This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Alice's Dream
New for 2022
A stunning tomato with medium sized gorgeous fruit. Yellows, oranges and reds all come together with a lovely anthocyanin blush. Plus, it’s a bi-color with streaks of color inside. Simply gorgeous!…[more]
This is a lovely striped cherry tomato with gold stripes over the red background. Size ranges from a marble to a ping pong ball. The plant is a compact semi determinate, so it won’t take up too much…[more]
This very attractive bi-color tomato is a green, yellow and purple mix with a flesh that is bright green with deep red streaks. Slices are stunning. It has excellent flavor that is very highly rated,…[more]
New for 2022
A very pretty, chocolate, larger sized cherry tomato with green stripes. Unusual for a cherry tomato, it has potato leaves. Flavor is that wonderful rich taste that dark tomatoes have but in a cherry…[more]
Beauty King
A stunning bi colored striped tomato. Yellow and red stripes are very attractive and the flesh may have both colors. Temperature affects the ratio of yellow to red; cooler temperatures bring out the…[more]
Beauty Queen
This is a smaller version of Beauty King with small to medium fruit that are visually stunning and have good flavor. [more]
Wow! This tomato has extremely striking green fruit with yellow and red stripes. Fruits have the usual green when ripe creamy green flesh inside with streaks of various shades of red and yellow. Each…[more]
This one has a lot of flavor, assertive and very good. Fruit are dark brownish red with green stripes and come in hearts of variable shapes. They average 4-8 oz and are very meaty with little juice.…[more]
The fruit are yellow with pink/red marbling, both inside and out - very good looking when sliced. These hefty beauties weigh in at about 18-24 oz with a mild, sweet, and fruity flavor. Fruit is rather…[more]
Beautiful, golden yellow, 2” elongated ovals with a definite point on the end that develop pink streaks and blush when ripe. Gorgeous! Flavor is sweet and fruity with heavy production on vigorous…[more]
Part of the Artisan Bumblebee series, it is a treat for the eyes. Coloration is golden yellow with red stripes and swirls on the outside and pink marbling in the inside. Flavor is also a real treat…[more]
This is a newer tomato that is very striking! A deep burnished orange red with bright green stripes. The inside has pink and rose shades with olive gel that makes lovely slices. It is a vigorous plant…[more]
Copper Beauty
New for 2022
A beautiful elongated grape tomato that is red with green stripes. It has a nice dark red interior when sliced. Flavor is great – rich but sweet. I found it even good before it was totally ripe! Very…[more]
Copper River
This attractive tomato is deep-red in color with tinges of pink and green. Fruit are 1 lb and up in weight. Slices are very beautiful with multi colored flesh. Not just good to look at, this tomato is…[more]
I love the name of this stunning new release from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farm. They really do look like little galaxy orbs. Very unique 2-3 oz fruits start off green with dark green stripes and…[more]
Creamsicle Grape
New for 2022
This is a fun new variety - a lovely elongated large grape tomato that is a light orange in color. There are subtle stripes when unripe that fade as it ripens. Very pretty when cut – almost a…[more]
Dark Galaxy
New for 2022
Dark Galaxy has very unusual looking fruit.  They are smaller in size, usually 2-4 oz - more of a salad type size. They start out green with dark purple anthocyanin on top and streaking. As it…[more]
A stunning purpley red, slightly ribbed, beefsteak tomato with green striping. Deep maroon flesh with green gel make for very pretty slices. The fruit have excellent flavor and are nice and juicy.…[more]
Gold Medal
These yellow tomatoes are heavily marbled with red, both inside and out. They make beautiful slices and have a very good sweet flavor. The fruit have small seed cavities and solid flesh. Large vines…[more]
This green when ripe bicolor tomato has green round fruits with dark green/yellow stripes and green flesh. It is very productive of 2-5 oz fruit and is know for its very good tangy flavor. The small,…[more]
