This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Anna Banana Russian
New for 2022
A nice smaller sized, yellow heart tomato that can range in size from 6-12 oz. Some of the fruit, depending on weather, can have a lovely pink blush inside – so pretty. It starts producing nice and…[more]
This is a really lovely pink heart tomato with fruit that could be called a blunt heart. It may also produce some oxheart shaped. They are kind of ribbed on top and really large. Fruit can grow to be…[more]
A pink heart of medium to large size - 8-16 oz - with a really good flavor. The flavor is even better when fully ripe. It may develop yellow shoulders if exposed to too much sun. Good production.[more]
Anna Russian
This is the first oxheart tomato I grew. It won my “heart” and I fell in love with this category. Beautiful rosy pink fruit with characteristic heavy heart shape. Fruit may have some green…[more]
New for 2022
This is a really pretty golden heart shaped tomato that can be up to a pound in size. It has the usual wispy leaves that heart’s have. Great production and really nice sweet flavor. The texture is…[more]
Nice large red oxheart with great flavor. Fruit range from 6 oz to almost 1 ½ lb. Good production.[more]
Belarusian Heart
This is a very hard to find red heart tomato. There are almost no commercial seed sources so I am proud to carry this one. The flavor is wonderful, both sweet and tangy. The fruits are extremely…[more]
Belmonte Cuore
This is an unusual find from Italy. A large red oxheart with excellent flavor. Production is good.[more]
This one has a lot of flavor, assertive and very good. Fruit are dark brownish red with green stripes and come in hearts of variable shapes. They average 4-8 oz and are very meaty with little juice.…[more]
Classic heart shaped, purpley (probably not a word, but it fits ) mahogany tomato, some with green shoulders. Some fruit may be a little more flattened in shape. Size ranges from 8-16 oz. with pretty…[more]
This is a pretty heart tomato from Ukraine. It is a bright red with darker vertical stripes. Very nice and meaty but still juicy with great flavor. The nice large fruit range from 14-21 oz. This…[more]
Orangey red tomatoes that are not a true paste tomato despite the name. They are extremely large, 1-3 lbs! Meaty with few seeds, but juicy, they make wonderful large slices for fresh eating. The…[more]
Cherokee Purple Heart
A sport of Cherokee purple, it has the same wonderful texture and flavor but in a heart form. Super meaty with very few seeds, it has good production on vigorous plants with good leaf coverage. It is…[more]
One of my favorite tomatoes. Large heart shaped pink fruit with very good flavor and texture. Fruit usually are 8-16 oz. Very meaty but juicy so perfect for fresh eating. They also dried very nicely.…[more]
Wonderful MI heirloom red heart tomato with fantastic yields. Nice large size of around a lb with meaty texture but enough juice to make it good for eating fresh. Flavor is excellent – a favorite of…[more]
Fish Lake Oxheart
Large pink oxheart that is highly recommended in the tomato forums and by Dr. Carolyn Male. 12-16 oz in weight and very meaty with few seeds. Flavor and production are excellent. [more]
A beautiful old Italian heirloom with dark red, blemish free, heart shaped fruit. They can even be over a pound in size and are meaty with a flavor that is quite sweet and intense. Excellent for sauce…[more]
You can definitely see why it got its name – looks just like a very large strawberry. And I do mean large – most are 10-20 oz but can be up to 2 lbs! Slightly ribbed, some having greenish shoulders,…[more]
This one is a lovely rosy red heart shaped tomato with heavy fruit of 12-16 oz. Fruit are really meaty with a very good flavor and huge yields on exceptionally vigorous plants.[more]
This is a newly released old family heirloom grown since the Civil War. Wonderfully early, these large pink hearts have a great flavor. Fruits are large, up to 20 oz in size and grow on very vigorous…[more]
Korol Sibiri
Korol Sibiri translates to King of Siberia. This is a golden yellow oxheart tomato from Russia with a slightly sweet but rich flavor. Fruit are nice and large, 8-16 oz (can get larger) and very meaty…[more]
Large, 10-18 oz, pink heart shaped tomato known for its excellent flavor. Very meaty, yet still juicy, it has a complex, intense flavor that is still sweet. VERY GOOD. Plants are large and vigorous…[more]
A wonderful old heirloom with excellent flavor that has been around for a very long time – 90 years! The large, rosy pink fruit can be irregular in shape, having both heart and beefsteak shapes. They…[more]
Maria Nagy's Heart
New for 2022
A rare heirloom tomato from Transylvania! It produces very nice pear and heart shaped fruit. They are quite nicely sized - around 8-12 oz. Flavor was great raw but really, really good roasted and/or…[more]
