Abraham Lincoln aka Abe Lincoln

These classic plants produce quantities of 8-12 oz medium sized fruit with a good "tomatoey" flavor. The plants have strong vines with very good production and disease resistance. They produce late into the year. A popular time tested tomato.


To begin with there are two types of Abraham Lincoln tomatoes on the market today. The original was introduced in 1923 by the W. H. Buckbee seed company of Rockford, Illinois. After the company went out of business it was offered by RH Shumway of Randolf, Wisconsin. It became very popular for its color, taste, size and productivity. Shumway began a breeding program in the '50s to improve the varieties they sold, so even the "original" variety that we sell is probably a little different than the 1923 originals.

The other strain sold as Abraham Lincoln is offered by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and was selected in 1975. It is earlier maturing, different shape, with smaller fruit and the plant leaf is a little different color. It is not sure if these were developed from the original strain or something totally different..

Color: Red
Shape: Globe
Maturity: 85-95 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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