[more]
Another home and market garden favorite, WI 55 produces good yields of very good tasting and very good looking red fruit. It is disease resistant to blossom end rot, early blight and leaf spot. A good…[more]
Wisconsin 55 Gold
New for 2022
I have always been fond of WI 55 (as my customers know as I’m always suggesting it as a good one!) and now I’m really loving this sport of it. It has nice, big golden/orange fruit in the 6-12 oz size…[more]
Very vigorous plants produce lots of cute yellow pear shaped fruit with thin necks. Fruit are about 1 ½ “ long with a very mild and slightly sweet flavor. Children especially like it. Traditionally it…[more]
Zena's Gift
New for 2022
Wow, this is a very large tomato and super impressive looking. It’s a ribbed pink heart that starts producing super early for such large fruit - 12-16 oz but can get larger. The skin is thin and not…[more]
This one is a brand new release from the Dwarf Tomato Project with an unusual feature – chartreuse colored leaves! Very showy in the garden, it has nice meaty, pink beefsteaks of around 6-12 oz. The…[more]
A nice intense red paste that is excellent for growing in containers as it is very short in growth – almost a dwarf. Extremely productive of elongated 4” fruits that are meaty and excellent in flavor.…[more]

This page has the full list of available tomato varieties. Please click on a color, shape or specialty to narrow your search.

Tomato terminology:

Indeterminate (Ind.): An indeterminate is a plant that sets fruit and continues to grow and set fruit right up to the frost. A couple of weeks before frost you can top off the plant so it will concentrate on ripening the fruit instead of growing. You will get a lot of fruit from this type of plant, especially cherry tomatoes. Plants can get very tall and will need some form of support. Those little cages you get at stores are meant for determinates and will not handle a large indeterminate plant. Staking or making a cage of concrete reinforcing wire works great for support.

Determinate (Det.): A determinate is a plant that grows and sets fruit, matures that fruit and is done. A few determinates may set one more flush of fruit. The top of the plant ends in a fruiting cluster and does not continue to grow. They tend to be shorter plants 4-5’ and under and are good for growing in containers. Many canning tomatoes are determinates which is good for having a lot of fruit ripen at one time to process.

Days to Maturity: Please be aware that all Days to Maturity are possibilities not guarantees. They will always depend on weather and growing conditions. Cloudy, cooler or even hotter weather can all add to the length of time to produce fruit and ripen. Daytime temperatures above 85 or 90 degrees or nighttime temps below 50 or over 70 degrees can cause blossom drop which leads to lower production. Days to maturity are based on ideal conditions and observations of myself and seed suppliers.

Production: Many people think heirloom tomatoes have poor production. Some varieties do not produce a lot of fruit, but many people think their awesome flavor is worth it. Other varieties will surprise you with their production. Production depends on many things, especially growing conditions and of course, the weather.

Tomatoes come in many colors and sizes. Picking the “best" tomato depends on your intended use. Most gardeners are naturally looking for great fresh eating varieties, but don’t forget those good for salsa, roasting, making sauces and more. Many tomatoes have great reputations for flavor but remember, flavor is a personal thing, so you will really have to try the tomato and taste it for yourself. With hundreds to pick from, come enjoy the many flavors of heirloom tomatoes.