This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Amish Mayberry
Lovely red cherry that also produces some grape shaped fruit. Plants are rather compact – under 4 feet but are not a determinate. It does produce all through the summer – lots and lots of fruit. They…[more]
Amish Salad
Very vigorous plant that bears lots of pretty pink oval shaped fruit. They are usually just under an oz and grow in clusters of 6. Flavor is mild but sweet. Plants have lots of leaves so provides good…[more]
This is a lovely striped cherry tomato with gold stripes over the red background. Size ranges from a marble to a ping pong ball. The plant is a compact semi determinate, so it won’t take up too much…[more]
Amy's Apricot
Growing in popularity due to its flavor, this tomato is a lovely golden apricot in color. Plants are vigorous and tall bearing lots of ¾" fruit. Its flavor is usually compared to Sungold – fruity but…[more]
New for 2022
A very pretty, chocolate, larger sized cherry tomato with green stripes. Unusual for a cherry tomato, it has potato leaves. Flavor is that wonderful rich taste that dark tomatoes have but in a cherry…[more]
This is a multiflora tomato which means it produces HUGE clusters of flowers that can be seen from a long ways away – visually stunning. Not all the flowers will produce tomatoes but many will so you…[more]
Beam’s Yellow Pear
This one has the classic little pear shape with a little more flavor. The plants are vigorous and very productive of bright yellow, up to 1 ½”, pear shaped fruit .When Seed Savers Exchange did a taste…[more]
A rare, very old German heirloom with excellent, sweet flavor. Red fruit grow in clusters of 8-12 and average ¾ inch in diameter on very vigorous plants that will need staking. [more]
One of the most highly rated cherries for flavor. Beautiful 1” and larger, purply, mahogany brown fruit have a complex, rich, sweet flavor similar to the large black tomatoes. Plants are very vigorous…[more]
A cute little tomato and cute name. It translates to Little Blonde Girl. Children love this one with it’s golden yellow, smaller sized fruit ( ½ - 1”) and sweet, fruity flavor. Plants are very…[more]
Beautiful, golden yellow, 2” elongated ovals with a definite point on the end that develop pink streaks and blush when ripe. Gorgeous! Flavor is sweet and fruity with heavy production on vigorous…[more]
Brin de Muget
This translates to Lily of the Valley. I had to grow this one since I love the flower! Very nice, elongated red cherry tomato that is slightly pointed at the end. Excellent flavor – very sweet and…[more]
Part of the Artisan Bumblebee series, it is a treat for the eyes. Coloration is golden yellow with red stripes and swirls on the outside and pink marbling in the inside. Flavor is also a real treat…[more]
California Sunshine
New for 2022
This is a newer golden cherry with a sweet and tangy flavor that has great production. Makes a great sun-dried tomato.[more]
Classic tomato flavor in a little 1”, 1 oz package. Fairly early, it has excellent production on vigorous vines. A favorite of many, including me.[more]
Carbon Copy
A wonderful dark cherry tomato that is accurately named. It is definitely a copy of Carbon with fruit size ranging from cherry to a little larger. Same wonderful flavor, very intense for a cherry.The…[more]
I really like this one. Huge production of grape tomatoes with loads of flavor that is both sweet and spicy. Fruit hold well, on the vine and off. Makes great dried tomatoes. An uncommon variety I am…[more]
My favorite cherry tomato. Deep red with chocolatey brown shading, it has a sweet and rich flavor. Fruit are about 1 inch in size and produced abundantly in trusses of 6-8. They have tender skins so…[more]
Chocolate Pear
New for 2022
A fun cherry tomato that is pear shaped like Yellow Pear but in a fun color package. Fruit are red with overlays of green and brown swirls. Yummy flavor – rich like other darks but also tart and…[more]
Copper Beauty
New for 2022
A beautiful elongated grape tomato that is red with green stripes. It has a nice dark red interior when sliced. Flavor is great – rich but sweet. I found it even good before it was totally ripe! Very…[more]
I love the name of this stunning new release from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farm. They really do look like little galaxy orbs. Very unique 2-3 oz fruits start off green with dark green stripes and…[more]
Now this is a special unusual treat. Tiny little ivory colored fruit, almost transluscent, that when ripe have golden shoulders that are full of unique flavor. Sweet yet earthy and fruity, they burst…[more]
New for 2022
A curiously different dark cherry with incredible rich and sweet flavor. It’s almost a combo of Black Cherry and Sungold! Incredibly productive. I really, really like this one.[more]
