Granny Cantrell

Lovely pink heirloom with an excellent, well balanced flavor. It has won several well known Best of Taste awards, including Baker’s Creek. Slightly ribbed beefsteaks are large – 8 to 18 oz. The plants are very vigorous but wispy looking and put out a good production


From Tatiana’s TOMATObase:

A family heirloom. Gary Millwood of Louisville, Kentucky received the seed in 2000 from Lettie Cantrell of West Liberty, Kentucky, who obtained the seeds from a soldier returning from Germany during World War II. Lettie grew this tomato since the '40s; it was the only tomato she ever grew. Lettie always called it "her German Red Tomato". Lettie died in November 2005 at the age of 96. Gary Millwood shared the seeds with a number of gardeners through Garden Web and Tomatoville tomato forums, and he also sent seeds to Craig LeHouiller (NC LE C) and Merlyn Niedens, a master grower for several seed companies. Merlyn Niedens grew it in 2006 for Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (Baker Creek), who listed it in their 2007 seed catalog.

Seeds are available at SESE, who offers it as a pink tomato. Baker Creek offered it in 2007 and listed in red section. There have been a few discussions on the web about the fruit color of this tomato. All 4 listings in the 2007 SSE Yearbook list it as red. Craig LeHoullier believes that it is indeed a pink variety, and the confusion is mostly about tomato color naming terminology. Granny Cantrell has clear skin over a red interior, which should be designated as Pink. There are numerous mis-classifications of pink and red tomatoes in seed catalogs and the SSE yearbook.

Color: Pink
Shape: Beefsteak
Maturity: 80 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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