This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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These classic plants produce quantities of 8-12 oz medium sized fruit with a good "tomatoey" flavor. The plants have strong vines with very good production and disease resistance. They produce late…[more]
Amish Mayberry
Lovely red cherry that also produces some grape shaped fruit. Plants are rather compact – under 4 feet but are not a determinate. It does produce all through the summer – lots and lots of fruit. They…[more]
Probably the first heirloom tomato people think of when it comes to paste tomatoes. However, even though it has paste in its name, I would not consider this a paste tomato. It is a nice elongated plum…[more]
A classic looking heirloom tomato – very irregular shaped beefsteak - that is nice and large, usually 1 lb. Flavor is really good, rich and balanced – that nice old fashioned tomatoey goodness. It has…[more]
Wonderful shapes on an authentic Italian pinkish heirloom tomato – pear and plum both. Nice and thick flesh but still juicy. Great for fresh eating and cooking. I haven’t tried drying this one but…[more]
This is a good older commercial variety bred to withstand heat and humidity and with a nice disease resistance. Fruits are a slightly flatted red globe that average around 8 oz and can get up to a…[more]
Nice large red oxheart with great flavor. Fruit range from 6 oz to almost 1 ½ lb. Good production.[more]
Avon Early
I really like this rare old tomato from the 1920’s. You get nice sized red beefsteaks in the 6-10 oz range. I found it to be quite productive of slightly ribbed fruit that are juicy and have really…[more]
I really like this red, egg shaped paste tomato. The fruit are about 3-4 oz and are very meaty. It had great production and gave me no issues with blossom end rot. Producion started pretty early and…[more]
Belarusian Heart
This is a very hard to find red heart tomato. There are almost no commercial seed sources so I am proud to carry this one. The flavor is wonderful, both sweet and tangy. The fruits are extremely…[more]
Bred for short season areas, it is a fairly early tomato. The fruit are an unusual, slightly squared off round shape. They are usually around 4 oz; a pretty nice size for processing. The determinate…[more]
When you think of good cooking tomatoes, Italian tomatoes would be at the top of the list. This is a fine Italian heirloom with a unique shape and great taste, especially when cooked or roasted.…[more]
Belmonte Cuore
This is an unusual find from Italy. A large red oxheart with excellent flavor. Production is good.[more]
A rare, very old German heirloom with excellent, sweet flavor. Red fruit grow in clusters of 8-12 and average ¾ inch in diameter on very vigorous plants that will need staking. [more]
This is a very rare, wonderful red beefsteak that can get VERY LARGE. Most are over 1 lb with many even larger. The fruit are quite meaty with that wonderful old time flavor. Production is really good…[more]
Bisignano #2
Very unusual plant that sets multiple shapes of fruits on the same plant. There may be plum, rounds, ovals and even larger heart shapes. The flavor is very good with meaty flesh. Plants are very…[more]
Bloody Butcher
A very popular early tomato, it has small, 2-4 oz, round dark red tomatoes with deep red flesh. It is very early and high yielding with intense flavor. Produces fruit in cluster of 5-9 on very…[more]
Box Car Willie
These are 8-16 oz fruit are full of good "old fashioned tomato" flavor- rich, sweet and well balanced. They are great for fresh eating, canning or cooking. It's very productive even late into the…[more]
A lovely red beefsteak with orange undertones. Fruits are usually about a lb. and it has a wonderful sweet, balanced flavor that is very smooth and creamy. It is able to handle the heat well and still…[more]
This is the tomato that started all the buzz about heirlooms. There are many varieties or strains of Brandywine. This is the original red variety that comes from the Amish in Pennsylvania. It is a…[more]
Brin de Muget
This translates to Lily of the Valley. I had to grow this one since I love the flower! Very nice, elongated red cherry tomato that is slightly pointed at the end. Excellent flavor – very sweet and…[more]
Bulgarian Triumph
Compact indeterminate vines are filled with 2-3oz perfectly round, red fruit that grow in clusters. They look like supermarket fruit, but definitely don’t taste like them! They have a burst of…[more]
Burke's Backyard