Wow, these berries are beautiful. One of the newly released, open pollinated tomatoes containing high levels of anthocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in blueberries, and reported to…[more]
The newest release of the high anthocyanin tomatoes is similar in coloration to Blue Berries with just a little brighter red like a cherry. Fruits that receive the most sun will have the deepest…[more]
Indigo Gold Berries
New for 2022
Another winner from Brad Gates. Beautiful cherry tomatoes that start out purple and turn yellow as they ripen with a pretty purple anthocyanin blush. Sweet and creamy fruit with plenty of production.…[more]
Isis Candy
Lovely little golden yellow fruit that may have red marbling and a rosy starburst on the blossom end. Flavor is really sweet and fruity. Children tend to love this one. Plants are vigorous and very…[more]
New for 2022
Another incredibly beautiful tomato from Fred Hemple!  Jazz is just stunning.  A deep rose in color with yellow and red streaks - each fruit is picture perfect. They range in size from…[more]
Karma Apricot
New for 2022
A wonderful larger sized cherry with gorgeous coloring. Fruits have pink, peach and yellow all together – so pretty. And to top it off, those colors are also inside! It’s like having a mini bi-color…[more]
Lange Ærmer
This beautiful striped green tomato is a rare find. Fruits are elongated and slim with thick flesh and few seeds. They are firm and have a sweet, spicy flavor similar to other GWR tomatoes. They will…[more]
Here is another great tomato from Brad Gates. It is rated very high for flavor and production. Fruit are a pinky brown with metallic green stripes in a flattened beefsteak form. They average around…[more]
Lucky Cross
This red/yellow bicolor has 8-16 oz fruit with excellent flavor. The plant is tall and productive with fruit that will produce late into the season. They can be picked early at the end of the season…[more]
Marzano Fire
New for 2022
This is a beautiful red paste tomato with yellow stripes and streaks. The flavor is great for eating and cooking. It is very meaty, makes a really nice tomato sauce and is awesome roasted and grilled.…[more]
Midnight Sun
New for 2022
An absolutely wonderful tomato! Perfect heart shapes that blush rose pink when ripe. But when you cut into them, the magic increases. You get meaty slices with gorgeous colors swirled though out,…[more]
New for 2022
A stunning bi-color with outstanding sweet and rich flavor. It has nice sized fruit averaging 6-12 oz and you may get some a little larger. Very nice production![more]
Orange Russian 117
A very pretty bi color heart tomato that is golden yellow/orange with pink marbling. Plants give a good yield of about 8 oz, up to a pound, meaty fruit that are stunning when sliced. Flavor is…[more]
This is a very pretty paste tomato. The fruits are red with bright golden stripes and are medium sized, sausage shaped - some with a point at the end. Plants are quite productive with large clusters…[more]
Medium to large (12-16 oz or occasionally up to 24oz.) yellow-gold-pink bi-color fruits are found in abundance on large vines. Staking or cages recommended. The fruits have very good sweet flavor,…[more]
Pineapple Fog
New for 2022
I confess I ordered it because I love the name but it turns out to be a very pretty little bi-color - lovely yellow blushed with lots of pink and red. As it ripens the blush keeps on spreading. Lovely…[more]
Yet another winner from Brad Gates, this is a crazy colorful tomato with incredible flavor. So much flavor that in Farmer’s Market tests, 10 out of 10 people preferred this one to Cherokee Purple!…[more]
This stunning tomato is purple black in color with green/grey metallic stripes. Fruits are 3-4 oz. and blemish free. With an excellent strong flavor more acidic than sweet, it also has great…[more]
Pink Grapefruit
New for 2022
Another cute, smaller bi-color with fruit averaging 4-8 oz. It has very tender skin which is nice for eating but you will need to pick before heavy rain to prevent cracking. It will ripen fine inside…[more]
One of the new tomatoes everyone is talking about. Elongated 2” plum shaped fruit are uncommonly beautiful. They are part of the new Artisan Seeds Tiger series. Pink Tiger is a dusky pink with…[more]
One of the new tomato releases from Artisan Seeds, it is extremely eye catching. They take your bowl of mixed color cherries to the next level. The fruit are slightly elongated and a dusky purple…[more]