Very large, heart shaped, red tomatoes. The fruit averages 1 lb or more but when there are double blossomed fruit they can reach up to 4 lbs. The shape of the fruit varies from globe to heart and has…[more]
Midnight Sun
New for 2022
An absolutely wonderful tomato! Perfect heart shapes that blush rose pink when ripe. But when you cut into them, the magic increases. You get meaty slices with gorgeous colors swirled though out,…[more]
Mrs. Houseworth
New for 2022
A nice smaller heart shaped pink tomato of varying sizes. Some are 3-4”, some smaller. Fruit are nice and meaty with very few seeds and have excellent flavor. The shoulders do have some coloring-…[more]
This variety is one of the reasons I love heirlooms. Large, meaty, heart and globe shaped pink tomatoes that are great fresh or when used for canning or salsa. Fruit are 1-2 lbs or larger with deep…[more]
Very large, up to 2 lb, beautiful orange fruit. They are meaty, yet juicy, with few seeds and a really good flavor. Fruits can be both heart shaped and beefsteak shaped.[more]
Orange Russian 117
A very pretty bi color heart tomato that is golden yellow/orange with pink marbling. Plants give a good yield of about 8 oz, up to a pound, meaty fruit that are stunning when sliced. Flavor is…[more]
A lovely bright orange heart shaped tomato with a definite point on the end. Very vigorous plants with wispy leaves. Production seems to depend on the year and location. Mine have had good production.…[more]
This variety is much talked about in the tomato forums and is not commonly found. Very strong plants produce a LOT of beautiful pink heart shaped fruit that range from 8-16 oz and up. Naturally,…[more]
A brand new dwarf release that is very special. It has lovely pink heart shaped fruit of medium size, about 4-8 oz. The flavor is excellent with a delightful sweet balanced flavor. The texture is…[more]
Rainbow Jazz Heart
New for 2022
This is a super pretty heart tomato that has more of a beefsteak shape. It is yellow with pink marbling and yellow stripes and has that lovely bi-color marbling going on inside. Slices are just plain…[more]
I have been growing this one since 2008 and it is a mainstay in my garden. 10-12 oz and up, the lovely red fruit have good flavor. Nicely productive. Meaty, the somewhat sweet fruit have few seeds…[more]
Rote Herztomate
The name translates to Red Heart Tomato. My seed source says it is the oddest looking heart tomato he has ever grown. “Very wedge shaped and can even be a bit twisted.” Very early producing with quite…[more]
Russian 117
A red heart shaped tomato with an excellent rich flavor. Fruit are large 12-16 oz with many fruit produced in doubles so reaching over 1 lb. Some fruit can be slightly ruffled and are very solid but…[more]
Serbian Oxheart
New for 2022
This is a very nice oxheart tomato that is nicely heart shaped and very meaty with few seeds. The flavor is very good – more on the sweet side. They range in size from 6-14 oz.  I was surprised…[more]
New for 2022
Another wonderful and stunning heart tomato from Karen Oliver. This one has a color combo of green & yellow & pink outside. The flesh is green and yellow with pink marbling. A little larger…[more]
A medium sized red elongated heart with a definite tip or nipple on the end. Usually grown in pairs, hence the name. Fruits are usually 4-8 oz and very meaty. Flavor is more acidic and tangy but…[more]
A very dependable red heart tomato with large fruit of 10-24 oz. Plants have great production. Fruit are meaty with very few seeds and have very good flavor.[more]
A very nice red heart tomato, it produces meaty fruit averaging 8-12 oz but can produce up to 1 – 2 lbs. The flavor is outstanding, both sweet and rich. Makes for awesome slices of pure tomato flavor;…[more]
Zena's Gift
New for 2022
Wow, this is a very large tomato and super impressive looking. It’s a ribbed pink heart that starts producing super early for such large fruit - 12-16 oz but can get larger. The skin is thin and not…[more]


Old fashioned oxheart tomatoes, commonly referred to as hearts, tend to have the following characteristics:

Fruits are heart – or strawberry – shaped.

Flesh is meaty and solid with few seeds.

Plants tend to have wispy leaves, almost fern like and look like they are drooping. Please do not think they are dying and pull them. The droopy leaves are due to a gene common to hearts, the wilt leaf gene. They will grow fine and produce plenty of fruit. Plants also are indeterminate and of a sprawling habit that will produce continuously until frost.

Because of their thick meaty flesh, they are excellent used in sauces and canning but most have enough juice that they are wonderful for slicing and fresh eating. A true multi purpose tomato.