This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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An old heirloom with great flavor. Very large dark pink beefsteaks usually around a pound but can get up to 2. Fruits can be somewhat ribbed on top and have tender skin so may show some cracking or…[more]
Amish Salad
Very vigorous plant that bears lots of pretty pink oval shaped fruit. They are usually just under an oz and grow in clusters of 6. Flavor is mild but sweet. Plants have lots of leaves so provides good…[more]
This is a really lovely pink heart tomato with fruit that could be called a blunt heart. It may also produce some oxheart shaped. They are kind of ribbed on top and really large. Fruit can grow to be…[more]
Anna Maria's Heart
A pink heart of medium to large size - 8-16 oz - with a really good flavor. The flavor is even better when fully ripe. It may develop yellow shoulders if exposed to too much sun. Good production.[more]
Anna Russian
This is the first oxheart tomato I grew. It won my “heart” and I fell in love with this category. Beautiful rosy pink fruit with characteristic heavy heart shape. Fruit may have some green…[more]
Arctic Rose
Nice smooth round fruit of about 3-8 oz. ripen a lovely pink. Flavor is nicely balanced, both sweet and tangy. Plants are determinate and are one of the shorter of the Dwarf Project varieties, growing…[more]
a coupleThis tomato was bred in Arkansas and it handles heat and humidity well. The fruit are medium sized, 6-8 oz, perfect little pink globes with good production. They rarely show any defects and…[more]
Wonderful old heirloom beefsteak tomato with large, 8-16 oz fruit that are dark pink in color. Flavor is excellent, sweet and rich. Many compare it favorably to Brandywine. Fruit are smooth with very…[more]
Bear Claw
Really good large pink tomato with lots of flavor. They are usually about a pound but can get up to 1 ½ lbs. The texture is very meaty with a wonderful sweet flavor. Production is very good.[more]
This is a very nice large dark pink beefsteak with size ranging from 6-14 oz. The fruit are slightly ribbed and very pretty. Flavor is excellent – very sweet and well balanced. The yield is great –…[more]
Biyskaya Roza
This is a beautiful rose pink, large beefsteak with a wonderful sweet flavor. Fruit are large – 10-18 oz, very meaty and it’s very early for its size. The name translates from Russian to – A Rose from…[more]
A workhorse of a tomato in my garden, it is an unassuming medium sized pink tomato but delivers big taste. It produces lots of 7-10 oz fruit on vigorous semi determinate plants that do not get real…[more]
This is the other famous Brandywine with awesome flavor. It is considered by many to be the best tasting pink tomato with a complex , rich sweet flavor and smooth texture. Fruits are large, 1-2 lbs,…[more]
Wonderful large pink beefsteak with fruits of 12-16 oz. The flavor is great with many comparing it favorably to Brandywine. It is juicy, sweet but not too sweet and very meaty. One of my favorites.…[more]
I love this tomato with wonderful flavor in a large pink, round beefsteak. It is very productive and the fruits are beautiful with rarely any cracks. They are usually close to a lb and can get even…[more]
Excellent flavored, large (8-16 oz) pink beefsteaks as flavorful as Brandywine, Sudduth but with better production. Plants have good disease and heat tolerance. [more]
Very nice, large, smooth skinned, pink beefsteak with a really good flavor that has won several taste testing awards. It can get up to 1 ½ lbs but is usually just under a lb. Sturdy plants have good…[more]
With parents of Brandywine and Cherokee Purple, you know this one is going to taste great! The flavor is sweet with an almost slight smoky aftertaste. Nice large beefsteaks ranging from 8-12 oz. They…[more]
Dr. Neal
A pretty rose pink tomato that has very vigorous vines and is a good producer. It bears large, 12 – 16 oz beefsteaks with very good flavor – well balanced. Do you notice a pattern here? Many of the…[more]
Dragon's Eye
A pretty little rose pink round tomato with green stripes that turn gold when ripe. They do sort of look like an eye! Fruit are deep red inside and nice and meaty. They hold well on the vine and off.…[more]
One of my favorite tomatoes. Large heart shaped pink fruit with very good flavor and texture. Fruit usually are 8-16 oz. Very meaty but juicy so perfect for fresh eating. They also dried very nicely.…[more]
Another rare old Michigan tomato we are proud to carry. This 4-6 oz., pink, perfectly round, smooth and blemish free tomato is versatile. Great for fresh eating or processing. Flavorful, juicy, yet…[more]
Fast setting even for an early variety, it has the flavor of a late season tomato. Pink fruit are 4-6 oz with a sweet flavor and meaty texture. Early Wonder is one of the better tasting early…[more]
