Tarasenko 6

Excellent large red beefsteak with very good production. You will need to really support this one because of the weight of the fruit. They are large, 12-16 oz, and have a really great flavor - sweet, rich and complex. A favorite on the tomato forum and rather rare.


From Tatiana’s TOMATObase:

  • An old Ukrainian variety, developed by the Soviet tomato breeder Fedor Tarasenko, who specialized in breeding large-fruited and productive tomato varieties.
  • Although the original Russian name translates as 'Hybrid Tarasenko 6', this is an open pollinated variety. Fedor Tarasenko called his varieties 'hybrid' simply because he made crosses using two parents. These crosses were F1 hybrids, but he stabilized them before sharing seeds with other gardeners.
  • First offered in the Seed Savers 2006 Yearbook by Andrey Baranovski of Minsk, Belarus.
Color: Red
Shape: Beefsteak
Maturity: 75 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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