A ribbed, large fruited red tomato that is juicy but meaty. Supposedly fairly early, vigorous and productive. This is my first year growing it so I’ll let you know how it turns out.[more]
This is a pretty heart tomato from Ukraine. It is a bright red with darker vertical stripes. Very nice and meaty but still juicy with great flavor. The nice large fruit range from 14-21 oz. This…[more]
Classic tomato flavor in a little 1”, 1 oz package. Fairly early, it has excellent production on vigorous vines. A favorite of many, including me.[more]
This is a de-hybridized version of the original hybrid. It looks the same and has that same great flavor. Meaty, yet juicy – it is great in salads. It also can be canned whole. Most fruit are about 2”…[more]
This uncommon medium sized tomato weighs in at 8oz and is quite firm. Plants do well in containers and small spaces and produce well in both humid and dry conditions. Fruit are easy to pick as the…[more]
Orangey red tomatoes that are not a true paste tomato despite the name. They are extremely large, 1-3 lbs! Meaty with few seeds, but juicy, they make wonderful large slices for fresh eating. The…[more]
I really like this one. Huge production of grape tomatoes with loads of flavor that is both sweet and spicy. Fruit hold well, on the vine and off. Makes great dried tomatoes. An uncommon variety I am…[more]
This is a very nice, fairly early, red paste tomato that has excellent production. It is a determinate plant so nice for getting large amounts of tomatoes at a time to process. Fruit are 3-4 oz, plum…[more]
Chris’s Greek Mama
I am excited to carry this brand new release from a member of the tomato forum I am part of. She writes: I am pleased to introduce this tomato in the US. This well ribbed beautiful red tomato set a…[more]
Cosmonaut Volkov
I have been growing this one for several years now. It is a reliable producer in cooler summers and also in hot ones. Some years it produces really early, others not so early. The plants are…[more]
Costoluto Fiorentino
Light red, slightly flattened and very ribbed beefsteaks. A classic heirloom cooking tomato from Italy with very good flavor, especially cooked.Fruits range from 5-12 oz. Plants are vigorous and…[more]
The classic deep red Italian tomato with the beautiful fluted shape. Even though it is not a plum shaped paste tomato, I have included it with them because it is known for making excellent tomato…[more]
Crimson Cushion
A lovely old heirloom tomato from the late 1800’s that was considered the first “beefsteak” tomato developed by the incredible seedsman, Peter Henderson. Red fruit average 4-5” and are irregular in…[more]
Lovely red beefsteak with a wonderful rich flavor that is nice and meaty. The size is nice, 12-18 oz, and can get even larger with mostly rounded shapes but with a few irregular ones thrown in for…[more]
Cyril's Choice
A special little dwarf plant from England. It bears golf ball sized red tomatoes that have a really nice appearance. Flavor is excellent for a small early tomato, very well balanced sweet and sours.…[more]
Czech's Bush
Perfect small red tomatoes, are born on a nice looking dwarf plant. It produces a large amount of tomatoes weighing around 4-6 oz. with very good flavor. Perfect for container growing.[more]
Meaty plum tomato with good flavor that is great for processing but also drying or eating fresh. Fruit are a deep red, 3-4 oz, and very smooth and defect free. They hold well on the vine and on the…[more]
De Giorgi Acme
This is a very nice large red beefsteak. It can grow to be 10-20 oz which is nice and large for an early tomato. Fruit are not sweet but not strongly acidic, either - more mild in taste and nice and…[more]
This is a classic American tomato – red and large! The flavor is very good – rich and tomatoey. Size ranges from 12 -18 oz and can get very large if pruned and worked with. It has very good production…[more]
Fruits of this one can grow quite large, up to 2 lbs, but most will be just a nice size to fill a sandwich. It is an excellent red slicing tomato, both meaty and juicy with a very good flavor and…[more]
This is a wonderful red beefsteak with awesome old fashioned flavor. It is a cross of Brandywine and Neves Azorean Red so you know it’s going to taste great. Nice large fruit, classic beefsteak shape…[more]
A rare red beefsteak with smooth shoulders and almost no cracking. Juicy with a well balanced flavor. Fruit average 5-9 oz. Very nice![more]
