This page has a list of tomatoes that we have carried in the past, we do not necessarily have all of these varieties for sale every year. For more information, and a list of tomatoes we have this year see the 2022 update page.

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These classic plants produce quantities of 8-12 oz medium sized fruit with a good "tomatoey" flavor. The plants have strong vines with very good production and disease resistance. They produce late…[more]
This is a cross between Amish Paste and SunGold. Two very good parents with lots of flavor. A number of tomatoes have come from this cross, including Amish Gold Slicer. Pretty, round, 3-4” golden…[more]
Nice smooth round fruit of about 3-8 oz. ripen a lovely pink. Flavor is nicely balanced, both sweet and tangy. Plants are determinate and are one of the shorter of the Dwarf Project varieties, growing…[more]
a coupleThis tomato was bred in Arkansas and it handles heat and humidity well. The fruit are medium sized, 6-8 oz, perfect little pink globes with good production. They rarely show any defects and…[more]
This is a good older commercial variety bred to withstand heat and humidity and with a nice disease resistance. Fruits are a slightly flatted red globe that average around 8 oz and can get up to a…[more]
Azoychka is a vibrant yellow tomato with a tangy citrus flavor and meaty flesh. It is oblate in shape, generally 6-12 oz in weight, and decently productive. It is often one of the earliest to mature…[more]
Black and Brown Boar
One of Brad Gates early creations from Wild Boar Farms. It is a very vigorous plant that produces a lot of 3-4” round dark brownish red tomatoes with metallic green stripes. Visually very stunning.…[more]
Absolutely incredible looking tomato, the skin is almost black when unripe and stops you in your tracks in the garden. Flesh is a deep red and when the levels of anthocyanin are high, the black even…[more]
The Russian name is Chyornyi Prins which translates to Black Prince. It’s a small to medium sized tomato from 3-6 oz. Shape is mostly round but may produce some oval ones. It is a rich mahogany brown…[more]
Black Seaman
This is a pinkish black tomato with green shoulders of medium size – 4-10 oz. It matures fairly early and has pretty good yields. Really good complex flavor. Being a determinate it should do well in…[more]
Bloody Butcher
A very popular early tomato, it has small, 2-4 oz, round dark red tomatoes with deep red flesh. It is very early and high yielding with intense flavor. Produces fruit in cluster of 5-9 on very…[more]
Box Car Willie
These are 8-16 oz fruit are full of good "old fashioned tomato" flavor- rich, sweet and well balanced. They are great for fresh eating, canning or cooking. It's very productive even late into the…[more]
A workhorse of a tomato in my garden, it is an unassuming medium sized pink tomato but delivers big taste. It produces lots of 7-10 oz fruit on vigorous semi determinate plants that do not get real…[more]
Brown Sugar
A really nice Russian tomato with that wonderful, rich, dark flavor. The name in Russian is Korichnevyi Sakhar, which translates to Brown Sugar. They are very pretty - chocolatey brown with green…[more]
Burke's Backyard
A ribbed, large fruited red tomato that is juicy but meaty. Supposedly fairly early, vigorous and productive. This is my first year growing it so I’ll let you know how it turns out.[more]
This uncommon medium sized tomato weighs in at 8oz and is quite firm. Plants do well in containers and small spaces and produce well in both humid and dry conditions. Fruit are easy to pick as the…[more]
Cyril's Choice
A special little dwarf plant from England. It bears golf ball sized red tomatoes that have a really nice appearance. Flavor is excellent for a small early tomato, very well balanced sweet and sours.…[more]
Czech's Bush
Perfect small red tomatoes, are born on a nice looking dwarf plant. It produces a large amount of tomatoes weighing around 4-6 oz. with very good flavor. Perfect for container growing.[more]
This old prize winner has a widely praised sweet and tangy flavor. It produces a good yield of golden, slightly elongated tomatoes which generally weigh 6-10 oz.[more]
Dragon's Eye
New for 2022
A pretty little rose pink round tomato with green stripes that turn gold when ripe. They do sort of look like an eye! Fruit are deep red inside and nice and meaty. They hold well on the vine and off.…[more]
Druzba produces an abundance of 6-8 oz. fruit well into the fall. They're smooth, blemish-free, round, uniform ripening, deep-red, and juicy. Fruit have an excellent, robust, sweet/tart flavor. Many…[more]
Earl of Edgecombe
This bright orange meaty tomato has a potent, well balanced flavor. It produces 6-12 oz globes in plentiful clusters. Some fruit may have green shoulders before fully ripening.[more]
