Tommy Toe

A glossy red cherry tomato of a little larger size and round to oval in shape. The flavor is old fashioned,  which is to say not very sweet. A favorite in Australia where it has won taste tests. The fruit are about 1/2 - 1” in size and have plenty of juice. Great for salad or juicing. 

The plants are vigorous and are unfazed by heat and humidity, so they produce a lot of cherries. It is said to be naturally resistant to early blight and black rot.


In the Southern Appalachian Mountain areas you can hear gardeners talk about their tommy toes. This refers to small tomatoes that grow naturally outside of their garden areas. Many families keep and continue to grow their favorites. They haven’t been bred for sweetness like most modern cherries and most are quite disease resistant and continue to bear fruit when other larger ones have quit.

Color: Red
Shape: Cherry
Maturity: 70-75 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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