Druzba produces an abundance of 6-8 oz. fruit well into the fall. They're smooth, blemish-free, round, uniform ripening, deep-red, and juicy. Fruit have an excellent, robust, sweet/tart flavor. Many…[more]
Early Red Chief
A nice early, red tomato with fruit averaging 5-8 oz. The fruit are firm but still juicy with a nice old fashioned flavor and they all are blemish free. Even though it is a determinate, it produced…[more]
I really enjoyed this rare, smaller red beefsteak with fruit averaging 4-8 oz. Flavor was very good – nicely well balanced. It was extremely productive! I also really liked the way the fruit looked…[more]
Wonderful MI heirloom red heart tomato with fantastic yields. Nice large size of around a lb with meaty texture but enough juice to make it good for eating fresh. Flavor is excellent – a favorite of…[more]
One of the largest of the early red tomatoes, it produces 2-3”, 3-8 oz globes with a pointy end. It has more flavor than a lot of the earlies with a little more sweetness than most of them. Very…[more]
First Pick
Growing well in both spring and fall, First Pick is an early tomato that is very tolerant of cold temperatures. It is not overly firm but it does have a sweet flavor which is unusual in an early.…[more]
A most unusually shaped paste tomato! It’s pear shaped – large on top and narrowing down (piriform) and pleated! Fruit were very meaty and great for paste. They also made really neat shaped tomato…[more]
An older commercial favorite of many gardeners for years. Nice red ¾ - 1 ½ “ globes are pretty crack resistant and born on abundant trusses with 6-12 fruit each. Plants are very vigorous and loaded…[more]
A beautiful old Italian heirloom with dark red, blemish free, heart shaped fruit. They can even be over a pound in size and are meaty with a flavor that is quite sweet and intense. Excellent for sauce…[more]
German Johnson
Highly prized, old southern heirloom variety with large, reddish pink beefsteak fruits that have a very nice flavor. Fruits range from 10 oz to over a pound. They are very meaty and make wonderful…[more]
You can definitely see why it got its name – looks just like a very large strawberry. And I do mean large – most are 10-20 oz but can be up to 2 lbs! Slightly ribbed, some having greenish shoulders,…[more]
Extra large, glossy red and very solid plum shaped fruits of 6-7” long and 10-12 oz. It is unusual to find a paste this size. The fruit have a little crook in the neck that I've not seen in any other…[more]
An extremely early tomato, Glacier is sure to be one of the first tomatoes to bear fruit in your garden, and it will continue to do so well into summer. Fruit are small, about 2-3 oz. Glacier has one…[more]
Gloria is a nice red round tomato with a pointy tip – really almost heart shaped.It is nice and meaty with a really yummy sweet flavor. Fruit range from 4-10 oz but can get larger. I might be the only…[more]
A lovely pinky red tomato with that beautiful and classic Italian look. Pear shaped – heavy on the bottom with lots of pleats and ruffles. Slices are gorgeous!  Fruit are large, usually almost…[more]
Gordost Sibiri
The 10-16+ oz fruit are meaty and very flavorful. Nice looking, slightly ribbed, quite uniform, and with few blemishes. Plants are productive. This is a very hard to find tomato – only 1 commercial…[more]
Grandma Freida’s
A family heirloom of slightly ribbed red fruit with that good old fashioned flavor. Not very sweet. Fruits range from 8-16 oz and have very good yields. This is an uncommon variety and we are one of…[more]
A very early paste tomato that is nice sized – 6-10 oz and very meaty. Production is very good. It will produce even in cool summers. I have grown this one for several years now and really like it.[more]
A very nice large red beefsteak. The flavor is exceptional, not mild, and is very meaty. Production is very good on vigorous plants that produce lots of 10-18 oz fruit that seldom crack. Another…[more]
Great paste tomato from Africa that handles heat well. Produces lots of 3 oz red, meaty fruit that seem to be less susceptible to blossom end rot – a typical issue with paste tomatoes. Flavor is…[more]
Homestead 24
A very nice red tomato that has great production. Fruit are very consistent in size (7-10 oz) and shape. They are firm and meaty. It seems to set fruit under a lot of conditions which makes it…[more]
Illini Star
Illini Star is a wonderful little workhorse of a tomato. It is a lovely deep red in color with fruit about 6-8 oz in weight. They have good disease and crack resistance and better yet, have a really…[more]