Another rare old Michigan tomato we are proud to carry. This 4-6 oz., pink, perfectly round, smooth and blemish free tomato is versatile. Great for fresh eating or processing. Flavorful, juicy, yet…[more]
Early Red Chief
New for 2022
A nice early, red tomato with fruit averaging 5-8 oz. The fruit are firm but still juicy with a nice old fashioned flavor and they all are blemish free. Even though it is a determinate, it produced…[more]
Early Wonder Pink
Fast setting even for an early variety, it has the flavor of a late season tomato. Pink fruit are 4-6 oz with a sweet flavor and meaty texture. Early Wonder is one of the better tasting early…[more]
She’s a beauty - with smooth, round, blemish free, dark pink globes. One of the most visually perfect tomatoes you will ever grow. Flavor is wonderful, very sweet and full balanced. Flesh is bright…[more]
A firm, bright green, 8 oz beefsteak, it develops an amber blush when ripe. Flesh is a bright green inside with a smooth texture. Some people even like the flavor before it is ripe and it makes…[more]
One of the largest of the early red tomatoes, it produces 2-3”, 3-8 oz globes with a pointy end. It has more flavor than a lot of the earlies with a little more sweetness than most of them. Very…[more]
First Pick
Growing well in both spring and fall, First Pick is an early tomato that is very tolerant of cold temperatures. It is not overly firm but it does have a sweet flavor which is unusual in an early.…[more]
A unique version of Green Zebra that is earlier with a larger size and a little more irregular in shape. Still has green flesh and stripes but the flavor is not as tangy. The stripes will turn…[more]
An extremely early tomato, Glacier is sure to be one of the first tomatoes to bear fruit in your garden, and it will continue to do so well into summer. Fruit are small, about 2-3 oz. Glacier has one…[more]
This green when ripe bicolor tomato has green round fruits with dark green/yellow stripes and green flesh. It is very productive of 2-5 oz fruit and is know for its very good tangy flavor. The small,…[more]
Homestead 24
New for 2022
A very nice red tomato that has great production. Fruit are very consistent in size (7-10 oz) and shape. They are firm and meaty. It seems to set fruit under a lot of conditions which makes it…[more]
Illini Star is a wonderful little workhorse of a tomato. It is a lovely deep red in color with fruit about 6-8 oz in weight. They have good disease and crack resistance and better yet, have a really…[more]
A green when ripe tomato, some may develop a pink blush on the bottom when ripe, but it will help to lightly squeeze to see if it gives to be sure it is ripe. Flesh is a bright green. Fruit are…[more]
Jaune Flamme is a fiery-orange tomato, famous for its intense, sweet fruity flavor. It produces large quantities of round 3-6 oz tomatoes that are great for salads or snacks. They also make wonderful…[more]
Also known as Golden Jubilee, this popular golden-orange tomato has a pleasantly mild flavor and meaty flesh. Plants generally yield 6-12 oz globe shaped tomatoes and are very productive. This one is…[more]
A very early pretty pink tomato good for slicing. Much larger than most early tomatoes, it averages 3-5” and can weigh up to a pound. Very vigorous semi-determinate plants give great reliable yields.…[more]
These nice, blemish free, 8-12oz. fruit grow from compact vines. This means they would probably do well for container growing. The flavor is sweet, with meaty flesh and few seeds especially early in…[more]
A cute little dwarf plant that produces a lot of perfect little red globes perfect for salads or eating fresh. They are nice and meaty but still juicy. And the flavor is good - intense with a nice…[more]
Lime Green Salad
Small green tomatoes of 3-5 oz are produced quite heavily on this very compact dwarf plant growing under 3’ tall. Fruit are somewhat olive green that develop an amber blush when ripe and are nice and…[more]
This golden yellow tomato has a mild and sweet flavor. Golden Queen is oblate in shape, generally 4-8 oz in weight, and quite productive. It is listed on Slow Food USA’s “Ark of Taste.”[more]
A Russian GWR (Green when Ripe) variety which is uncommon in Russia as they are not popular. The light to olive green fruit are nice sized, 6-20 oz, and turn light yellow on the bottom when ripening.…[more]
While it is a little later than most early varieties, Manitoba bears many red, 6-8 oz, firm and tangy tomatoes. It is both cold and disease resistant.[more]
These delicious pale yellow tomatoes have a tangy and sweet flavor with a touch of citrus. Plants should be staked up and kept off the ground as fruits are sensitive and may rot on the ground, but if…[more]
This tomato has been around for almost 100 years! The 4-9oz. tomato bears early-mid season with good production. For many it is a favorite canning and juice tomato. Another plus, it is disease…[more]
