Sirja's Love

A unique tomato with very compact growing habit that will grow well in hanging baskets. The fruit are a deep yellow round cherry with a great sweet flavor. They have a nice texture, neither mushy or crunchy.


The history is also unique. My seed source said the following:

“Sirja's Love” is a new name for an old variety that apparently never had a name. I received the seeds from a dear friend overseas, and this is her history and description:
“There will be no chance to know the original name, perhaps it has had none. A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend – I don't know him and I don't know how he got to know of my passion – had discovered 4 tasty tomatoes somewhere in a small village in Romania and had saved a few seeds and I got them on a piece of paper in 2013 with very vague descriptions, started them first last year. Only one survived late blight, not a single ripe fruit from the others.
I only knew that this tomato had been grown in a window box and was yellow, so I put it in a hanging basket (the usual dia I use is about 25 cm or 9 inches). It was an early producer of delicious yellow cherries and when my eldest granddaughter was with me, she picked everything ripe and was very disappointed when there was nothing ripe left. As no name was given, I decided to name it after her, Sirja. She loved these cherries more than any other tomato, therefore “Sirja's Love”.

Color: Yellow
Shape: Cherry
Maturity: 70-75 Ddays
Plant Type: Determinate
Leaf Type: Regular
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