Green Zebra Cherry

A golf ball sized green cherry tomato with gold stripes. The fruit are round to slightly elongated. They turn more amber colored when ripe. It has a bright sweet flavor – not more tart like the Green Zebra. It is a strong producer.


This was found in box of mixed cherry tomatoes at a local store in Germany. They were traced back to the Netherlands but no further info was found out about it. Manfreda seed collector in Germany passed the seed on to others. Carolyln Male received some from Rheinhard Kraft of Germany and passed it on to others, including SSE. It was probably named Green Zebra Cherry because of it’s resemblance to Green Zebra but there is no relationship to the larger tomato.

Color: Green
Shape: Cherry
Maturity: Early/Mid
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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