Dr. Carolyn
A lovely cherry that changes color from green to ivory white to pale yellow when ripe. Fruit under leaf cover will be paler in color. Small fruit of 1 oz have a well balanced sweet and tangy…[more]
New for 2022
A very nice larger green cherry with great sweet flavor similar to Aunt Ruby’s German Green cherry tomato but with even more depth. The fruit ripen to a lighter shade of yellowish green and some have…[more]
Fruit Punch
New for 2022
A really good sweet cherry tomato with 1” pink fruit that is thin skinned but surprisingly crack resistant. The sweetness is nicely balanced with a great fruitiness. For best flavor, don’t over…[more]
A yellow cherry with tons of flavor. 1” fruit, about the size of a quarter have sweetness but with a real depth of flavor. Very prolific. It does well in hot or cool summers and keeps very well at…[more]
An older commercial favorite of many gardeners for years. Nice red ¾ - 1 ½ “ globes are pretty crack resistant and born on abundant trusses with 6-12 fruit each. Plants are very vigorous and loaded…[more]
New for 2022
A beautiful dark bronze red cherry tomato with incredibly good flavor and awesome production. It has the trifecta of what we look for in a tomato. It has nice big trusses of these lovelies and they…[more]
Gold Nugget
A gold colored cherry tomato that is early to mature. It has very compact plants reaching only 2-3 feet and is very suitable for container gardening. Fruit have the typical mild flavor of yellows and…[more]
A clear skin makes these appear to be frosted. They start out a rather translucent green and develop a yellow blush when ripe. Oval fruit, 3/4x1 ½” are produced abundantly on vigorous vines. They are…[more]
Green Grape
Lovely little green cherry tomato with quite the flavor reputation. Flavor, when ripe, is sweet but spicy and zingy, very unique. Fruit are green and develop a yellow blush when ripe and are in…[more]
Green Zebra Cherry
A golf ball sized green cherry tomato with gold stripes. The fruit are round to slightly elongated. They turn more amber colored when ripe. It has a bright sweet flavor – not more tart like the Green…[more]
I love how Gayla Trail, of You Grow Girl blog, describes this tomato because I had thought the same thing: “First there is the name, which gives me a chuckle every time I say it as it sounds like…[more]
A new open pollinated cherry tomato developed from Sun Sugar. Yellow fruit have very good, juicy, sweet and fruity flavor. They also have pretty good crack resistance. Good production on the usual…[more]
Wow, these berries are beautiful. One of the newly released, open pollinated tomatoes containing high levels of anthocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in blueberries, and reported to…[more]
The newest release of the high anthocyanin tomatoes is similar in coloration to Blue Berries with just a little brighter red like a cherry. Fruits that receive the most sun will have the deepest…[more]
Indigo Gold Berries
New for 2022
Another winner from Brad Gates. Beautiful cherry tomatoes that start out purple and turn yellow as they ripen with a pretty purple anthocyanin blush. Sweet and creamy fruit with plenty of production.…[more]
Isis Candy
Lovely little golden yellow fruit that may have red marbling and a rosy starburst on the blossom end. Flavor is really sweet and fruity. Children tend to love this one. Plants are vigorous and very…[more]
Iva's Red Berry
New for 2022
A very nice red cherry with incredible flavor! The fruit vary in size (none very large) - grow in nice long clusters. With Sungold and Supersweet 100 for parents, you know it has good flavor – intense…[more]
Karma Apricot
New for 2022
A wonderful larger sized cherry with gorgeous coloring. Fruits have pink, peach and yellow all together – so pretty. And to top it off, those colors are also inside! It’s like having a mini bi-color…[more]
Large Red Cherry
Yes, it is just what the name says – a large red cherry. Fruit are almost 2” in size with a wonderful old time flavor. I really like these. Very productive and just keep on producing lots of fruit…[more]
Yellow fruit a little over 1” in size have a unique flavor that is sweet and fruity – almost lemony. Plants are compact in size, 4-5 feet and very productive with clusters of 6-10. Produces well even…[more]
Winner of 2014 SSE Tomato Tasting and a favorite of many. Tiny, little ½ inch deep red fruit with an intense, sweet and very rich flavor. Extreme production on very tall, rangy plants with disease…[more]
Another “wild” tomato with a burst of sweet, intense flavor. Fruit are small, red and extremely prolific. Plants grow very tall and lanky. Produces well up to frost and has disease resistance.…[more]
