Sara's Galapagos

Small, deep red, slightly elongated tomatoes have that addictive rich flavor like currants have. They are sweet but with just the right amount of acidity for great flavor. Many people say the fruit rarely make it into the house because they eat them right in the garden. Carolyn M says it is the only currant she would grow.

The plants are bushy and sprawling and will definitely need staking. They are loaded with fruit and will produce right up until frost. They seem to have some natural resistance to diseases. The foliage looks like both regular leaf and potato leaf. If you grow this one you will have to be careful when saving seed because the flowers have exerted stigmas and can easily cross with other tomatoes.


A fruit growing wild on the Galapagos Islands was brought back by Amy Goldman when visiting their with her daughter. Carolyn Male had asked her to bring her some S. cheesmanii. When she saw red fruit, she contacted Dr. Chatelet at the TGRC and asked what species it might be and was informed that it was was a stable interspecies cross and not a true currant tomato. However it looks and tastes like a currant tomato. Carolyn planted seeds directly from the fruit and had them almost all germinate right away and was able to then save seeds for this variety.

Color: Red
Shape: Cherry
Maturity: 70 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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