This one is a classic heirloom from Italy that originally came from America and is still popular in Europe. Red smooth fruit range from 8oz to over a lb. Flesh is both juicy and meaty with that full…[more]
Large red beefsteak with that deep flavor of old heirlooms. Very nice size of 12-16 oz and more. It is meaty, yet juicy, with good production. A very good, basic large red tomato.[more]
A very nice red cherry with incredible flavor! The fruit vary in size (none very large) - grow in nice long clusters. With Sungold and Supersweet 100 for parents, you know it has good flavor – intense…[more]
Jersey Devil
One of the classic New Jersey processing tomatoes that many old timers fondly remember. The fruit are fire engine red and have that frying pepper pointy shape. Usually 4-6“ long, they are very meaty…[more]
This one is a lovely rosy red heart shaped tomato with heavy fruit of 12-16 oz. Fruit are really meaty with a very good flavor and huge yields on exceptionally vigorous plants.[more]
This is a very special, uncommon paste tomato that comes from Africa and has extreme production. The fruit are bright red and pepper shaped, about 3-4” long with meaty flesh that has a wonderful spicy…[more]
This very old heirloom tomato can grow 1lb. and larger. With definite ribs and good red color this tomato has good looks but the flavor is even better with sweet tangy old fashioned taste. I love…[more]
Large Red Cherry
Yes, it is just what the name says – a large red cherry. Fruit are almost 2” in size with a wonderful old time flavor. I really like these. Very productive and just keep on producing lots of fruit…[more]
These nice, blemish free, 8-12oz. fruit grow from compact vines. This means they would probably do well for container growing. The flavor is sweet, with meaty flesh and few seeds especially early in…[more]
An awesome tomato that comes from Germany – translates to Teacher Tomato. Large red beefsteaks averaging a lb.or more have a very nice flavor. Flesh is very meaty with few seeds and they make…[more]
Lil Faithful
A cute little dwarf plant that produces a lot of perfect little red globes perfect for salads or eating fresh. They are nice and meaty but still juicy. And the flavor is good - intense with a nice…[more]
Ludmilla Red Plum
A red plum shaped paste tomato that tastes great fresh, but is also great for canning and salsa. Fruit are large, averaging 3-5” and 5-10 oz, and meaty with few seeds. The vines are vigorous but…[more]
A wonderful variety of large to very large red beefsteaks. They are usually 14-16 oz but can be 2 lbs or more! Beautiful perfect shapes with very few blemishes together makes for gorgeous slices. The…[more]
Nice fat, plum, red paste tomatoes. They average 4-6 oz. and are very meaty with few seeds. They still have plenty of juice and have very good flavor, both fresh and cooked. Excellent yields on…[more]
While it is a little later than most early varieties, Manitoba bears many red, 6-8 oz, firm and tangy tomatoes. It is both cold and disease resistant.[more]
A very nice dark tomato from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Fruit are a rich brown with flesh that is deep crimson. They average about 6-12 oz and have that wonderful flavor common to dark tomatoes – very…[more]
This tomato has been around for almost 100 years! The 4-9oz. tomato bears early-mid season with good production. For many it is a favorite canning and juice tomato. Another plus, it is disease…[more]
Marglobe Improved
I believe everything I wrote concerning Marglobe applies here but "improved" so has even better disease resistance. A standard for processing, it is a favorite of many.[more]
Maria Nagy's Heart
A rare heirloom tomato from Transylvania! It produces very nice pear and heart shaped fruit. They are quite nicely sized - around 8-12 oz. Flavor was great raw but really, really good roasted and/or…[more]
This very old French heirloom tomato has 3-8 oz scarlet red fruit that grow on a compact plant. Good for container growing. Production is very good. A classic looking ribbed tomato with rich, slightly…[more]
A classic red Italian plum tomato with really good yields. Fruit are 2-3 oz and 2 ½ - 3 “ with that dry meaty texture that make great sauce. Flavor is pretty good fresh but excellent in sauces. A nice…[more]
This is a beautiful red paste tomato with yellow stripes and streaks. The flavor is great for eating and cooking. It is very meaty, makes a really nice tomato sauce and is awesome roasted and grilled.…[more]
