Banana Legs

A very unusual and striking paste tomato – bright yellow, about 1 ½ x 3 or 4 inches long that may have light stripes on it. Plants have fine, lacey leaves but are very vigorous and have excellent production. Fruits are very meaty with few seeds and start out tasting mild but get a more intense flavor later in season.


From Tatiana’s TOMATObase:

Bred by Tom Wagner, a private US plant breeder from Washington, USA. Tom Wagner did not disclose the parentage of this tomato. First offered commercially by CV Tater Mater in 1984 as a bunch of unnamed crosses called "Mixed Long Toms". One of the SSE members, Mark Reusser of Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Canada (ONT RE M), grew out Tom Wagner's Long Toms mixture and selected this tomato, which he named Banana Legs and first offered in the SSE 1988 Yearbook

Color: Yellow
Shape: Paste
Maturity: 70-80 Days
Plant Type: Determinate
Leaf Type: Regular
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