Bradley Pink aka Bradley

A workhorse of a tomato in my garden, it is an unassuming medium sized pink tomato but delivers big taste. It produces lots of 7-10 oz fruit on vigorous semi determinate plants that do not get real large. It does ripen a lot at the same time so is excellent for canning or freezing. But the flavor is so well balanced; they are also great for eating fresh. Fruit may have some green shoulders and handle the heat well.


Dr. Joe Mcferran of the University of Alabama released this tomato in 1961. He named it after his father not the Bradley County, Arkansas tomato festival that is still being held today.

1967 Burrell Seed Growers Catalog says about Bradley:
"A pink variety developed by the University of Arkansas combining resistance to Fusarium wilt and to radial cracking. It is a cross of Gulf state market and Pink Shipper; outyields both parents. Deep globe shape, high in slicing quality and mild flavor rivaling the old "Beefsteak" variety. Plants are compact, semi-determinate and give good fruit coverage. Best adapted for staked growing and used fresh market or home gardens."

Color: Pink
Shape: Globe
Maturity: 75-80 Days
Plant Type: Determinate
Leaf Type: Regular
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