This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Black and Brown Boar
One of Brad Gates early creations from Wild Boar Farms. It is a very vigorous plant that produces a lot of 3-4” round dark brownish red tomatoes with metallic green stripes. Visually very stunning.…[more]
Beautiful little 2” plum shaped tomatoes that are a dark mahogany brown with greenish shoulders. Flavor is both sweet and tangy. Nice. Very good production. Makes a wonderful sauce with its deep color…[more]
The Russian name is Chyornyi Prins which translates to Black Prince. It’s a small to medium sized tomato from 3-6 oz. Shape is mostly round but may produce some oval ones. It is a rich mahogany brown…[more]
Black Zebra
This is a beautiful 3-4 oz purpley dark tomato with metallic green stripes. Lovely in a salad with Green Zebra. Some people love the flavor and some don’t. You’ll have to try it to decide for…[more]
Beautiful, golden yellow, 2” elongated ovals with a definite point on the end that develop pink streaks and blush when ripe. Gorgeous! Flavor is sweet and fruity with heavy production on vigorous…[more]
Bulgarian Triumph
Compact indeterminate vines are filled with 2-3oz perfectly round, red fruit that grow in clusters. They look like supermarket fruit, but definitely don’t taste like them! They have a burst of…[more]
This is a de-hybridized version of the original hybrid. It looks the same and has that same great flavor. Meaty, yet juicy – it is great in salads. It also can be canned whole. Most fruit are about 2”…[more]
This is a fun new variety - a lovely elongated large grape tomato that is a light orange in color. There are subtle stripes when unripe that fade as it ripens. Very pretty when cut – almost a…[more]
Dark Galaxy has very unusual looking fruit.  They are smaller in size, usually 2-4 oz - more of a salad type size. They start out green with dark purple anthocyanin on top and streaking. As it…[more]
Golden Gates
A very unique yellow 2-4 oz paste tomato with stripes that are not commonly seen. They go from green to yellow with green stripes and as it ripens the flesh turns orange and the stripes turn gold.…[more]
Grungy in the Sky
A very hardy, disease resistant and crack resistant dark yellow saladette slicer. It is a very dependable producer on very healthy plants and quite tolerant of drought and heat and even rainy spells.…[more]
Unusual dark, pear shaped tomato with brick red, brownish fruit and green shoulders that can be somewhat streaked. Very striking. Great rich flavor and blemish free, it has very good production of 4-6…[more]
Krymskaya Roza
This is a fast grower that produces dark pink, pear shaped fruit. The fruit is fleshy, about 3-4 oz in size and has a very good sweet flavor.[more]
Mini Orange
A nice bright orange large cherry averaging 2 oz and about 1 ½”. Great in salads! Also makes nice dried tomatoes. The fruit are blemish free and the plant is very productive. This is not a super sweet…[more]
Not really a cherry but more of a plum shaped tomato, it has a very sweet rich flavor and is excellent in salads, fresh eating and caprese.It has green shoulders which fade to orange when ripening.…[more]
Pink Ping Pong
The shape and size of a ping pong ball, fruit are a lovely rose pink. Flavor is mild and sweet but not super sweet. Children really enjoy this one. Plants are large and vigorous and bear lots of fruit…[more]
Pink Tiger
One of the new tomatoes everyone is talking about. Elongated 2” plum shaped fruit are uncommonly beautiful. They are part of the new Artisan Seeds Tiger series. Pink Tiger is a dusky pink with…[more]
My grandma lived in Florida and I associate pink flamingos with her because she had them in her bathroom and we would go see them at the typical tourist attractions back in the 60’s. So, in her…[more]
Large red cherry tomatoes up to 2 inches have exceptional flavor for being so early. Plants are not too large and produce an abundant supply of fruit continuing right up to frost.[more]
A new release from Artisan seeds, Fred says it is a small fruited, rust colored tomato with green to golden stripes. The interior is purple and green! It is suitable only for home garden…[more]
Another great one from Brad Gates. Fruit are a creamy yellow with stripes that blush red when extra ripe. They average 1-3 oz and about 2-3” long. They have a very sweet and somewhat fruity flavor and…[more]
Large for a cherry tomato, averaging 2 oz or larger, they are a bright orangey red with golden orange stripes or zig zags making for a very striking appearance. It is fun to watch this one mature and…[more]
A rare tomato with only one commercial source, it bears pear shaped red fruit of 2-3 oz. Nice and firm with a strong, rich flavor, they are good for many uses, including roasting and drying. Would…[more]
Vernissage, Black
A lovely little dark burgundy saladette tomato with green stripes and averaging around 2 oz. It is more of a savory than sweet tomato but not strongly acidic. The skin is thicker so nicely crack…[more]
Vernissage, Green
Pretty green striped fruit are golf ball sized and average around 2 oz. They are quite crack resistant and great for roasting or grilling. A good salad tomato or also great for roasting and sauce…[more]
Lovely little fruit of purply red with almost iridescent green striping. Flesh is a purplely red and fruit are 1-3 oz, about golf ball size. Plants are very strong and production is very large. Flavor…[more]


Saladette is a category for tomatoes that fit in between cherries and globes. It is usually too large to just pop in your mouth. Shapes may vary and include both grape and round types. They are excellent for slicing into salads, hence the name.