I believe everything I wrote concerning Marglobe applies here but "improved" so has even better disease resistance. A standard for processing, it is a favorite of many.[more]
This very old French heirloom tomato has 3-8 oz scarlet red fruit that grow on a compact plant. Good for container growing. Production is very good. A classic looking ribbed tomato with rich, slightly…[more]
One of the few indeterminate early tomatoes, it will bear fruit all season long. Fruit average 4-6 oz. and it is highly resistant to both cold and wet weather. Flavor is considered to be one of the…[more]
Moravsky Div
A nice early tomato from Russia, it bears small red fruit of 1-3 oz size. Rated high for flavor among the earlies. Production is good from this recently introduced in America tomato.[more]
A tomato from Russia, it bears nice round deep red tomatoes about 6 oz in size. Production is good for the whole season and the fruit are resistant to cracking. Flavor is a bit milder than other early…[more]
Mr. Bruno
This is a rare Australian variety that has great production of dark red slightly ribbed tomatoes. Fruit are 4-8 oz and are juicy and flavorful – more sweet than acid. The plants are strong and compact…[more]
Mule Team
You'll get plenty of good sized 8-12oz tomatoes that grow in clusters of 2 or 3 or more. They have very good production right up till frost. Bright red with excellent "old fashioned" flavor and…[more]
A very nice scarlet red tomato with 4-6oz, smooth, meaty fruit that has a really nice flavor, both sweet and tangy. Fruit are crack resistant and are great for both fresh eating and…[more]
Northern Delight
Bred to perform in short season northern areas, it produces very early. The determinate plants have high yields of 1-2 oz fruit that are slightly elongated. They are juicy, more tart than sweet and…[more]
A cluster tomato of smooth, blemish free fruit, it is dark mahogany with greenish shoulders and usually about 4-6 oz. The flavor is both sweet and tangy. Beautiful in a salad. Production was quite…[more]
Old Brooks
Resistant to blossom end rot and early and late blight are all good reasons to favor this variety, but there is more. Great productivity and full balanced flavor with a more acid taste makes this a…[more]
Oregon Spring
This early tomato is known for its juicy and mild sweet taste. It produces a large yield of slightly round, 3-6 oz red tomatoes. Fruit will set even in high or low temperatures and early fruit will be…[more]
Pineapple Fog
New for 2022
I confess I ordered it because I love the name but it turns out to be a very pretty little bi-color - lovely yellow blushed with lots of pink and red. As it ripens the blush keeps on spreading. Lovely…[more]
This stunning tomato is purple black in color with green/grey metallic stripes. Fruits are 3-4 oz. and blemish free. With an excellent strong flavor more acidic than sweet, it also has great…[more]
Pink Grapefruit
New for 2022
Another cute, smaller bi-color with fruit averaging 4-8 oz. It has very tender skin which is nice for eating but you will need to pick before heavy rain to prevent cracking. It will ripen fine inside…[more]
Polish Dwarf
This is a great one for all you space challenged growers. If grown in the ground it will only get to about 2 to 2 ½ feet tall but will be even smaller when grown in pots, probably under 2 feet. It…[more]
This is a very rare little tomato that originated in the Netherlands. It has a tidy restrained growth with great production. The perfect little red fruit have a nicely balanced flavor –…[more]
An early producer of round, 1-4 oz red tomatoes with a well-balanced but sweet flavor. It has large, reliable yields even in cold temperatures.[more]
Raspberry Mochi
New for 2022
Another name that grabbed my attention plus it was created by a friend of mine – Sold! This is a very lovely raspberry-purple small globe or large salad tomato. Great for salads, roasting and drying.…[more]
Redfield Beauty
A very old, classic heirloom from the 1800’s that is pale pink in color. The smooth but flattened globes range from 6-12 oz and 3-4” in size. They grow in clusters of 3-5 on vigorous plants that have…[more]
A very productive plant with smooth, red, medium size fruit - 3-5 oz. It handles heat very well, coming from Africa. [more]
Rose Beauty
This is a pretty pale yellow/cream tomato that may or may not blush pink on the blossom end. The Rose in the name comes from the family that grew it- not the color. Fruit are nice and large,…[more]
Rose de Berne
A lovely deep pink heirloom from Europe that is often called the “Brandywine of Europe” and a favorite there. Fruit are medium, 4-8 oz, very pretty and blemish free. The skin is thin but rarely cracks…[more]
Russian Queen
Yellow striped red fruits of golf ball size are as good tasting as they look. The vines are large, fast growing, require staking and are very productive. Get this variety if you want lots of tomatoes.…[more]
