Lime Green Salad

Small green tomatoes of 3-5 oz are produced quite heavily on this very compact dwarf plant growing under 3’ tall. Fruit are somewhat olive green that develop an amber blush when ripe and are nice and juicy. Flesh is bright chartreuse green. Flavor is sweet but with a tangy, brisk taste.


From Tatiana’s TOMATObase:

Variety was bred by Tom Wagner and introduced by Tim Peters (CV Peters Seed) in the 1980s. Tom named it Green Elf. Tim Peters, who received seed from Tom Wagner and listed it in his Peters' Seed Research (PSR) back in the 1980's, had not realized that Tom already had a name for it, and named it "Lime Green Salad".

First offered in the Seed Savers 1995 Yearbook by Donald C. Kellums of Port Byron, Illinois (IL KE D) and Bill Minkey of Darien, Wisconsin (WI MI B), who got the seeds from Peters Seed and Research.

Color: Green
Shape: Globe
Maturity: 60-80 Days
Plant Type: Determinate
Leaf Type: Rugose
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