Nice medium sized red fruits that can vary in shape – round, more beefsteak shaped or even slightly oval. They range in size- 8-16 oz. Wonderful balanced flavor with really high yields. They keep well…[more]
One of the few indeterminate early tomatoes, it will bear fruit all season long. Fruit average 4-6 oz. and it is highly resistant to both cold and wet weather. Flavor is considered to be one of the…[more]
This is a wonderful red beefsteak with smooth skin. The fruit look really nice and have a great well balanced, complex flavor with a touch of sweetness so they are not too acidic like a lot of earlies…[more]
Winner of 2014 SSE Tomato Tasting and a favorite of many. Tiny, little ½ inch deep red fruit with an intense, sweet and very rich flavor. Extreme production on very tall, rangy plants with disease…[more]
Very large, heart shaped, red tomatoes. The fruit averages 1 lb or more but when there are double blossomed fruit they can reach up to 4 lbs. The shape of the fruit varies from globe to heart and has…[more]
Another “wild” tomato with a burst of sweet, intense flavor. Fruit are small, red and extremely prolific. Plants grow very tall and lanky. Produces well up to frost and has disease resistance.…[more]
A very productive dark red cherry of about 1 ½ inches with a distinct point on the end. Nice rich, intense flavor. Great in salads and I’m thinking it would make a lovely roasted tomato sauce.[more]
Moravsky Div
A nice early tomato from Russia, it bears small red fruit of 1-3 oz size. Rated high for flavor among the earlies. Production is good from this recently introduced in America tomato.[more]
A tomato from Russia, it bears nice round deep red tomatoes about 6 oz in size. Production is good for the whole season and the fruit are resistant to cracking. Flavor is a bit milder than other early…[more]
Mr. Bruno
This is a rare Australian variety that has great production of dark red slightly ribbed tomatoes. Fruit are 4-8 oz and are juicy and flavorful – more sweet than acid. The plants are strong and compact…[more]
A very nice Italian large red beefsteak that is gorgeous with all its ruffles. Fruit are very meaty with few seeds and have an excellent sweeter flavor than you normally find in a red tomato. They…[more]
Mule Team
You'll get plenty of good sized 8-12oz tomatoes that grow in clusters of 2 or 3 or more. They have very good production right up till frost. Bright red with excellent "old fashioned" flavor and…[more]
Mushroom Basket is probably one of the most stunning tomatoes I have grown. It is deeply pleated and the color is a reddish pink with cream colored speckles. It is shiny and almost glows. The fruit…[more]
This is a wonderful plum tomato from Italy that delivers really good production. A determinate plant with red fruit that have a point on the end, they average about 3 oz. This one actually tastes…[more]
Wonderful well balanced flavor in a deep red beefsteak with large fruit of 10-16 oz that can grow much larger, over 2 lbs. Highly respected variety with a moderate to heavy yield of mostly defect free…[more]
A tomato originally developed for pickling which was quite popular in the 50’s. Pear shaped fruits have a nice thick wall and are about ½ oz and up to 2” long. Flavorful with almost a smoky essence.…[more]
A very nice scarlet red tomato with 4-6oz, smooth, meaty fruit that has a really nice flavor, both sweet and tangy. Fruit are crack resistant and are great for both fresh eating and…[more]
Northern Delight
Bred to perform in short season northern areas, it produces very early. The determinate plants have high yields of 1-2 oz fruit that are slightly elongated. They are juicy, more tart than sweet and…[more]
Old Brooks
Resistant to blossom end rot and early and late blight are all good reasons to favor this variety, but there is more. Great productivity and full balanced flavor with a more acid taste makes this a…[more]
My mainstay processing tomato that is a favorite of many. The red fruit are more of a rosey red in color.They are shaped somewhat like a bull’s horn pepper, about 3x6” with a pronounced tip at the…[more]
Oregon Spring
This early tomato is known for its juicy and mild sweet taste. It produces a large yield of slightly round, 3-6 oz red tomatoes. Fruit will set even in high or low temperatures and early fruit will be…[more]
A very nice red paste tomato. The first fruits are usually parthenocarpic (nearly seedless) and are firm with thick meaty walls for making nice thick sauce. They have no issues with cracking and keep…[more]