This variety will bring you 6-8 oz. fruit with heavy yield, good flavor, and good shelf life. A good canning tomato, it’s been popular with home and market gardeners for many years.[more]
Rutgers Select
New for 2022
A super reliable tomato that produces perfect fruit that are all purpose. Super productive! Fruit are also larger and a touch sweeter than the original Rutgers - averaging 5-9 oz. Big enough to slice…[more]
Ruth's Perfect
Very pretty, blemish free, red fruit that average 7-8 oz. Plants are very vigorous and strong and have great yields. The flavor is really good and even better, the fruit hold well on the counter. [more]
Sarah’s Red is a really nice red tomato usually around 4-10 oz in size. The flavor is very nice and well balanced. It is good for fresh eating and also for making salsa or sauce.[more]
Sekai Ichi
My daughter is learning Japanese and so we have a fondness for Japanese varieties. Before doing any research I asked her what it meant and she said World #1. So we decided it was worth a try! It…[more]
Nice early compact plant that is very popular in South Dakota. Apparently the old timers like to use it for canning. The vigorous plants produce a lot of delicious red tomatoes, 8-12 oz in size that…[more]
Red, slightly flattened round tomatoes, of a very nice size for an early tomato with fruits of 10-12 oz and up. It contains few seeds and is good for eating fresh. A very reliable slicer, the flavor…[more]
Silvery Fir Tree
The plants have beautiful silver hued leaves that are delicate and lacey and look similar to ferns or carrot leaves. Because the plants are so small, they will do well in containers or even deeper…[more]
A small round red tomato with a big flavor that is intensely tangy and sweet. Many people consider it the best tasting of the earlies, but remember taste is very subjective. Plants are very tolerant…[more]
Summertime Green
A little larger smooth green fruit of 6-12 oz or more are produced on this variety that grows about 4 feet tall. Flavor is nicely balanced and more sweet and fruity than the other 2 green dwarfs.…[more]
Known for both large yields and very heavy foliage, Sunray grows well and is very disease resistant. Its perfectly formed, spherical, 8 oz, golden fruits are sweet with a mild flavor and a very firm…[more]
Super Sioux
This plant bears 4-8 oz, thick walled, blemish free fruit. Fruits have that old time tomato flavor – intense with a more tart and acidic taste. Great for canning. Plants have good yields on vigorous…[more]
Sweet Scarlet
Fruit are very nice sized, 6-16 oz, red and smooth with a wonderful flavor, intense and complex. Talk is that this might be the best flavor of all the dwarfs. Production is very good.[more]
An attractive compact determinate plant with 3-6oz golf ball sized red fruits. Production is very good with the fruit having a really nice flavor, rich and juicy. Would make a great container plant as…[more]
Out of Stock
Thessaloniki is a very nicely productive plant that is vigorous with lots of leaves that help to protect the fruit against sunscald. The fruit are red and can vary in size but most are perfect little…[more]
Treat from Kosovo
New for 2022
A great producer of smaller red tomatoes that are all purpose. They would be great for canning whole or even for making tomato juice. We really enjoyed them in salads. Nicely balanced flavor.[more]
Trucker's Favorite
This is an old favorite popular with market and home gardeners for over 100 years! Pink fruit are 8-12oz, uniform and smooth skinned and rarely have issues with cracking. Strong plants produce good…[more]
Purplish black with green shoulders, this round fruit of 4-8 oz has a wonderful smoky intense flavor, not real sweet. Very productive even in heat with almost no defects. Lovely and productive. [more]
Vintage Wine
This pretty tomato is pale pink with golden stripes. Medium sized fruit average 5-8 oz. They have good flavor and are quite productive.[more]
Another home and market garden favorite, WI 55 produces good yields of very good tasting and very good looking red fruit. It is disease resistant to blossom end rot, early blight and leaf spot. A good…[more]
Wisconsin 55 Gold
New for 2022
I have always been fond of WI 55 (as my customers know as I’m always suggesting it as a good one!) and now I’m really loving this sport of it. It has nice, big golden/orange fruit in the 6-12 oz size…[more]


Another word for globe is round. It is the most common shape and the one most people think of when it come to tomatoes. Most of them are smooth, uniformly round and tend to be free of defects. Their usual purpose is as a slicing tomato. Most commercial varieties are globes.

Even though they are round, I have not included the very little cherries or slightly larger saladettes in this category. Globes are usually medium sized or about 4-8 oz.