Violet Jasper AKA Tzi Bi U

Lovely little fruit of purply red with almost iridescent green striping. Flesh is a purplely red and fruit are 1-3 oz, about golf ball size. Plants are very strong and production is very large. Flavor is not what it is known for; beauty is. Flavor is best when it is fully ripe. Some people really like it, others don’t. You will have to try it for yourself. Rarely cracks because the skin is a little tougher. I’m thinking it would make a lovely roasted tomato bruschetta or sauce.


From Tatiana’s TOMATObase:

Chinese origin. First offered at Seed Savers 2009 Yearbook by Hristo Hristov of Bulgaria (BULG HR H) as Tzi Bi U.

Color: Bicolor
Shape: Saladette
Maturity: 75 Days
Plant Type: Indeterminate
Leaf Type: Regular
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