A really nice old Italian beefsteak tomato with very good flavor. The red fruit are large, 10-20 oz, and even larger. They are very meaty and still juicy and they rarely crack. Flavor is rich and full…[more]
An all around great cherry tomato that is very productive, flavorful, fairly early and rarely cracks. Very large, vigorous vines produce tons of red to red orange fruit about ¾-1”. Trusses usually…[more]
This is a very pretty paste tomato. The fruits are red with bright golden stripes and are medium sized, sausage shaped - some with a point at the end. Plants are quite productive with large clusters…[more]
This is a very prolific cherry tomato that produces LOTS of small red fruit on large trusses. The flavor is sweet and very good. Fruit holds well.[more]
Polish Dwarf
This is a great one for all you space challenged growers. If grown in the ground it will only get to about 2 to 2 ½ feet tall but will be even smaller when grown in pots, probably under 2 feet. It…[more]
Polish Linguisa
This tomato has been around for a very long time. You can tell a good variety when people keep seeds from generation to generation as long as they have with this one. A nice sized paste tomato, it…[more]
A beautiful, classic old Italian heirloom that bears fairly large ribbed, pear shaped fruit which are meaty and great for cooking. Fruit usually grow in clusters of 4 or more. Plants are indeterminate…[more]
This is a very rare little tomato that originated in the Netherlands. It has a tidy restrained growth with great production. The perfect little red fruit have a nicely balanced flavor –…[more]
Principe Borghese
The classic Italian heirloom that is famous as the tomato to use for sun drying. Italians pull the whole plant at the end of summer and hang to dry in their backyards. Most of us now just use…[more]
Prue is a rare and rather unusual paste tomato that actually has a lot of flavor, along with being meaty. The flavor is very rich and outstanding. The fruits grow in several different shapes all on…[more]
This one grows BIG, usually 1-2 lbs!  A really large, red beefsteak known for its excellent flavor. Great yields.[more]
An early producer of round, 1-4 oz red tomatoes with a well-balanced but sweet flavor. It has large, reliable yields even in cold temperatures.[more]
I was looking for a nice red pear tomato to go with Yellow and Chocolate Pear varieties and found this rare one. Super prolific with very large flower and fruit trusses. Fruit are mostly pear shaped…[more]
Red Alert
This one wins the prize for early! Small, 1” or less, red fruit grow on Very Small plants – under 2’. It will easily grow in a container, even a small one. Flavor is more tart and intense. It is quite…[more]
Pretty little red, grape shaped fruits with an unusual matte finish. Fruit are sweet with plenty of flavor. Tastes great fresh but I also use them for drying as there is not much juice. Plants are…[more]
Red Pear
Cute, pear shaped, crack resistant cherries that are red, not yellow. This one doesn’t taste like Yellow Pear, either. It has a big taste for such a little tomato, full of zing and old fashioned…[more]
This is a great old Italian tomato wonderful for making a meaty tomato sauce. This is not the little cherry pear shaped tomato but rather a large, 6-12 oz., plump red pear shaped tomato with vertical…[more]
Remy Rouge
This is a really cute little plant that produces clusters of small red cherries on a small plant. It is great for growing in a container. Very productive! The fruit are very good and sweet – almost as…[more]
I have been growing this one since 2008 and it is a mainstay in my garden. 10-12 oz and up, the lovely red fruit have good flavor. Nicely productive. Meaty, the somewhat sweet fruit have few seeds…[more]
A wonderful old heirloom that has incredible yields of tasty little globes with points on the ends. Productive is an understatement, as the plant produces hundreds of flowers that turn into large…[more]
I am always searching for heirloom seeds with MI history so was glad to find this one. This nice large paste tomato has a wonderful sweet flavor with depth. It has even won taste testing awards.…[more]
A wonderfully productive paste tomato with good flavor that makes great sauce. It grows well in containers as is a determinate. Plants are covered in fruit that grow in clusters. Even better, it…[more]
A very productive plant with smooth, red, medium size fruit - 3-5 oz. It handles heat very well, coming from Africa. [more]
