Sweet Ozark Orange

This is a brand new, not even available commercially, tomato from a fellow member of the tomato forum. It is a wonderful solid blunt heart tomato. That means it is similar in shape to a beefsteak but with a bit of a point on the blossom end. They are a lovely bright orange in color and nice and meaty with very few seeds.

The fruit can be eaten yellow when they will be more tart in taste, or fully ripe when orange and then they will be very sweet. Reviews from fellow forum members are very positive. The fruit ripen nice and uniform with no green shoulders. 

The plants are very vigorous and have enough leaf coverage to prevent sunscald. The production is very good and they ripen quite early for a heart. This one is definitely a winner.


From the breeder - "This is the F5, now stable, generation of my intentional cross in 2009 of Dr. Wyche's Yellow x German Red Strawberry. That cross caused genes to combine in various random ways, resulting in various strains from the F2 generation on that were much different from each other. Reds, pinks (but just one orange), hearts, beefsteaks, flat tomatoes, some ribbed, some smooth, some with good flavor, some just mediocre, some with wispy foliage, some with thick foliage - there was a LOT of variation. The constants, though, were that all strains from this cross produced large, indeterminate, mid-to-late ripening tomatoes - which is as it should be because those are traits common to both of the parent varieties. Through several growing seasons I selected for qualities I wanted and finally pursued just ONE strain from this cross, which I believe is now stable."

Color: Orange
Shape: Beefsteak
Maturity: 78 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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