Brandywine, True Black

Another Black Brandywine that is a potato leaf plant. It produces lovely dark beefsteaks with the usually green shoulders. Fruit average 10-16 oz. with the flavor being complex and rich with some sweetness. Production is really good.


This one is a bit controversial with an interesting story. Regular Black Brandywine is a plant that was discovered in a field of Brandywines which are pink in the 1990’s and thought to be a cross with Black Krim. It eventually stabilized to a regular leaf plant. This one was introduced later by William Woys Weaver, a food historian. He says he got the seeds from his Quaker grandfather who was friends with the creator of this one, a Dr. Harold Martin. This was supposedly created by him in the 1920’s by crossing a Brandywine with a “brown” Beefsteak tomato otherwise known as Fejee Improved. However, Fejee Improved, also known as Beefsteak, was listed in most seed catalogs of that time as a pink tomato. So we may never really know where this one came from. However, it is a good tasting tomato and it is fun to grow both of them and compare them.

Color: Dark
Shape: Beefsteak
Maturity: 80 D
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Potato
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