Mini Orange
New for 2022
A nice bright orange large cherry averaging 2 oz and about 1 ½”. Great in salads! Also makes nice dried tomatoes. The fruit are blemish free and the plant is very productive. This is not a super sweet…[more]
A very productive dark red cherry of about 1 ½ inches with a distinct point on the end. Nice rich, intense flavor. Great in salads and I’m thinking it would make a lovely roasted tomato sauce.[more]
Napa Rose
New for 2022
A lovely deep pink cherry from wonder man Brad Gates. The flavor is very rich and sweet at the same time. Fruit hang in nice clusters which can be cut for a nice presentation. Has good production and…[more]
Negro Azteca
A lovely, little, round, purpley black cherry that has great flavor and an appearance very similar to Black Cherry. It has plump fruit that average about 1 oz and are produced in huge clusters on…[more]
A tomato originally developed for pickling which was quite popular in the 50’s. Pear shaped fruits have a nice thick wall and are about ½ oz and up to 2” long. Flavorful with almost a smoky essence.…[more]
Orange Caprese
New for 2022
Not really a cherry but more of a plum shaped tomato, it has a very sweet rich flavor and is excellent in salads, fresh eating and caprese.It has green shoulders which fade to orange when ripening.…[more]
An all around great cherry tomato that is very productive, flavorful, fairly early and rarely cracks. Very large, vigorous vines produce tons of red to red orange fruit about ¾-1”. Trusses usually…[more]
This is a very prolific cherry tomato that produces LOTS of small red fruit on large trusses. The flavor is sweet and very good. Fruit holds well.[more]
Pink Ping Pong
The shape and size of a ping pong ball, fruit are a lovely rose pink. Flavor is mild and sweet but not super sweet. Children really enjoy this one. Plants are large and vigorous and bear lots of fruit…[more]
One of the new tomatoes everyone is talking about. Elongated 2” plum shaped fruit are uncommonly beautiful. They are part of the new Artisan Seeds Tiger series. Pink Tiger is a dusky pink with…[more]
A cute tiny micro-dwarf with bright orange fruit that only grows about 10 inches tall. It will grow just fine in small pots and even inside in the winter – with light, of course. It handles heat just…[more]
Principe Borghese
The classic Italian heirloom that is famous as the tomato to use for sun drying. Italians pull the whole plant at the end of summer and hang to dry in their backyards. Most of us now just use…[more]
One of the new tomato releases from Artisan Seeds, it is extremely eye catching. They take your bowl of mixed color cherries to the next level. The fruit are slightly elongated and a dusky purple…[more]
New for 2022
I was looking for a nice red pear tomato to go with Yellow and Chocolate Pear varieties and found this rare one. Super prolific with very large flower and fruit trusses. Fruit are mostly pear shaped…[more]
This is a very unusual tomato that I have been growing for a couple of years and really like. Fruit are red or yellow or orange or any combination including marbled. Real fun to look at and fun to…[more]
A dark pink plum shaped cherry tomato that is juicy and sweet. Production is good on very vigorous plants. Pretty early to mature and keeps on going even in the heat.[more]
Red Alert
This one wins the prize for early! Small, 1” or less, red fruit grow on Very Small plants – under 2’. It will easily grow in a container, even a small one. Flavor is more tart and intense. It is quite…[more]
Pretty little red, grape shaped fruits with an unusual matte finish. Fruit are sweet with plenty of flavor. Tastes great fresh but I also use them for drying as there is not much juice. Plants are…[more]
Red Pear
Cute, pear shaped, crack resistant cherries that are red, not yellow. This one doesn’t taste like Yellow Pear, either. It has a big taste for such a little tomato, full of zing and old fashioned…[more]
Remy Rouge
This is a really cute little plant that produces clusters of small red cherries on a small plant. It is great for growing in a container. Very productive! The fruit are very good and sweet – almost as…[more]
A wonderful old heirloom that has incredible yields of tasty little globes with points on the ends. Productive is an understatement, as the plant produces hundreds of flowers that turn into large…[more]
A beautiful pink grape tomato, yes, you read that right. Rosy pink with tiny, little speckles of white, they are gorgeous and produced on long trusses so you get lots of them. Plants are vigorous and…[more]
This is a lovely little cherry tomato making machine.  Fruit are a rosy pink with a nice sweet flavor. Kids really like this one - and so do I!  Lots and lots of tomatoes. A Multiflora is a…[more]