She’s a beauty - with smooth, round, blemish free, dark pink globes. One of the most visually perfect tomatoes you will ever grow. Flavor is wonderful, very sweet and full balanced. Flesh is bright…[more]
Ferris Wheel
A century old tomato with wonderful flavor, it is slightly sweet but mostly just that full flavor that tomatoes used to have. It produces pink, slightly flattened beefsteaks of a very large size. Most…[more]
Fish Lake Oxheart
Large pink oxheart that is highly recommended in the tomato forums and by Dr. Carolyn Male. 12-16 oz in weight and very meaty with few seeds. Flavor and production are excellent. [more]
A really nice heirloom with a great story. Fruit are very large pink beefsteaks that are slightly fluted and somewhat flattened in shape. They are meaty with a nice smooth texture and range from 8-16…[more]
A really good sweet cherry tomato with 1” pink fruit that is thin skinned but surprisingly crack resistant. The sweetness is nicely balanced with a great fruitiness. For best flavor, don’t over…[more]
Very nice pink beefsteak tomato. The fruit are usually over a lb. with many reaching 2 lbs. and more! It's amazing how productive this plant is with such large fruit. Flavor is rich but sweet and…[more]
One of the sweetest and largest deep pink tomatoes. It is so sweet that some people make wine from it! Fruits are very meaty with few seeds and very low acid in flavor. The bottoms are very smooth and…[more]
Glessener is a rare and really nice pink beefsteak. The flavor was great with a nice balance of sweet and acid. The plant is potato leaved which I like as it gives a nice leaf protection from sunscald…[more]
This is a very nice pink beefsteak that has potato leaves – and you know how I like those! Fruit are nice sized – averaging 8-16 oz and a lovely pink color – red inside. They are nice and meaty and…[more]
A lovely pinky red tomato with that beautiful and classic Italian look. Pear shaped – heavy on the bottom with lots of pleats and ruffles. Slices are gorgeous!  Fruit are large, usually almost…[more]
Granny Cantrell
Lovely pink heirloom with an excellent, well balanced flavor. It has won several well known Best of Taste awards, including Baker’s Creek. Slightly ribbed beefsteaks are large – 8 to 18 oz. The plants…[more]
Gregori's Altai
This is a very nice early tomato from Siberia. Very good production of 3-4” and 8-12 oz, reddish pink beefsteak fruit. They have a nice full flavor and are rather sweet. Both size and this good of a…[more]
A very early pretty pink tomato good for slicing. Much larger than most early tomatoes, it averages 3-5” and can weigh up to a pound. Very vigorous semi-determinate plants give great reliable yields.…[more]
This is a newly released old family heirloom grown since the Civil War. Wonderfully early, these large pink hearts have a great flavor. Fruits are large, up to 20 oz in size and grow on very vigorous…[more]
Large, 10-18 oz, pink heart shaped tomato known for its excellent flavor. Very meaty, yet still juicy, it has a complex, intense flavor that is still sweet. VERY GOOD. Plants are large and vigorous…[more]
Krymskaya Roza
This is a fast grower that produces dark pink, pear shaped fruit. The fruit is fleshy, about 3-4 oz in size and has a very good sweet flavor.[more]
This is wonderful large pink beefsteak with great flavor. They are ruffled and extremely gorgeous! Fruit average around 16 oz each and are usually crack free and perfect looking. Production is…[more]
A historic tomato from 1958 that has long pink fruit about 3-4 oz in size. They are very meaty with excellent flavor and have good production.[more]
A wonderful old heirloom with excellent flavor that has been around for a very long time – 90 years! The large, rosy pink fruit can be irregular in shape, having both heart and beefsteak shapes. They…[more]
Liz Burt
One of the newer created varieties that is becoming very popular. It is a pink, slightly elongated, rounded beefsteak with a meaty texture. The flavor is really good, as it was created from 2…[more]
Marianna’s Peace
A tomato with a fascinating history and really good flavor that has won taste awards. It is a darker pink, smooth beefsteak with rarely any defects that is a nice size of 10-16 oz and larger. The…[more]
Another large pink beefsteak that tastes good. This one is supposed to rival Brandywine in flavor but be more productive. The tomatoes are a nice 12-24 oz in size and are both meaty and juicy. Very…[more]
A wonderful dark pink tomato that has everything you want in an heirloom. It has a wonderful complex flavor with nicely balanced acids and sweets in a large fruit size that averages between 1-2…[more]
A wonderful pink beefsteak that is very productive and has excellent flavor. My seed source for this one says it is in his top 10 for flavor and probably his most productive. 8-16 oz fruit, both meaty…[more]
