Tropical Sunset

This might be my new favorite cherry tomato. I think I like it almost as much as Sungold! The fruit are simply gorgeous – almost translucent with an orangey/rose pink blush streaking all around. And when you slice them they have all that lovely color marbling going on inside, too. They are about ping pong ball sized – maybe 1.5”- a large cherry tomato. Flavor is scrumptious – sweet and fruity but still some acidity for a balance. Nice tender skin but didn’t have much of a cracking issue and have an excellent shelf life- holding well off the vine for a long time. Plants are very healthy.


Tropical Sunset is an open pollinated tomato in the Cream of the Crop Tomatoes series which is a joint project between A.P. Whaley Seed Company and Frogsleap Farm. Their goal is to develop new lines of tomatoes with superior fruit quality, X-tended Shelf Life (XSL), and multiple-disease resistance. They also concentrate on Flavor First. We will be adding what open pollinated varieties they come up with as a lot of their varieties will be hybrids. 

Color: Bicolor
Shape: Cherry
Maturity: 65 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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