This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Now this is a special unusual treat. Tiny little ivory colored fruit, almost transluscent, that when ripe have golden shoulders that are full of unique flavor. Sweet yet earthy and fruity, they burst…[more]
Cream Sausage
This is an extremely productive, compact plant suitable for growing in containers. The growth is very vigorous and the yield so large it will need staking. Pale yellow fruit are about 2 oz and 2x6…[more]
Fantome du Laos
New for 2022
This one starts out white and ripens to a very pale cream color. I think it’s the whitest I’ve seen. The flavor is mild and sweet. These sweeter tomatoes tend to be regarded as low acid (which…[more]
Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom is a pale yellow tomato with a complex, yet sweet and citrusy flavor and a smooth, meaty texture. It produces a moderate yield of 8-16 oz beefsteak tomatoes.[more]
Rose Beauty
This is a pretty pale yellow/cream tomato that may or may not blush pink on the blossom end. The Rose in the name comes from the family that grew it- not the color. Fruit are nice and large,…[more]
Snezhno Belyi
New for 2022
This is one of the whitest “white” tomatoes I’ve grown. Even when ripe they are more of a cream color than the usual pale yellow. They range in size from 4-14 oz. Plants are strong and have a good…[more]
A pretty little white/pale yellow cherry with an excellent sweet fruity flavor and about 1” in diameter. Some people like the flavor of the fruit at both the white and the pale yellow (riper) stage.…[more]
An unusual white tomato both inside and out! When fully ripe, it will turn creamy - and may have a slight pink blush. Slightly flattened fruit are very smooth, about 8-12 oz (can grow larger), and…[more]
Known as the whitest and best tasting of the whites, it produces nice sized, 8-12 oz and up, beefsteak fruit with ribbed shoulders. Most of the other whites globes and beefsteaks are know for their…[more]
Creamy ivory fruit that ripens to a pale yellow (mostly on top) loaded with a very good, sweet tomatoey flavor. Not sweet fruity like Sungold, more full flavored, but still with sweetness. Plants are…[more]


White tomatoes are actually more of a ivory color that matures to a cream or light yellow. Their fruit tend to be mild in flavor with a very low acid taste and feel in the mouth.

Many of the varieties are almost bland in flavor and also mature very late for our MI growing season. I have chosen these varieties to grow because they actually have flavor that is pleasurable.