This is a very unusual tomato that I have been growing for a couple of years and really like. Fruit are red or yellow or orange or any combination including marbled. Real fun to look at and fun to…[more]
Rainbow Jazz Heart
New for 2022
This is a super pretty heart tomato that has more of a beefsteak shape. It is yellow with pink marbling and yellow stripes and has that lovely bi-color marbling going on inside. Slices are just plain…[more]
Russian Queen
Yellow striped red fruits of golf ball size are as good tasting as they look. The vines are large, fast growing, require staking and are very productive. Get this variety if you want lots of tomatoes.…[more]
Russian Swirl
Another of the new dwarf tomatoes release by the Dwarf Tomato Project, this one is a smooth yellow with lovely red streaks and swirls. Fruit range from 6-12 oz and have excellent yields. Flavor is…[more]
Serendipiy Striped
New for 2022
Oh my, this is a beautiful tomato! Many bi-colors are mostly yellow with just a touch of blush but this one seems to blush all over. And the insides are just as pretty with the red swirls in that…[more]
A Brad Gates variety, he says it is a work horse at his Wild Boar Farm. Stunningly beautiful with bright gold stripes on red tomatoes, they definitely catch your attention. Incredibly productive, the…[more]
An elongated paste tomato that is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Fruit are red with iridescent, irregular orange stripes running down the whole length. They are known for their sweet…[more]
Summer of Love
New for 2022
This is a re-selected Berkeley Tie Dye. It has extremely striking, green fruit with yellow & red stripes. Fruit have creamy green flesh inside with streaks of various shades of red and yellow.…[more]
Sweet Cream
New for 2022
Another great one from Brad Gates. Fruit are a creamy yellow with stripes that blush red when extra ripe. They average 1-3 oz and about 2-3” long. They have a very sweet and somewhat fruity flavor and…[more]
New for 2022
Another wonderful and stunning heart tomato from Karen Oliver. This one has a color combo of green & yellow & pink outside. The flesh is green and yellow with pink marbling. A little larger…[more]
Another stunning tomato with unusual coloring. Outside it is a terra cotta color – kind of coppery – in itself very special – but the inside is also very eye catching. You’ve got orange/pink flesh and…[more]
Large for a cherry tomato, averaging 2 oz or larger, they are a bright orangey red with golden orange stripes or zig zags making for a very striking appearance. It is fun to watch this one mature and…[more]
Tropical Sunset
New for 2022
This might be my new favorite cherry tomato. I think I like it almost as much as Sungold! The fruit are simply gorgeous – almost translucent with an orangey/rose pink blush streaking all around. And…[more]
Vernissage, Green
New for 2022
Pretty green striped fruit are golf ball sized and average around 2 oz. They are quite crack resistant and great for roasting or grilling. A good salad tomato or also great for roasting and sauce…[more]
Vintage Wine
This pretty tomato is pale pink with golden stripes. Medium sized fruit average 5-8 oz. They have good flavor and are quite productive.[more]
Lovely little fruit of purply red with almost iridescent green striping. Flesh is a purplely red and fruit are 1-3 oz, about golf ball size. Plants are very strong and production is very large. Flavor…[more]
Virginia Sweets
These large bi-colored beefsteaks are yellow with red stripes that merge into a blush on the bottom when ripe. Fruits are large, 10-18 oz with both yellow and a touch of pink flesh inside. They have…[more]


Bi-Colors add a bit of visual excitement to the usual red tomatoes. Most, but not all, of the yellow with red’s tend to have a more sweet mild flavor and feel less acidic in the mouth.

This category of tomatoes seems to respond to weather conditions more than any other. This can result in wonderful flavor one year and almost no flavor another.

This selection of bi-colors have been chosen because they have more flavor than most. Some of them are down right beautiful.

I have included the striped varieties with this category. Bi-colors have coloring streaks usually on both the skin and inside in the flesh. Striped have the striping only on the outside skin.