One of the most famous and popular heirloom tomatoes, it was developed in the 1930’s. Another excellent large reddish pink beefsteak, it is known for its flavor and large size – 1 -2 lbs. Fruits are…[more]
Mrs. Houseworth
A nice smaller heart shaped pink tomato of varying sizes. Some are 3-4”, some smaller. Fruit are nice and meaty with very few seeds and have excellent flavor. The shoulders do have some coloring-…[more]
Dark pink large beefsteaks with green shoulders that have really good flavor. Fruit are approximately 1 lb or more and 3-4” in size. This is a very reliable producer that just keeps chugging them out.…[more]
This variety is one of the reasons I love heirlooms. Large, meaty, heart and globe shaped pink tomatoes that are great fresh or when used for canning or salsa. Fruit are 1-2 lbs or larger with deep…[more]
Napa Rose
A lovely deep pink cherry from wonder man Brad Gates. The flavor is very rich and sweet at the same time. Fruit hang in nice clusters which can be cut for a nice presentation. Has good production and…[more]
A lovely dwarf plant with really pretty pink beefsteak fruit. You will get a good yield of medium to large sized fruit that are both a little bit flattened and ribbed. Most of them weigh 8-12 oz but…[more]
Omar’s Lebanese
One of my favorites. Nice, large fruits of 1 – 1½ lb, slightly flattened pink beefsteaks that can be 6” across! Flavor is nice and complex and sweet at the same time. Production is good to very good…[more]
Pertsevidnyi Rozovyi
Here is the pink, sausage shaped, paste tomato to go with the gold and striped ones. Nice and meaty with a smooth texture, fruit average about 3-5 oz and have a good flavor. They are resistant to…[more]
This variety is much talked about in the tomato forums and is not commonly found. Very strong plants produce a LOT of beautiful pink heart shaped fruit that range from 8-16 oz and up. Naturally,…[more]
A brand new dwarf release that is very special. It has lovely pink heart shaped fruit of medium size, about 4-8 oz. The flavor is excellent with a delightful sweet balanced flavor. The texture is…[more]
Pink Ping Pong
The shape and size of a ping pong ball, fruit are a lovely rose pink. Flavor is mild and sweet but not super sweet. Children really enjoy this one. Plants are large and vigorous and bear lots of fruit…[more]
Pink Tiger
One of the new tomatoes everyone is talking about. Elongated 2” plum shaped fruit are uncommonly beautiful. They are part of the new Artisan Seeds Tiger series. Pink Tiger is a dusky pink with…[more]
Pruden's Purple
A lovely purple pink, large beefsteak tomato with red flesh and excellent flavor. Some compare it to Brandywine and it does win taste tests with it’s flavor and smooth texture. The skin is smooth and…[more]
Purple Dog Creek
A large pink beefsteak with great flavor and an interesting history.  The smooth shouldered fruit range from 12 oz up to 2 lbs. It has a wonderful flavor that is becoming a favorite of many and…[more]
This is a very unusual tomato that I have been growing for a couple of years and really like. Fruit are red or yellow or orange or any combination including marbled. Real fun to look at and fun to…[more]
A dark pink plum shaped cherry tomato that is juicy and sweet. Production is good on very vigorous plants. Pretty early to mature and keeps on going even in the heat.[more]
Rebecca Allen
A really nice pink beefsteak that starts producing nice and early. The flavor is really great with a very good balanced full flavor. Nice meaty fruit average around 8 oz. This is a great slicing…[more]
Rebel Yell
A very nice deep pink beefsteak usually around 6-12 oz. The fruits are thin skinned and juicy with an excellent rich, well balanced flavor. Great production – I really like this one! The parents are…[more]
Redfield Beauty
A very old, classic heirloom from the 1800’s that is pale pink in color. The smooth but flattened globes range from 6-12 oz and 3-4” in size. They grow in clusters of 3-5 on vigorous plants that have…[more]
A beautiful pink grape tomato, yes, you read that right. Rosy pink with tiny, little speckles of white, they are gorgeous and produced on long trusses so you get lots of them. Plants are vigorous and…[more]
An Amish variety well known for its wonderful flavor. A large, 10-20 oz, deep pink beefsteak that grows on very vigorous vines with very good yields.[more]
Rose de Berne
A lovely deep pink heirloom from Europe that is often called the “Brandywine of Europe” and a favorite there. Fruit are medium, 4-8 oz, very pretty and blemish free. The skin is thin but rarely cracks…[more]
This is a lovely little cherry tomato making machine.  Fruit are a rosy pink with a nice sweet flavor. Kids really like this one - and so do I!  Lots and lots of tomatoes. A Multiflora is a…[more]
