Serendipiy Striped

Oh my, this is a beautiful tomato! Many bi-colors are mostly yellow with just a touch of blush but this one seems to blush all over. And the insides are just as pretty with the red swirls in that lovely yellow – making for really nice slices. The fruit are very nice sized – many around 8-12 oz but I also got some over a lb. The flavor is very nice – sweet and fruity and they don’t have a lot of seeds but are definitely juicy. I think they’d make a nice tomato juice but I just want to eat them.


From Tatiana’s TOMATObase:

  • Introduced by Gary Ibsen, the owner of TomatoFest , a result of crossed pink heirloom beefsteak.
  • Gary says that the seed was sent to him "from a seed company that had sourced seeds from USDA." He expected to see a pink beefsteak but got a large striped bi-color beefsteak, which he liked very much for its yields and performance in his 2 trials, as well as juiciness and tropical fruity flavors.
  • Not related to Serendipity tomato that was developed by Millard Murdock of East Flat Rock, North Carolina.
Color: Bicolor
Shape: Beefsteak
Maturity: 80-85 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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