This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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Amish Paste
Probably the first heirloom tomato people think of when it comes to paste tomatoes. However, even though it has paste in its name, I would not consider this a paste tomato. It is a nice elongated plum…[more]
Wonderful shapes on an authentic Italian pinkish heirloom tomato – pear and plum both. Nice and thick flesh but still juicy. Great for fresh eating and cooking. I haven’t tried drying this one but…[more]
Banana Legs
A very unusual and striking paste tomato – bright yellow, about 1 ½ x 3 or 4 inches long that may have light stripes on it. Plants have fine, lacey leaves but are very vigorous and have excellent…[more]
Baylor Paste
New for 2022
I really like this red, egg shaped paste tomato. The fruit are about 3-4 oz and are very meaty. It had great production and gave me no issues with blossom end rot. Producion started pretty early and…[more]
Bred for short season areas, it is a fairly early tomato. The fruit are an unusual, slightly squared off round shape. They are usually around 4 oz; a pretty nice size for processing. The determinate…[more]
When you think of good cooking tomatoes, Italian tomatoes would be at the top of the list. This is a fine Italian heirloom with a unique shape and great taste, especially when cooked or roasted.…[more]
Very unusual plant that sets multiple shapes of fruits on the same plant. There may be plum, rounds, ovals and even larger heart shapes. The flavor is very good with meaty flesh. Plants are very…[more]
Beautiful little 2” plum shaped tomatoes that are a dark mahogany brown with greenish shoulders. Flavor is both sweet and tangy. Nice. Very good production. Makes a wonderful sauce with its deep color…[more]
Chico III
New for 2022
This is a very nice, fairly early, red paste tomato that has excellent production. It is a determinate plant so nice for getting large amounts of tomatoes at a time to process. Fruit are 3-4 oz, plum…[more]
Light red, slightly flattened and very ribbed beefsteaks. A classic heirloom cooking tomato from Italy with very good flavor, especially cooked.Fruits range from 5-12 oz. Plants are vigorous and…[more]
The classic deep red Italian tomato with the beautiful fluted shape. Even though it is not a plum shaped paste tomato, I have included it with them because it is known for making excellent tomato…[more]
Cream Sausage
This is an extremely productive, compact plant suitable for growing in containers. The growth is very vigorous and the yield so large it will need staking. Pale yellow fruit are about 2 oz and 2x6…[more]
Meaty plum tomato with good flavor that is great for processing but also drying or eating fresh. Fruit are a deep red, 3-4 oz, and very smooth and defect free. They hold well on the vine and on the…[more]
G. Chalmers Large Paste
New for 2022
A most unusually shaped paste tomato! It’s pear shaped – large on top and narrowing down (piriform) and pleated! Fruit were very meaty and great for paste. They also made really neat shaped tomato…[more]
Extra large, glossy red and very solid plum shaped fruits of 6-7” long and 10-12 oz. It is unusual to find a paste this size. The fruit have a little crook in the neck that I've not seen in any other…[more]
A lovely pinky red tomato with that beautiful and classic Italian look. Pear shaped – heavy on the bottom with lots of pleats and ruffles. Slices are gorgeous!  Fruit are large, usually almost…[more]
A very early paste tomato that is nice sized – 6-10 oz and very meaty. Production is very good. It will produce even in cool summers. I have grown this one for several years now and really like it.[more]
Great paste tomato from Africa that handles heat well. Produces lots of 3 oz red, meaty fruit that seem to be less susceptible to blossom end rot – a typical issue with paste tomatoes. Flavor is…[more]
One of the classic New Jersey processing tomatoes that many old timers fondly remember. The fruit are fire engine red and have that frying pepper pointy shape. Usually 4-6“ long, they are very meaty…[more]
This is a very special, uncommon paste tomato that comes from Africa and has extreme production. The fruit are bright red and pepper shaped, about 3-4” long with meaty flesh that has a wonderful spicy…[more]
A historic tomato from 1958 that has long pink fruit about 3-4 oz in size. They are very meaty with excellent flavor and have good production.[more]
Lange Ærmer
This beautiful striped green tomato is a rare find. Fruits are elongated and slim with thick flesh and few seeds. They are firm and have a sweet, spicy flavor similar to other GWR tomatoes. They will…[more]
Ludmilla Red Plum
A red plum shaped paste tomato that tastes great fresh, but is also great for canning and salsa. Fruit are large, averaging 3-5” and 5-10 oz, and meaty with few seeds. The vines are vigorous but…[more]
Nice fat, plum, red paste tomatoes. They average 4-6 oz. and are very meaty with few seeds. They still have plenty of juice and have very good flavor, both fresh and cooked. Excellent yields on…[more]
Maria Nagy's Heart
New for 2022
A rare heirloom tomato from Transylvania! It produces very nice pear and heart shaped fruit. They are quite nicely sized - around 8-12 oz. Flavor was great raw but really, really good roasted and/or…[more]
A classic red Italian plum tomato with really good yields. Fruit are 2-3 oz and 2 ½ - 3 “ with that dry meaty texture that make great sauce. Flavor is pretty good fresh but excellent in sauces. A nice…[more]
Marzano Fire
New for 2022
This is a beautiful red paste tomato with yellow stripes and streaks. The flavor is great for eating and cooking. It is very meaty, makes a really nice tomato sauce and is awesome roasted and grilled.…[more]
This is a wonderful plum tomato from Italy that delivers really good production. A determinate plant with red fruit that have a point on the end, they average about 3 oz. This one actually tastes…[more]
My mainstay processing tomato that is a favorite of many. The red fruit are more of a rosey red in color.They are shaped somewhat like a bull’s horn pepper, about 3x6” with a pronounced tip at the…[more]
With an unusual color for a paste tomato, this orange banana shaped tomato has a wonderful flavor that has lots of people raving. Fedco says it frequently wins it’s annual paste tomato contest – and…[more]