Huge paste tomato that is very meaty with almost no seeds. Wow, these beauties grow from 12 oz to almost 2 lbs. Flavor is actually good when eaten fresh, especially for a tomato this size. Production…[more]
A very early paste tomato, it does well even in cold summers. Fruits are 2-3 oz and very productive. You get a big flush at one time as is a determinate plant. Good for sauce, canning and drying. The…[more]
This beautiful and tasty Italian heirloom has flattened and deeply ribbed bright red fruit – almost a crayfish red. They are smaller in size – about 3” and range about 3-6 oz. The ruffled slices…[more]
Rote Herztomate
The name translates to Red Heart Tomato. My seed source says it is the oddest looking heart tomato he has ever grown. “Very wedge shaped and can even be a bit twisted.” Very early producing with quite…[more]
This variety will bring you 6-8 oz. fruit with heavy yield, good flavor, and good shelf life. A good canning tomato, it’s been popular with home and market gardeners for many years.[more]
A super reliable tomato that produces perfect fruit that are all purpose. Super productive! Fruit are also larger and a touch sweeter than the original Rutgers - averaging 5-9 oz. Big enough to slice…[more]
Ruth's Perfect
Very pretty, blemish free, red fruit that average 7-8 oz. Plants are very vigorous and strong and have great yields. The flavor is really good and even better, the fruit hold well on the counter. [more]
A nice large red beefsteak with dark pink flesh. It looks red because the epidermis is yellow. The fruit are very solid and meaty with very few seeds. The plants produce a steady supply of 12-16 oz…[more]
The classic Italian processing tomato known for its good production and good taste. An entire industry has grown up around processing the “true” San Marzano tomato. Many chefs swear by it. Fruits are…[more]
Santa is a smaller sized red grape tomato that has a great sweet flavor. The plants are extremely prolific! [more]
A wonderful large paste tomato that is very productive. Fruit are meaty but with enough juice and flavor that really tastes good fresh. They can grow up to a pound in size! A nice dark red in color,…[more]
Sara's Galapagos
Small, deep red, slightly elongated tomatoes have that addictive rich flavor like currants have. They are sweet but with just the right amount of acidity for great flavor. Many people say the fruit…[more]
Sarah’s Red is a really nice red tomato usually around 4-10 oz in size. The flavor is very nice and well balanced. It is good for fresh eating and also for making salsa or sauce.[more]
Sarnowski Polish Plum
Highly respected paste tomato with lots of flavor – great fresh or cooked. Fruit are usually an elongated plum with a knob on the bottom, but can vary in shape. Very good production of 5-10 oz. meaty…[more]
Serbian Oxheart
This is a very nice oxheart tomato that is nicely heart shaped and very meaty with few seeds. The flavor is very good – more on the sweet side. They range in size from 6-14 oz.  I was surprised…[more]
Another great heirloom canning tomato that grows well in our MI climate.. Lovely, rosy red fruit of 4-6 oz on very productive plants. Fruit are solid with a nice balanced flavor. Good also for fresh…[more]
Nice early compact plant that is very popular in South Dakota. Apparently the old timers like to use it for canning. The vigorous plants produce a lot of delicious red tomatoes, 8-12 oz in size that…[more]
Red, slightly flattened round tomatoes, of a very nice size for an early tomato with fruits of 10-12 oz and up. It contains few seeds and is good for eating fresh. A very reliable slicer, the flavor…[more]
Silvery Fir Tree
The plants have beautiful silver hued leaves that are delicate and lacey and look similar to ferns or carrot leaves. Because the plants are so small, they will do well in containers or even deeper…[more]
Large red cherry tomatoes up to 2 inches have exceptional flavor for being so early. Plants are not too large and produce an abundant supply of fruit continuing right up to frost.[more]
A Brad Gates variety, he says it is a work horse at his Wild Boar Farm. Stunningly beautiful with bright gold stripes on red tomatoes, they definitely catch your attention. Incredibly productive, the…[more]
A small round red tomato with a big flavor that is intensely tangy and sweet. Many people consider it the best tasting of the earlies, but remember taste is very subjective. Plants are very tolerant…[more]
Super Marmande