This is a newly developed unusual cherry tomato with a smoky dark pink skin and equally dark flesh. The fruity flavor is intense, both sharp and sweet at the same time. ½ “ and ½ oz fruit with thin…[more]
A very nice dwarf tomato that produces medium to large fruit averaging 4-13 oz. The fruit have nice red flesh with a well balanced delicious sweet flavor. The plants have usual dwarf characteristic…[more]
Royal Hillbilly
A lovely deep pink tomato with a purple tinge and a flavor that Darrel Merrel called exquisite. It has a great blend of sweets and acids with a nice burst of flavor. Plants are nice and vigorous and…[more]
My grandma lived in Florida and I associate pink flamingos with her because she had them in her bathroom and we would go see them at the typical tourist attractions back in the 60’s. So, in her…[more]
Russian 117
A red heart shaped tomato with an excellent rich flavor. Fruit are large 12-16 oz with many fruit produced in doubles so reaching over 1 lb. Some fruit can be slightly ruffled and are very solid but…[more]
Sekai Ichi
My daughter is learning Japanese and so we have a fondness for Japanese varieties. Before doing any research I asked her what it meant and she said World #1. So we decided it was worth a try! It…[more]
The first heirloom tomato I grew more than 20 years ago and it is still one of my favorites. A large, 10-16 oz. pink beefsteak that has very tender skin which means it will crack when it rains, so…[more]
Stump of the World
This one becomes a favorite of everyone who tries it. One of the many tomatoes part of Ben Quisenberrry’s collection. (He was the collector who gave us Brandywine.) Large, 12-24 oz, pink irregularly…[more]
A rare beautiful pink, flattened and ribbed tomato with green shoulders. The plants are small, great for containers, but produce fairly large 8 oz fruit with delicious, sweet flavor with just a touch…[more]
Talbot Russian
A rare heirloom from Russia with dark pink, large, beefsteak fruit that weigh about 10-16 oz and are very meaty. Great for slicing and salsa. My seed source appears to be the only commercial source…[more]
With a name like this, I knew I had to grow it. It kind of belongs in this area. It is not a very commonly grown heirloom so I really like being part of saving this one from extinction. The lovely…[more]
Tiffen Mennonite
A wonderful old pink heirloom with exceptional flavor. Many say it rivals Brandywine and it has won many a tomato taste off. Wonderful for slicing and eating on sandwiches or just by themselves.…[more]
Trucker's Favorite
This is an old favorite popular with market and home gardeners for over 100 years! Pink fruit are 8-12oz, uniform and smooth skinned and rarely have issues with cracking. Strong plants produce good…[more]
Tsarskiy Podarok
This is a rare dwarf that comes from Russia. It is a vigorous grower of about 3-4 feet tall with heavy production. Fruit are medium to large, pink beefsteaks that are slightly ribbed. Beautiful and…[more]
One of the oldest heirlooms, it produces very large, 1-2 lb, slightly ribbed, reddish pink fruit with that wonderful classic, rich and complex tomato flavor. Production is very good. No wonder people…[more]
Weisnicht's Ukrainian
Here is yet another excellent pretty pink beefsteak. The fruit are nicely sized at 8-18 oz and are rather irregular in shape with some ribbing. These tomatoes are meaty with very few seeds, but they…[more]
A cute little dwarf plant that works wonderfully in a hanging basket. Very prolific for such a tiny plant, it yields beautiful, slightly oval, pink cherries in clusters. This plant starts producing…[more]
Winsall aka Wins All
Excellent large, 12-24 oz, pink tomatoes that are smooth but irregular in shape and blemish free. The fruit are meaty and juicy with the wonderful old time flavor and the plants are vigorous and very…[more]
Zena's Gift
Wow, this is a very large tomato and super impressive looking. It’s a ribbed pink heart that starts producing super early for such large fruit - 12-16 oz but can get larger. The skin is thin and not…[more]
This one is a brand new release from the Dwarf Tomato Project with an unusual feature – chartreuse colored leaves! Very showy in the garden, it has nice meaty, pink beefsteaks of around 6-12 oz. The…[more]


Pink and Purple Tomatoes are some of the most popular tomatoes. Many old heirloom varieties are pink or purple and have been grown for many years for good reason. Flavor. Pink tomatoes tend to be on the sweeter side with a full balanced tomato flavor. They just don’t tend to taste as acidic as red tomatoes.

Why Purple in the name when it’s Pink? Because back in the 1800’s, people called pink tomatoes purple. Pink tomatoes have a clear epidermis where red tomatoes have a yellow epidermis. Scientifically, that’s the only difference. Don’t be limited to red in your choice of tomatoes. Add color and flavor to your food.