A very nice red paste tomato. The first fruits are usually parthenocarpic (nearly seedless) and are firm with thick meaty walls for making nice thick sauce. They have no issues with cracking and keep…[more]
This is a very pretty paste tomato. The fruits are red with bright golden stripes and are medium sized, sausage shaped - some with a point at the end. Plants are quite productive with large clusters…[more]
Pertsevidnyi Rozovyi
Here is the pink, sausage shaped, paste tomato to go with the gold and striped ones. Nice and meaty with a smooth texture, fruit average about 3-5 oz and have a good flavor. They are resistant to…[more]
An extremely unique tomato that comes from Russia, it translates to Gold Pepper Shaped. Long 4”, rather unusual, irregular pepper shaped fruits are a lovely golden yellow. Plants have an early…[more]
Polish Linguisa
This tomato has been around for a very long time. You can tell a good variety when people keep seeds from generation to generation as long as they have with this one. A nice sized paste tomato, it…[more]
A beautiful, classic old Italian heirloom that bears fairly large ribbed, pear shaped fruit which are meaty and great for cooking. Fruit usually grow in clusters of 4 or more. Plants are indeterminate…[more]
Principe Borghese
The classic Italian heirloom that is famous as the tomato to use for sun drying. Italians pull the whole plant at the end of summer and hang to dry in their backyards. Most of us now just use…[more]
Prue is a rare and rather unusual paste tomato that actually has a lot of flavor, along with being meaty. The flavor is very rich and outstanding. The fruits grow in several different shapes all on…[more]
Purple Calabash
Now this is an interesting tomato – in looks and flavor. Nothing wishy washy about this one. First the shape catches your attention – looking almost like a Cinderella pumpkin with its flattened…[more]
This is a great old Italian tomato wonderful for making a meaty tomato sauce. This is not the little cherry pear shaped tomato but rather a large, 6-12 oz., plump red pear shaped tomato with vertical…[more]
I am always searching for heirloom seeds with MI history so was glad to find this one. This nice large paste tomato has a wonderful sweet flavor with depth. It has even won taste testing awards.…[more]
A wonderfully productive paste tomato with good flavor that makes great sauce. It grows well in containers as is a determinate. Plants are covered in fruit that grow in clusters. Even better, it…[more]
Huge paste tomato that is very meaty with almost no seeds. Wow, these beauties grow from 12 oz to almost 2 lbs. Flavor is actually good when eaten fresh, especially for a tomato this size. Production…[more]
A very early paste tomato, it does well even in cold summers. Fruits are 2-3 oz and very productive. You get a big flush at one time as is a determinate plant. Good for sauce, canning and drying. The…[more]
This beautiful and tasty Italian heirloom has flattened and deeply ribbed bright red fruit – almost a crayfish red. They are smaller in size – about 3” and range about 3-6 oz. The ruffled slices…[more]
My grandma lived in Florida and I associate pink flamingos with her because she had them in her bathroom and we would go see them at the typical tourist attractions back in the 60’s. So, in her…[more]
The classic Italian processing tomato known for its good production and good taste. An entire industry has grown up around processing the “true” San Marzano tomato. Many chefs swear by it. Fruits are…[more]
A wonderful large paste tomato that is very productive. Fruit are meaty but with enough juice and flavor that really tastes good fresh. They can grow up to a pound in size! A nice dark red in color,…[more]
Highly respected paste tomato with lots of flavor – great fresh or cooked. Fruit are usually an elongated plum with a knob on the bottom, but can vary in shape. Very good production of 5-10 oz. meaty…[more]
Another great heirloom canning tomato that grows well in our MI climate.. Lovely, rosy red fruit of 4-6 oz on very productive plants. Fruit are solid with a nice balanced flavor. Good also for fresh…[more]
An elongated paste tomato that is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Fruit are red with iridescent, irregular orange stripes running down the whole length. They are known for their sweet…[more]
Sweet Cream
New for 2022
Another great one from Brad Gates. Fruit are a creamy yellow with stripes that blush red when extra ripe. They average 1-3 oz and about 2-3” long. They have a very sweet and somewhat fruity flavor and…[more]
A great paste tomato with a high yield of 1-3 oz elongated red fruit of about 5-6” that are produced in bunches, hence the name. The strong plants produce a large yield of firm and not juicy fruit…[more]
Lovely, dark purpley brown, plum shaped fruits with most having green shoulders. Fruits are generally blemish free, 3-4 inches long and about 6 oz on very productive plants. Plants have the same wispy…[more]
This is a real workhorse of a tomato. It produces a LOT of tomatoes right up until the end after everything else has quit. The fruit are about 2 oz, bright red, and have a point on the end. The…[more]
A nice intense red paste that is excellent for growing in containers as it is very short in growth – almost a dwarf. Extremely productive of elongated 4” fruits that are meaty and excellent in flavor.…[more]


By the sheer number of varieties available, you can tell good cooks take their tomatoes seriously. I currently have over 30 varieties of paste tomatoes and they are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to all the varieties out there.

Paste tomatoes come in every shape you can imagine and many colors beside the iconic red, including white, yellow, orange, dark and green. I have searched for ones that are good for eating as well as cooking. But many are made to be cooked and their flavors only develop when heated.

Don’t forget to think of and add the heart tomatoes to your cooking repertoire. They are wonderful for thickening up the sauces and adding wonderful flavors. Just think of all the wonderful sauces you can make – maybe even a white sauce with garlic and Parmesan. I often add some of the more unusual ones to add a depth of flavor and color to the sauce. Happy cooking!