An old French heirloom famous in Europe for its flavor. The fruit are scarlet red with pink on the shoulders. They are irregular shaped, slightly flattened or cushioned as described in Europe, and…[more]
Super Sioux
This plant bears 4-8 oz, thick walled, blemish free fruit. Fruits have that old time tomato flavor – intense with a more tart and acidic taste. Great for canning. Plants have good yields on vigorous…[more]
A new release from England, it is purported to have the highest Brix (sugar) levels in a tomato – up to 13%. Sweet it is, but it also has a well balanced flavor to it. It has even beat Sungold in a…[more]
Sweet Scarlet
Fruit are very nice sized, 6-16 oz, red and smooth with a wonderful flavor, intense and complex. Talk is that this might be the best flavor of all the dwarfs. Production is very good.[more]
A red,sweet,open pollinated cherry that sets many fruit in nice long clusters. Fruit range from ½ - 1 oz and ¾ - 1” in size. They are high in sugar (over 12% Brix) and firm in texture – somewhat…[more]
Tarasenko 6
Excellent large red beefsteak with very good production. You will need to really support this one because of the weight of the fruit. They are large, 12-16 oz, and have a really great flavor - sweet,…[more]
An attractive compact determinate plant with 3-6oz golf ball sized red fruits. Production is very good with the fruit having a really nice flavor, rich and juicy. Would make a great container plant as…[more]
A great paste tomato with a high yield of 1-3 oz elongated red fruit of about 5-6” that are produced in bunches, hence the name. The strong plants produce a large yield of firm and not juicy fruit…[more]
A medium sized red elongated heart with a definite tip or nipple on the end. Usually grown in pairs, hence the name. Fruits are usually 4-8 oz and very meaty. Flavor is more acidic and tangy but…[more]
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Thessaloniki is a very nicely productive plant that is vigorous with lots of leaves that help to protect the fruit against sunscald. The fruit are red and can vary in size but most are perfect little…[more]
Tommy Toe
A glossy red cherry tomato of a little larger size and round to oval in shape. The flavor is old fashioned,  which is to say not very sweet. A favorite in Australia where it has won taste tests.…[more]
A great producer of smaller red tomatoes that are all purpose. They would be great for canning whole or even for making tomato juice. We really enjoyed them in salads. Nicely balanced flavor.[more]
A rare tomato with only one commercial source, it bears pear shaped red fruit of 2-3 oz. Nice and firm with a strong, rich flavor, they are good for many uses, including roasting and drying. Would…[more]
A very dependable red heart tomato with large fruit of 10-24 oz. Plants have great production. Fruit are meaty with very few seeds and have very good flavor.[more]
This is an extremely ornamental plant that would look good even growing in a flower garden. Leaves are a lovely fuzzy silvery gray similar to Dusty Miller. Red fruit are about 1” and have a nice…[more]
Vilm's Paste
This is a real workhorse of a tomato. It produces a LOT of tomatoes right up until the end after everything else has quit. The fruit are about 2 oz, bright red, and have a point on the end. The…[more]
A new fine release from the Dwarf Tomato Project. It produces nice smooth red beefsteaks ranging from 6-12 oz with a yummy, well balanced flavor. The plants have quite high productivity so make sure…[more]
These firm red cherries have a nice intense flavor with both tangy and sweet notes. The fruit rarely cracks and are nice and juicy. The plants are very vigorous and prolific.[more]
A very nice red heart tomato, it produces meaty fruit averaging 8-12 oz but can produce up to 1 – 2 lbs. The flavor is outstanding, both sweet and rich. Makes for awesome slices of pure tomato flavor;…[more]
Another home and market garden favorite, WI 55 produces good yields of very good tasting and very good looking red fruit. It is disease resistant to blossom end rot, early blight and leaf spot. A good…[more]
A nice intense red paste that is excellent for growing in containers as it is very short in growth – almost a dwarf. Extremely productive of elongated 4” fruits that are meaty and excellent in flavor.…[more]


The classic color of tomatoes with classic taste. Fruit come in all sizes from tiny, like Matt’s Wild Cherry to very large like Dinner Plate. Many are just an average size, great for eating and a classic for processing. There are many to choose from – happy searching!