New Hampshire Pickling

A tomato originally developed for pickling which was quite popular in the 50’s. Pear shaped fruits have a nice thick wall and are about ½ oz and up to 2” long. Flavorful with almost a smoky essence. Great for canning, especially pickling but also good eaten fresh. I think they would make lovely dried tomatoes. Would be pretty when combined with Yellow Pear.


Back in the 50’s. pickled green tomatoes were quite popular and there were growers who specifically were growing for this purpose.

The University of New Hampshire (Albert Yeager and Elwyn Meader – 2 famous plant breeders) decided to develop a tomato that would mature on a determinate vine for earlier and more even harvesting so production costs would lower. They crossed the red pear with Fargo Yellow Pear from North Dakota and this was the final approved result.

Color: Red
Shape: Cherry
Maturity: 75-80 Days
Plant Type: Determinate
Leaf Type: Regular
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