This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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This is a cross between Amish Paste and SunGold. Two very good parents with lots of flavor. A number of tomatoes have come from this cross, including Amish Gold Slicer. Pretty, round, 3-4” golden…[more]
A deep yellow or gold, large fruited, 10-16 oz and up, tomato with more flavor than most yellows. It is more full flavored, with a tart and tangy taste added to the sweetness. The texture is creamy on…[more]
California Sunshine
This is a newer golden cherry with a sweet and tangy flavor that has great production. Makes a great sun-dried tomato.[more]
This is a fun new variety - a lovely elongated large grape tomato that is a light orange in color. There are subtle stripes when unripe that fade as it ripens. Very pretty when cut – almost a…[more]
This is a wonderful golden orange beefsteak with great production and flavor. The fruit are medium to large and very creamy – wonderful for sandwiches. I had great production from it. [more]
This old prize winner has a widely praised sweet and tangy flavor. It produces a good yield of golden, slightly elongated tomatoes which generally weigh 6-10 oz.[more]
Frequently more of a yellow-orange in color, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow has a rich, sweet flavor and meaty texture. This is not one of the yellow tomatoes that tend to be rather bland. These flattened…[more]
Earl of Edgecombe
This bright orange meaty tomato has a potent, well balanced flavor. It produces 6-12 oz globes in plentiful clusters. Some fruit may have green shoulders before fully ripening.[more]
Jaune Flamme is a fiery-orange tomato, famous for its intense, sweet fruity flavor. It produces large quantities of round 3-6 oz tomatoes that are great for salads or snacks. They also make wonderful…[more]
Also known as Golden Jubilee, this popular golden-orange tomato has a pleasantly mild flavor and meaty flesh. Plants generally yield 6-12 oz globe shaped tomatoes and are very productive. This one is…[more]
This large orange tomato has very meaty flesh. The flavor is very well liked – sweet but with a lot of flavor. It produces a good yield of 1-2 lb beefsteak tomatoes. This one has quite the reputation…[more]
Big beautiful deep orange beefsteaks with a wonderful sweet, fruity flavor and with a nice smooth texture. Very large meaty fruit, mostly in the 1-2 pound range, but can grow even larger! Awards…[more]
Mini Orange
A nice bright orange large cherry averaging 2 oz and about 1 ½”. Great in salads! Also makes nice dried tomatoes. The fruit are blemish free and the plant is very productive. This is not a super sweet…[more]
With an unusual color for a paste tomato, this orange banana shaped tomato has a wonderful flavor that has lots of people raving. Fedco says it frequently wins it’s annual paste tomato contest – and…[more]
Not really a cherry but more of a plum shaped tomato, it has a very sweet rich flavor and is excellent in salads, fresh eating and caprese.It has green shoulders which fade to orange when ripening.…[more]
Orange Cream
The vigorous, rugose, potato leaf dwarf plants produce heavy yields of uniquely colored pale orange smooth oblate fruit that have a nearly matte, dull finish, ranging from 8-12 ounces. As with most of…[more]
Orange Jazz
A beautiful Orange beefsteak with yellow stripes. Wonder unique flavor, remarkably complex – sweet and fruity with a hint of peach. Very vigorous plants with great production of 5 inch, 10-16 oz,…[more]
Very large, up to 2 lb, beautiful orange fruit. They are meaty, yet juicy, with few seeds and a really good flavor. Fruits can be both heart shaped and beefsteak shaped.[more]
Orange Russian 117
A very pretty bi color heart tomato that is golden yellow/orange with pink marbling. Plants give a good yield of about 8 oz, up to a pound, meaty fruit that are stunning when sliced. Flavor is…[more]
Orange Strawberry
A lovely bright orange heart shaped tomato with a definite point on the end. Very vigorous plants with wispy leaves. Production seems to depend on the year and location. Mine have had good production.…[more]
A simply lovely peachey orange tomato that has the same deep peachey orange interior. So very pretty when sliced! Some fruit may be lightly ribbed and of a pretty good size – 3-4” and can be over a…[more]
A cute tiny micro-dwarf with bright orange fruit that only grows about 10 inches tall. It will grow just fine in small pots and even inside in the winter – with light, of course. It handles heat just…[more]
This is a very unusual tomato that I have been growing for a couple of years and really like. Fruit are red or yellow or orange or any combination including marbled. Real fun to look at and fun to…[more]
A new release from Artisan seeds, Fred says it is a small fruited, rust colored tomato with green to golden stripes. The interior is purple and green! It is suitable only for home garden…[more]
The little tomato with a big reputation, it is always on the top of most “my favorite tomato” lists. I don’t grow too many hybrids, but this is one I grow every year. And as they are rarely found in…[more]
Known for both large yields and very heavy foliage, Sunray grows well and is very disease resistant. Its perfectly formed, spherical, 8 oz, golden fruits are sweet with a mild flavor and a very firm…[more]
Sweet Beverley
This is a lovely, orange, plum shaped cherry with amazing sweet flavor. The fruit can sometime be lighter in color depending on weather. The plants are vigorous and very productive. These are lovely…[more]
This is a brand new, not even available commercially, tomato from a fellow member of the tomato forum. It is a wonderful solid blunt heart tomato. That means it is similar in shape to a beefsteak but…[more]
A cute little dwaf plant loaded with 1-3 oz golden cherries that have pointy ends. This one is very productive with much more flavor than most yellows, they definitely have a little zing. The plant…[more]
I have always been fond of WI 55 (as my customers know as I’m always suggesting it as a good one!) and now I’m really loving this sport of it. It has nice, big golden/orange fruit in the 6-12 oz size…[more]


Orange Tomatoes are also known for their more mild, sweet and fruity flavors but there are varieties that are known for intense flavor. I have enjoyed hunting for these great tasting varieties. They add a welcome change to the “typical tomato” flavors.

They come in many sizes and shapes. Add some color to your salads and sliced tomato plates.