Raspberry Mochi

Another name that grabbed my attention plus it was created by a friend of mine – Sold! This is a very lovely raspberry-purple small globe or large salad tomato. Great for salads, roasting and drying. The flesh is quite thick and it has a smooth texture with very good tasting gel – which is where a lot of flavor is concentrated in many tomatoes. So pretty with really yummy flavor – not super sweet but with a well balanced flavor.


This is a creation of my friend, Ellie of Bunny Hop Seeds. She was trying to create something that would grow well in her disease prevalent Florida. She crossed a disease resistant BHN 669 F1 to Black from Tula. This is one of the segregates. It handles heat and humidity well and also grows wonderful way up here in MI.

Color: Dark
Shape: Globe
Maturity: 75 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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