This is a newly developed unusual cherry tomato with a smoky dark pink skin and equally dark flesh. The fruity flavor is intense, both sharp and sweet at the same time. ½ “ and ½ oz fruit with thin…[more]
Sara's Galapagos
Small, deep red, slightly elongated tomatoes have that addictive rich flavor like currants have. They are sweet but with just the right amount of acidity for great flavor. Many people say the fruit…[more]
A unique tomato with very compact growing habit that will grow well in hanging baskets. The fruit are a deep yellow round cherry with a great sweet flavor. They have a nice texture, neither mushy or…[more]
Large red cherry tomatoes up to 2 inches have exceptional flavor for being so early. Plants are not too large and produce an abundant supply of fruit continuing right up to frost.[more]
A pretty little white/pale yellow cherry with an excellent sweet fruity flavor and about 1” in diameter. Some people like the flavor of the fruit at both the white and the pale yellow (riper) stage.…[more]
The little tomato with a big reputation, it is always on the top of most “my favorite tomato” lists. I don’t grow too many hybrids, but this is one I grow every year. And as they are rarely found in…[more]
A new release from England, it is purported to have the highest Brix (sugar) levels in a tomato – up to 13%. Sweet it is, but it also has a well balanced flavor to it. It has even beat Sungold in a…[more]
Sweet Beverley
This is a lovely, orange, plum shaped cherry with amazing sweet flavor. The fruit can sometime be lighter in color depending on weather. The plants are vigorous and very productive. These are lovely…[more]
A red,sweet,open pollinated cherry that sets many fruit in nice long clusters. Fruit range from ½ - 1 oz and ¾ - 1” in size. They are high in sugar (over 12% Brix) and firm in texture – somewhat…[more]
Large for a cherry tomato, averaging 2 oz or larger, they are a bright orangey red with golden orange stripes or zig zags making for a very striking appearance. It is fun to watch this one mature and…[more]
Tommy Toe
A glossy red cherry tomato of a little larger size and round to oval in shape. The flavor is old fashioned,  which is to say not very sweet. A favorite in Australia where it has won taste tests.…[more]
Tropical Sunset
New for 2022
This might be my new favorite cherry tomato. I think I like it almost as much as Sungold! The fruit are simply gorgeous – almost translucent with an orangey/rose pink blush streaking all around. And…[more]
A cute little dwaf plant loaded with 1-3 oz golden cherries that have pointy ends. This one is very productive with much more flavor than most yellows, they definitely have a little zing. The plant…[more]
This is an extremely ornamental plant that would look good even growing in a flower garden. Leaves are a lovely fuzzy silvery gray similar to Dusty Miller. Red fruit are about 1” and have a nice…[more]
These firm red cherries have a nice intense flavor with both tangy and sweet notes. The fruit rarely cracks and are nice and juicy. The plants are very vigorous and prolific.[more]
A cute little dwarf plant that works wonderfully in a hanging basket. Very prolific for such a tiny plant, it yields beautiful, slightly oval, pink cherries in clusters. This plant starts producing…[more]
Creamy ivory fruit that ripens to a pale yellow (mostly on top) loaded with a very good, sweet tomatoey flavor. Not sweet fruity like Sungold, more full flavored, but still with sweetness. Plants are…[more]
Very vigorous plants produce lots of cute yellow pear shaped fruit with thin necks. Fruit are about 1 ½ “ long with a very mild and slightly sweet flavor. Children especially like it. Traditionally it…[more]


Cherry tomatoes are the rainbow of tomatoes - Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, White and Striped They come in almost every color imaginable or combination. We also carry the new Blue Tomatoes, beautiful and good for you.

Fun to grow and fun to eat, children are drawn to their bright colors and cute little round shape. They are a great way to get children to eat their veggies and interest them in gardening. Of course, that applies to adults, also. A ripe cherry tomato eaten right in the garden is a special treat we all look forward to and many people will plant them right by their back door for easy access.

Most cherry tomato plants are indeterminate, can get quite large and will require staking to help bear the weight of all those tomatoes. Flavors of cherry tomatoes range from sweet to tart to complex – a whole world of flavors await.

A pure summer joy is having a bowl filled with a colorful and flavorful assortment of cherry tomatoes to snack on.