Grungy in the Sky

A very hardy, disease resistant and crack resistant dark yellow saladette slicer. It is a very dependable producer on very healthy plants and quite tolerant of drought and heat and even rainy spells. They are nice and juicy with a sweet balanced flavor. 

The fruit are unique in that the flesh just under the skin is red when the weather has more heat. The rest of the flesh inside is yellow and is thick and meaty. The texture is great when ripe but not so good when overripe. Wonderful for juicing and salads or making into a nice yellow soup.


Named in honor of the late Valerie “Grungy” McMurry of Canada who was a tomato seed collector of note. She sent seeds to Tom Wagner, including some dark yellow crack resistant slicers.He bred them with his late blight resistant variety Skykomish. Tom sent F-2 seeds to Phil Seneca at Good Mind Seeds in PA who continued to work with it until coming up with this variety and released it in 2011.

Color: Yellow
Shape: Saladette
Maturity: Mid
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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