New Big Dwarf

A lovely dwarf plant with really pretty pink beefsteak fruit. You will get a good yield of medium to large sized fruit that are both a little bit flattened and ribbed. Most of them weigh 8-12 oz but can get larger and you will need to support the plant because of the weight of the fruit. The meaty fruit have a really nice complex flavor- both sweet and tangy. 


New Big Dwarf was introduced by S. M. Isbell Seed Company of Jackson, Michigan in 1910. Here is the cover of their 1920 catalog where it is introduced .Click here and here to view the 2 page description inside which reads:.




This Big Fruited but Dwarf or Erect growing variety is one of the most important advances made in recent years in the line of varieties especially adapted to Home Gardens. The original plant was discovered by us in a large field of Ponderosa.  Its vine would indicate a cross with Dwarf Champion, while the fruit is surprisingly similar to Ponderosa, although smoother.  Those who have attempted in the past to grow Ponderosa with its sprawling haBit of vine may now have the same exquisite quality of fruit on strong, erect vines requiring about ¼ the space of the old sort, and in addition the crop will be well borne up from the ground, thus insuring clean, sound, fine flavored specimens.  The foliage is coarse, heavy and of a healthy dark green color.

The main stem or stalk grows about 20 to 24 inches high and is very stiffly erect – so much so that the immense clusters of large fruits are well supported.

The fruits themselves are fully equal in size to those of Ponderosa, being by far the largest fruited dwarf growing sort in cultivation.  The color is same as Ponderosa, a rich crimson tinged with purple, making it surprisingly attractive when exposed for sale.

The inside “make-up” of the fruit is one of its crowning merits – extremely few seeds and these near the outer walls – texture of the flesh as solid as a mellow apple – color of a rich crimson.  We cannot imagine how it can possibly be improved upon in these respects. The flavor is unequaled, being entirely free from that metallic acid taste which is characteristic of some otherwise good sorts.  Inasmuch as both its parents are noted for their most exquisite quality, the New Big-Dwarf is a top notcher in this respect.

Isbell’s New Big-Dwarf   Is so distinct and so meritorious that we are proud to offer it to the Tomato lovers of America and the world.  We earnestly hope everyone who receives the catalog will include this grand new sort in their list of 1910.

Isbell’s New Big-Dwarf is a marvel for productiveness.  Although the plants are of true bush-like form, yet the joints are short and the large clusters (like those in the illustration on this sheet) are very numerous.  In season this new sort is several days earlier than Ponderosa, making it a medium early.  Last season it was among the first to show ripe fruit, and continued in bearing until killed by frost.  Price 10 cents per pkt. of 100 seeds.

Color: Pink
Shape: Beefsteak
Maturity: 75-80 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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