Principe Borghese

The classic Italian heirloom that is famous as the tomato to use for sun drying. Italians pull the whole plant at the end of summer and hang to dry in their backyards. Most of us now just use dehydrators. Because they dry so quickly, I have even heard of people filling cookie sheets with them and drying them in the back window of their car!

Small fruit are red, elongated and very dry with little juice or seeds – perfect for drying. Flavor is intense. Some people love them fresh, others not so much. Plants are not real large, but keep on producing tons of the little jewels. They also make wonderful sauces. If you do want to pull the plants in the fall, fruit actually keep quite well for a while.


Italian heirloom in use since 1910.

Color: Red
Shape: Cherry, Paste
Maturity: 75-80 Days
Plant Type: Determinate
Leaf Type: Regular
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