Dark Galaxy

Dark Galaxy has very unusual looking fruit.  They are smaller in size, usually 2-4 oz - more of a salad type size. They start out green with dark purple anthocyanin on top and streaking. As it ripens it becomes more of a rusty orange with the dark purple and gets cream speckles and flecks. It really does look like something from outer space!  Kids (and adults) really like the looks of this one. Flavor is tangy with some sweetness. Lots of production!  It's great in salads and works well for grilling and roasting, also.


Another unusual variety for Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms, Napa, California.  He has elevated the tomato to an art form. It was released in 2014 at F3 stage as appeared stable already at that stage.

Color: Bicolor
Shape: Saladette
Maturity: 70 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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