This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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A yellowish green beefsteak that occasionally has pink stripes or blush. It contains few seeds and has a sweet but slightly spicy flavor. The nice meaty flesh inside is also chartreuse green with a…[more]
Cherokee Green
Considered by many to be the best of the Green When Ripes, Cherokee Green bears irregular shaped green beefsteaks. Flesh inside is also green. They will develop an amber blush starting at blossom end…[more]
A very nice larger green cherry with great sweet flavor similar to Aunt Ruby’s German Green cherry tomato but with even more depth. The fruit ripen to a lighter shade of yellowish green and some have…[more]
A firm, bright green, 8 oz beefsteak, it develops an amber blush when ripe. Flesh is a bright green inside with a smooth texture. Some people even like the flavor before it is ripe and it makes…[more]
A unique version of Green Zebra that is earlier with a larger size and a little more irregular in shape. Still has green flesh and stripes but the flavor is not as tangy. The stripes will turn…[more]
Green Dr's Frosted
A clear skin makes these appear to be frosted. They start out a rather translucent green and develop a yellow blush when ripe. Oval fruit, 3/4x1 ½” are produced abundantly on vigorous vines. They are…[more]
Lovely little green cherry tomato with quite the flavor reputation. Flavor, when ripe, is sweet but spicy and zingy, very unique. Fruit are green and develop a yellow blush when ripe and are in…[more]
Green Zebra Cherry
A golf ball sized green cherry tomato with gold stripes. The fruit are round to slightly elongated. They turn more amber colored when ripe. It has a bright sweet flavor – not more tart like the Green…[more]
A green when ripe tomato, some may develop a pink blush on the bottom when ripe, but it will help to lightly squeeze to see if it gives to be sure it is ripe. Flesh is a bright green. Fruit are…[more]
Lange Ærmer
This beautiful striped green tomato is a rare find. Fruits are elongated and slim with thick flesh and few seeds. They are firm and have a sweet, spicy flavor similar to other GWR tomatoes. They will…[more]
Lime Green Salad
Small green tomatoes of 3-5 oz are produced quite heavily on this very compact dwarf plant growing under 3’ tall. Fruit are somewhat olive green that develop an amber blush when ripe and are nice and…[more]
A Russian GWR (Green when Ripe) variety which is uncommon in Russia as they are not popular. The light to olive green fruit are nice sized, 6-20 oz, and turn light yellow on the bottom when ripening.…[more]
Summertime Green
A little larger smooth green fruit of 6-12 oz or more are produced on this variety that grows about 4 feet tall. Flavor is nicely balanced and more sweet and fruity than the other 2 green dwarfs.…[more]
Vernissage, Green
Pretty green striped fruit are golf ball sized and average around 2 oz. They are quite crack resistant and great for roasting or grilling. A good salad tomato or also great for roasting and sauce…[more]


Green When Ripes or GWR tomatoes are a very interesting category. They look like they are never going to ripen and it can be difficult to tell when they are ripe.

One way to tell is to watch for an amber or pink blush to develop, starting on the blossom end or bottom. Another good way is to give them a gentle squeeze. They will feel less firm with a little give to them.

Flavor tends to be sweet and slightly spicy and is a favorite of many. This category is growing rapidly in popularity.