This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Amy's Apricot
Growing in popularity due to its flavor, this tomato is a lovely golden apricot in color. Plants are vigorous and tall bearing lots of ¾" fruit. Its flavor is usually compared to Sungold – fruity but…[more]
Anna Banana Russian
New for 2022
A nice smaller sized, yellow heart tomato that can range in size from 6-12 oz. Some of the fruit, depending on weather, can have a lovely pink blush inside – so pretty. It starts producing nice and…[more]
New for 2022
This is a really pretty golden heart shaped tomato that can be up to a pound in size. It has the usual wispy leaves that heart’s have. Great production and really nice sweet flavor. The texture is…[more]
Azoychka is a vibrant yellow tomato with a tangy citrus flavor and meaty flesh. It is oblate in shape, generally 6-12 oz in weight, and decently productive. It is often one of the earliest to mature…[more]
Banana Legs
A very unusual and striking paste tomato – bright yellow, about 1 ½ x 3 or 4 inches long that may have light stripes on it. Plants have fine, lacey leaves but are very vigorous and have excellent…[more]
This is a multiflora tomato which means it produces HUGE clusters of flowers that can be seen from a long ways away – visually stunning. Not all the flowers will produce tomatoes but many will so you…[more]
Beam’s Yellow Pear
This one has the classic little pear shape with a little more flavor. The plants are vigorous and very productive of bright yellow, up to 1 ½”, pear shaped fruit .When Seed Savers Exchange did a taste…[more]
A cute little tomato and cute name. It translates to Little Blonde Girl. Children love this one with it’s golden yellow, smaller sized fruit ( ½ - 1”) and sweet, fruity flavor. Plants are very…[more]
A deep yellow or gold, large fruited, 10-16 oz and up, tomato with more flavor than most yellows. It is more full flavored, with a tart and tangy taste added to the sweetness. The texture is creamy on…[more]
Now this is a special unusual treat. Tiny little ivory colored fruit, almost transluscent, that when ripe have golden shoulders that are full of unique flavor. Sweet yet earthy and fruity, they burst…[more]
This old prize winner has a widely praised sweet and tangy flavor. It produces a good yield of golden, slightly elongated tomatoes which generally weigh 6-10 oz.[more]
Dr. Carolyn
A lovely cherry that changes color from green to ivory white to pale yellow when ripe. Fruit under leaf cover will be paler in color. Small fruit of 1 oz have a well balanced sweet and tangy…[more]
Frequently more of a yellow-orange in color, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow has a rich, sweet flavor and meaty texture. This is not one of the yellow tomatoes that tend to be rather bland. These flattened…[more]
A yellow cherry with tons of flavor. 1” fruit, about the size of a quarter have sweetness but with a real depth of flavor. Very prolific. It does well in hot or cool summers and keeps very well at…[more]
For all you yellow tomato fans, this one has yellow to orange skin with yellow flesh inside. Beefsteak fruit are 6-7 oz and have a bit more flavor than most yellows. Plants handle the heat well. This…[more]
Gold Nugget
A gold colored cherry tomato that is early to mature. It has very compact plants reaching only 2-3 feet and is very suitable for container gardening. Fruit have the typical mild flavor of yellows and…[more]
Golden Gates
A very unique yellow 2-4 oz paste tomato with stripes that are not commonly seen. They go from green to yellow with green stripes and as it ripens the flesh turns orange and the stripes turn gold.…[more]
Grungy in the Sky
A very hardy, disease resistant and crack resistant dark yellow saladette slicer. It is a very dependable producer on very healthy plants and quite tolerant of drought and heat and even rainy spells.…[more]
I love how Gayla Trail, of You Grow Girl blog, describes this tomato because I had thought the same thing: “First there is the name, which gives me a chuckle every time I say it as it sounds like…[more]
A new open pollinated cherry tomato developed from Sun Sugar. Yellow fruit have very good, juicy, sweet and fruity flavor. They also have pretty good crack resistance. Good production on the usual…[more]
Korol Sibiri
Korol Sibiri translates to King of Siberia. This is a golden yellow oxheart tomato from Russia with a slightly sweet but rich flavor. Fruit are nice and large, 8-16 oz (can get larger) and very meaty…[more]
Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom is a pale yellow tomato with a complex, yet sweet and citrusy flavor and a smooth, meaty texture. It produces a moderate yield of 8-16 oz beefsteak tomatoes.[more]
This golden yellow tomato has a mild and sweet flavor. Golden Queen is oblate in shape, generally 4-8 oz in weight, and quite productive. It is listed on Slow Food USA’s “Ark of Taste.”[more]
Yellow fruit a little over 1” in size have a unique flavor that is sweet and fruity – almost lemony. Plants are compact in size, 4-5 feet and very productive with clusters of 6-10. Produces well even…[more]
These delicious pale yellow tomatoes have a tangy and sweet flavor with a touch of citrus. Plants should be staked up and kept off the ground as fruits are sensitive and may rot on the ground, but if…[more]
An extremely unique tomato that comes from Russia, it translates to Gold Pepper Shaped. Long 4”, rather unusual, irregular pepper shaped fruits are a lovely golden yellow. Plants have an early…[more]
This is a very unusual tomato that I have been growing for a couple of years and really like. Fruit are red or yellow or orange or any combination including marbled. Real fun to look at and fun to…[more]
Rose Beauty
This is a pretty pale yellow/cream tomato that may or may not blush pink on the blossom end. The Rose in the name comes from the family that grew it- not the color. Fruit are nice and large,…[more]
A unique tomato with very compact growing habit that will grow well in hanging baskets. The fruit are a deep yellow round cherry with a great sweet flavor. They have a nice texture, neither mushy or…[more]
A pretty little white/pale yellow cherry with an excellent sweet fruity flavor and about 1” in diameter. Some people like the flavor of the fruit at both the white and the pale yellow (riper) stage.…[more]
Large beefsteaks of 12-24 oz are a lovely deep apricot in color both inside and out. Flavor is very good, both sweet and fruity with a creamy texture. Very good yields on potato leaved plants.[more]
Summer Sweet Gold
Considered one of the best flavored of the dwarfs, it is a yellow tomato that may develop a pink blush on the blossom end when ripe. Fruit are nice and smooth, averaging about 6-10 oz, and have great…[more]
A cute little dwaf plant loaded with 1-3 oz golden cherries that have pointy ends. This one is very productive with much more flavor than most yellows, they definitely have a little zing. The plant…[more]
Creamy ivory fruit that ripens to a pale yellow (mostly on top) loaded with a very good, sweet tomatoey flavor. Not sweet fruity like Sungold, more full flavored, but still with sweetness. Plants are…[more]
Very vigorous plants produce lots of cute yellow pear shaped fruit with thin necks. Fruit are about 1 ½ “ long with a very mild and slightly sweet flavor. Children especially like it. Traditionally it…[more]


Yellow Tomatoes are known for their more mild, sweet and fruity flavors but there are varieties that are not boring in the least. I have enjoyed hunting for these great tasting varieties. They add a welcome change to the “typical tomato” flavors.

They come in many sizes and shapes. Add some color to your salads and sliced tomato plates.